1. X

    OBS freezes randomly

    Hi there, since some time my OBS freezes randomly. The preview freezes and the bitrate shows 0 kb. For the viewers the stream is then gone too. When I press the "end stream" button, OBS tries to end the stream but nothing happens. The only way then is to quit OBS via the task manager. I have...
  2. V

    Gaming pc lags when using obs dual pc stream

    This is an issue I've had for weeks and I can't find a solution anywhere. I use a dual pc stream with the OBS Fullscreen Projector trick and when I play valorant it feels laggy and almost like the game isnt smooth even though I have a decent framerate (over 240) I use an Elgato HD60 S with a ROG...
  3. FinnTFG

    After searching many threads, My OBS is still lagging, but my game isn't! Help Needed!

    I've looked around on forums for a while and I can't figure out how to fix this lag in my obs. I'm running at 30fps average and I would like to boost it to 60fps. Device name DESKTOP-6432305 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.9 GB...
  4. B

    Setting up OBS to Stream on either Plenty of Fish or MeetMe

    Hello! Any help with setting up OBS to stream on either Plenty of Fish or MeetMe is greatly appreciated. These sites do not provide streaming keys!
  5. 1RIVALX

    OBS not recording?

    I open OBS and it runs fine, it capture’s my screen fine but, when I hit either streaming or recording it comes up with a error message stating, “Failed to open NVENC codec: Function not implemented“ My laptop is the Acer Predator Triton 500 se...
  6. T

    HELP! Inconsistent FPS/ Encoding Overload

    Can anybody help guide me in the right direction? I am using OBS to record Zoom meetings and cannot maintain even 30 FPS and occasionally will get the encoding overload message in the bottom. My laptop specifications are below and I am attaching a log. Internet upload is 386/ download is 23.3...
  7. A

    Help with Settings

    So I just recorded a video that is about 50 minutes long, and when I watched it over, the video would freeze on a frame for a minute or two while the audio would continue. I'm assuming I need to adjust my settings to record, but to be honest, I don't know what I should change. I have my specs...
  8. I

    Obs Crashes But Pc works fine

    My obs bitrate drops to 0 but the square remains green and my up and download are perfectly fine during it. Once i hit stop streaming to restart the stream obs crashes and wont respond I know its not my internet because i can immediately restart stream and my bitrate is SUPER consistent Also...
  9. 4

    How to fix it?

    The problem with the image when I record the game on OBS, he darkens it. There is no such problem with other programs for recording. I climbed all the settings, nothing helps. 1 photo should be 2 photos as OBS records
  10. O

    obs crashes randomly while streaming

    Ive posted before but im making a new post to put everything in one place and make it clear. I recently switched to obs studio to try an fix the crashing issue I have been having. I only stream apex legends and I have no clue why I am crashing. I use game capture for apex legends which is...
  11. C

    Blue and Red lines show up on streams.

    I recently decided to try streaming and have noticed these red and blue lines appear on my streams. I tried fiddling with the settings to no avail, checked for any defects on my hardware (mainly my gfx card) everything's good. Right now I'm stuck and I would really appreciate some help. PC...
  12. Duscara Sheddinn

    How do I record a full screen game that I can't make windowed?

    There are PC games that I can't make windowed. I'm wondering how I set OBS to capture those because I don't see how I'd do it while the game's open.
  13. RiseBeyond

    almost losing 30 FPS??? with 3070tim

    Hi please help every time i record with OBS i lose a lot of frames way more then normal mostly 20fps sometime 30 fps. i have a 3070ti laptop with 150TDP Ryzen 9 6900hx 16 GB ram SSD gen4 ASUS g15 strix Laptop 2022 using MUX so full GPU power is enabled and in turbo mode i tested it on a lot...
  14. B

    No audio from capture card to second pc UNLESS I have it set as default.

    I have a second pc to stream with, the video (of the main pc) from the capture card works perfectly and goes to my streaming pc, but there's no audio UNLESS I set the capture card playback as default (on main pc) But when I do this I cannot hear anything out of my headset on my main pc. Is...
  15. R

    If anyonen can help me with a program to use virtual obs cam and adjust the correct settings for it please?

    I am trying to use obs virtual cam with a application called Oranumcam which is for my work which is live streamed. I the requirements for the live feed I am not exactly sure of. but, here is what it states on the site help for Oranumcam... Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit, Mac OS X 10.16 or...
  16. G

    Help with Recording Mic Volume

    Hi All, bit of an odd one. I use OBS Studio to record videos, importing them into Davinci Resolve once recorded. Up until now everything has been fine, but today when I imported today's recording, my Mic's recorded volume is WAY higher than normal. I don't THINK I changed anything, I think I...
  17. J

    Desktop audio sounds very "shallow", low quality. Please help find solution!

    Hello, my desktop audio sounds very "shallow", and I can't find a way to fix it. It sounds as though it's being processed a whole bunch of times, or like it's being recorded from a smartphone microphone. I've posted ages ago trying to find a way to solve it but there were no solutions that...
  18. D

    OBS lagging after windows update

    My obs has been working great for a long time I've used it for streaming and recording a lot but since the last windows 11 update or so that's my general guess on what's wrong my obs has had recording lag the audio seems to be unaffected but the video every couple seconds lags and then goes back...
  19. P

    out of nowhere I can set the maximum resolution to 1280x720 . . .

    Dobrý den, záznamová karta EVGA XR1 pro měsíc po zakoupení fungovala na 1980x1080 a najednou z ničeho nic jde nastavit maximální rozlišení na 1280x720. Používám OBS pro čip m1. Záznamovou kartu mám připojenou ke svému xboxu a macbooku s čipem m1. Mohl by mi někdo poradit kde je problém a jak...
  20. K

    OBS stops recording window but sound continues normaly

    For few minutes it records normaly then screen frezes, but sound is recorded normaly. It also hapens if i run OBS as administrator.