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Hi So I have been streaming for a while and recording from time to time and I have been using the like wizard thing that gives you presets that work in the simple recording settings but however I have been transitioning to video making and I have recently been wanting multi track recording so I switched to advanced and I'm having a problem. I play a game called Warthunder which is a somewhat high capacity game but not to much and I also cant really get my video recordings right to where they look as nice as the simple format does but as I found out you can only record multi tracks if you are on advanced so I was using advanced and there are three things that I am having a problem with One, Fps drop and frame skipping, Two Its almost like pixilation but only while there is a type of movement. Three normal pixilation and Four I get a warning that I'm stream encoding to big or my game lags can anyone help please and if you need any other information please ask me I know I type horribly

P.S.- I have also tried a lot of online tutorials and it will sometimes make quality got up then frame drop or skipping comes in or vise versa


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