video capture

  1. XboxMik29

    Elgato 4K60S+ video capture image stuttering on OBS. Can anyone help?

    Hi everyone, This is my first time here in the forums as I've never needed to use it before today. I've been using OBS for some time now and in the last month I've had I issue that I just cant seem to fix. I've included a log of the error that's occurring when ever the stutter happen in the...
  2. D


    So I want to see if anyone knows what specific settings are best optimized for my PC specs. I have a vague idea through trial and error but I'm trying to avoid turning certain settings up that don't work well with my current hardware (for example had color range to full instead of limited and...
  3. M

    Video Capture crashes

    Hello everyone, Since a few weeks OBS crashed when I want to edit my video capture source in my scenes. It also doesn't catch the signal of my Animaze Facerig app, which is how I noticed the problem. It worked fine before and I didn't change anything. Now I can't even create a new video...
  4. V

    I can see any video capture devices and it crashes obs when i open properties

    I have tried every bit of trouble shooting i can... and no matter what i do all video sources show up black and when i try to go to properties to fix it, it only shows up as a white box then right to not responding then crashes and i dont know whats causing this i have tried everything from...
  5. O

    Sound input distorted thru windows11 and RCA to USB video capture

    First time in the forum and with OBS. I apologuize in advance if some of the following is too obvious. I set up OBS in a windows 11 laptop and a RCA to USB video capture adapter very generic (a $12.50 chinese device) to digitalize old VCR tapes. It captures video input fine, but sound is...
  6. J

    Vertical Video for Video Capture Device

    Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster. I'm getting into social media posts for an artwork creator who videos her process and is posting on Social Media. We have 2 spare iPhone 7 phones going unused, which are more than enough quality for tiktok, facebook, instagram, etc. My issue is that...
  7. P

    Video Settings

    Hi So I have been streaming for a while and recording from time to time and I have been using the like wizard thing that gives you presets that work in the simple recording settings but however I have been transitioning to video making and I have recently been wanting multi track recording so I...
  8. S

    Video editor cannot edit my mkv file

    I see that my video editor says that the properties of the file are not readable by my video editor.
  9. dabrem

    Need Help Cameras Deactivating

    Hi, First thing I love OBS but after today I am not so sure. I had everything perfect with my stream and within obs. I currently just moved and had to setup all my equipment in a new place. Nothing changed other then the locations of my computers and monitors. Anyway I get everything setup. Turn...
  10. C

    Audio But No Video From Game Capture

    Hello, I'm a new OBS user and I've run into some trouble right from the get go! My goal is to use OBS to record game captures from old consoles like the PS2 and gamecube. I am using a Rubu capture card, which OBS recognizes as AV to USB 2.0. I am able to get the audio working just fine, but the...
  11. D

    Video Capture Flickering After Epoccam Update 2021.3

    Hello all, I'm having a very new issue with the Video Capture on my Epoccam since it updated a few days ago. For context, I connect my iPhone via USB to my streaming PC and stream video on the Epoccam app through OBS. The app went through a pretty major update that required new drivers to run...
  12. SarahADowney

    OBS not detecting HD60 S as video capture device (but OBS Link and Game Capture are)

    Hi, I'm using the Elgato HD60 S with OBS with a Nintendo Switch and an iMac running Big Sur 11.5.1. I'm running OBS (27.0.1 (74 bit)) and Elgato's OBS Link as well. Log file: My issue is that OBS recently stopped detecting the HD60 S as a video...
  13. W

    BlackScreen with video capture device.

    I'm using a capture Device to record my Nintendo Switch play. It was working just fine before the update. Now i can hear the sound just fine but I cant get rid of the blackscreen. The capture device is working just fine on any other software. (Discord, ACTION!,...) I've only had this issue...
  14. bluw

    Lifecam 720HD Grey-No Capture

    Hey couldn't find a thread for this issue and have tried a few troubleshooting and alternatives. Camera light is on and it works fine in discord and other software, capture feedback and all. OBS runs off my NVIDIA GPU, not the intel. I have quit other applications, capture processes, and made...
  15. abczsv

    2 Video Capture devices not showing at the same time

    Hi, so I've run into a fair amount of issues trying to set up my streaming on OBS - first controlling game audio, then not hearing the game, and now the most recent issue I'm having is that my webcam and game video are not showing up at the same time. I'm using a foscomax capture card to stream...
  16. T

    Window Capture Issue

    Hiya OBS Support, I'm currently attempting to stream a game that uses a sort of pop-out chat that's still tied to the main window. It's normally just stuck to the side of the primary window as seen in the first screenshot, but when I attempt to stream the game's window it overlays the chat on...
  17. N

    Using Samsung S10e as a 4K webcam?

    Is this possible to do? id like to get past the 1080p mark since my phone can record at 4k. How do I do this? all the tutorials I see only go to 1080p...
  18. A

    Webcam won't change exposure settings in OBS

    I'm using OBS with a new Webcam I just got (DUXO WebCam-x13 1080p USB). I started a new scene and my face was very white/bright so obviously I need to change my exposure settings. So I go and right click on my webcam source and go to Properties and then I click 'Configure Video'. The...
  19. R

    Frozen OBS Video Capture when streaming

    Hi Guys, I hope you're all well, I never usually turn to these forums for help but believe me... i'm desperate at this point. When steaming on OBS things will be going smoothly with no problems until all of a sudden the video capture will just freeze, when this happens my stream keeps on going...
  20. ElGranYipi

    I cant capture Metro Exodus

    When i try to capture Metro Exodus OBS dont capture it, Game Capture gives me black screen on OBS, Window Capture dont show me Metro window, and Fullscreen capture its imposible because if im streaming and i look anything out of the game poeple in the stream can see it too