recoding problems

  1. bazzzzzzzzzzz

    bad quality even with the bests settings (too sharpened)

    Hello, I watched a lot of videos to find the bests settings for my obs recordings but even after testing a lot of them, I'm stuck with a recording that looks like that: Here are my settings: (also I have a good pc)
  2. A

    Recording Error: An encoder error occurred while recording

    Every time I try to record using OBS the system freezes for a few seconds and gives me the message: "An encoder error occurred while recording" This is my first time trying to use OBS to record gameplay. Log file:
  3. P

    Video Settings

    Hi So I have been streaming for a while and recording from time to time and I have been using the like wizard thing that gives you presets that work in the simple recording settings but however I have been transitioning to video making and I have recently been wanting multi track recording so I...
  4. D

    Recorded wrong desktop audio device. Can I recover audio?

    Hello! I just recorded audio call from messenger for my university research. After recording I saw that in obs I was selected desktop audio device: default. And default audio was not correct device. It not recorded my desktop audio. My default audio was headphones plugged with aux, but I was...
  5. J

    An encoder error occurred while recording.

    It appears there is no one watching the previous thread for "Encoder errors" anymore, so I took the liberty to start another one. I just downloaded OBS as per recommendations from a friend, however, the very first time I tried running it, I got the error message below. Log ======>...
  6. D

    Footage becomes an audio file in Premiere.

    I've been using both OBS and Premiere pro for a while now and when importing to premiere that i had captured with OBS it somehow didnt display any video and acted as if it was just an mp3 file. I then tried adding an older recording and it seemed fine, i then noticed that the file i had...
  7. JorgeWantsSleep

    OBS not giving the best quality, system not exausted

    Hi guys, I´m trying to record COD Modern Warfare and Cold War, plus another games, but when I check the videos it doesn´t look as smooth as 60fps, and the quality is quite lower than expected, not really defined, like if I was streaming or something like that, I don´t really know how to explain...
  8. FelixTheKitty22

    FPS drops while recording

    So I have my Razer Ripsaw HD hooked up to my switch for video capture and recoding, when I watch the preview window and then go back and look at the recording they're both stuttering and lagging quite a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated in resolving this...
  9. S

    I need help

    I searched on youtube about the best recording or streaming settings and i did everything but when im recording it says 1080p60fps but its like blurred can someone help me with that? My Specs: CPU Intel i5 9600k, GPU Amd rx 580, RAM 8 Gb DDR4 (im getting New RAM soon)
  10. E

    Recommended encoder settings for R3 3100 and RX580?

    So I've been playing around with OBS for a little while now, and have been struggling to find a sweet spot. I'm looking to record in 1080p/60fps but can't seem to find any stable enough settings for either x264 or H264/265. My system is as follows: Ryzen 3 3100 @ 3.8Ghz RX580 8GB (OC)...

    FFMPG for recording

    Hello all: I generally have used OBS for streaming. But more recently, I have been using the software for recording and editing in Premiere and Rush and some other software. I mostly do tutorials for some end users. So, pretty basic stuff. As I looked through some of the advanced...
  12. H

    My recording has no color except for outlines

    I had recorded a session of rainbow 6 siege with a couple friends and wanted to edit/upload to YouTube and it ended up showing almost no color except for things in my HUD which was very confusing for me. can anyone help fix my Obs or is it something within the game because it did not look like...
  13. MagHins

    My game itself runs rather smoothly, but there is still a few freezes throughout the recording.

    Hi there! I've been trying to do a few Subnautica recordings for a project of mine, but as stated in the title I still get a few freezes throughout the clip. I've capped the game fps at 120 Idk if specs is needed but here is a few:i7-9700k, 16gb ram and 2080 rtx. Here is the log as well...
  14. L

    Full Screen Game Capture Causes Cursor to disappear in Game

    I have to record in OBS using game capture and fullscreen of the game to get the recording to fill the whole output screen. Very recently, this now causes my cursor to disappear while actually in the game. While constantly trying to test different ways to fix this, it finally did show me my...
  15. KingJef

    Lag when recording High Medium File Size setting, Do you think it is time to upgrade or just need a proper configuration?

    Hi Guys, I am planning to do a live stream as well as youtube video upload and use Streamlabs OBS since it is preconfigured(also tested it with OBS only and lagging was worst even at stream quality for some reason). When I set the Output quality to Stream it doesn't lag much but quality isn't...
  16. N

    Did I mess up audio recording when selecting just one track?

    After playing with the configurations in Desktop Audio (right click) -> Advanced audio properties, I forgot it with just track 2 selected. This way: Now I recorded an online presentation, and it is without audio. I've tried to play the mkv file with VLC player, but I can't hear anything. VLC...
  17. C

    Lag in the recording video not the gameplay.

    My problem is a bit strange in my opinion, there are days that I record gameplay without problem while there are others that all leave me with certain seconds of lag between them. A good example would be the last recording of that log file. I have tried all kinds of configurations but none of...
  18. P

    OBS freezing on "stopping recording"

    So i've been trying to fix this issue for quite a while, but i have no choice but to get help here. I don't know when it started happening, all I know is that it started a while ago. So i just wanna record a simple video, or just a test recording, so i start recording but when i press the button...
  19. M

    how can i fixing lags during recording

    Hi everyone! I want to record gameplays for youtube. Streaming on twitch works fine but when i want to record i have always muliple laggs. I want to recorde Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. My Log File is attached! Has anyone an solution to fix them? I've tried to ask Google but dont found any...
  20. S

    video of recording lags in some places while game is running at 60 fps without drops

    So i have been recording a few videos and the recording is smooth most of the time but at some places it starts to lag for some reason. Some of the videos are also black for a few seconds at the beginning. What i suspect is that i have the wrong settings in obs because im not playing new AAA...