1. Tunie_Sandwich

    Minecraft Crash

    I have been trying to record a Minecraft video, but when I try to record on Minecraft, the game crashes. I have tried with vanilla Minecraft, tried Lunar client, I have ran as Admin, Is there anything else I could try?
  2. alexthekidmg

    AMD Processor Has No Integrated Graphics, How Do I Fix Display Capture?

    I understand that to fix display capture from showing a black screen you set obs to use power saver in order to use integrated graphics but I don't have any. All I see is my graphics card for both options do to having an AMD processor without integrated graphics. I tried using all three...
  3. E

    My 9 hour recording got cut down to 9 minutes...

    As the title says, I had been recording a game for 9 hours straight. And when I had finished and checked the final recording, it was only 9 minutes. Before recording, I had around 177 GB free on my hard drive that the recording is saved to. And by the time I finished, I had 175 GB free and the...
  4. M

    Whenever my recording reaches 30 seconds it stops by its self pls help

    Pls Help i really need this for my yt
  5. H

    Logitec C922 video not working

    I recently installed the new software update for OBS. The problem: Camera does not show up on OBS at all. Audio is recognized but no video at all. Attempted solutions: 1. Deleted and reinstalled app 2. Tried different USB ports 3. Deleted and reinstalled software for camera 4. Tried to use...
  6. S

    Broken Audio Tracks

    Hello! I use OBS to record gameplay videos to post on youtube and never considered using my voice as well as game audio and discord. I have managed to set Discord Audio to Audio Track 1 and Game Audio to Audio Track 2 (Using Voice Meter ) but every time I set my Mic to Audio Track 3 + it doesn't...
  7. R

    OBS not recording game audio and Discord chat audio, but only my voice.

    I am having a situation. I was recording a video on OBS for the Nintendo Switch so that I can post it on YouTube or my friends as momont clips, however upon checking the video, it showed it only recorded my voice, but not my game audio and Discord voice chat audio. I can hear it while recording...
  8. Infonesii

    Scaling issue

    So today I updated to the 27 release of OBS and now all of my transitions are appearing at the wrong resolution. I use 2560x1440 Base Canvas and a 1920x1080 Output Scaled Resolution. Until today my transitions worked properly however now they are appearing to small. (I believe they're appearing...
  9. A

    The regular expression that you entered is invalid

    Hello! I need Automatic Scene Switcher to switch from one scene to another and the program I want to record changes the window name depending if the file it's saved or not, which creates problems to detect it. The name can either be (Saved) PaintTool SAI Ver.2 (64bit) Preview.2020.01.25 -...
  10. B

    Video recordings coming out with a black screen

    I have recently downloaded OBS to record all my videos, I have rn into a problem as I set up the screen to record the video by using game capture and a single scene, the captured area looks perfect on the obs preview but after recording the videos they all come out as black screens with just...
  11. L

    Microphone Audio turns Robotic when recording desktop audio.

    This problem has been happening for a while and it used to be really hit or miss but now it happens about 8/10 times. Today I just pout 2 and 2 together and realized that without recording desktop audio, my mic works perfectly fine, no issues at all. When I try recording sound however thats when...
  12. E

    Stream disconnecting and reconnecting every 10 to 15 mins while streaming on Youtube

    It's been almost a year now since I have been live streaming on Youtube. But recently I discovered the Stream disconnecting and reconnecting after every 10 to 15 mins. I have watched various tutorials to fix this but none worked. I have searched for a solution on the Obs forum but couldn't get...
  13. L

    Need the best bitrate for my PC, 60 FPS 1080p quality.

    So basically I got an AMD Ryzen 3400g overclock, vega 11. And my video quality is a bit blurry, I use it for recording and I wanna upload video's on YouTube. I made a screenshot of my output. My questions were if I should change something, and if I should change my bitrate to something else...
  14. A

    Video Glitching Problem - Cannot find problem

    Hi everyone, We're running into problems where everything is working well, but the video glitches from time to time. We've tried restarting, restarting camera, changing USB port of camera, changing resolution of video recording and changing video codec without success. Can someone have a look...
  15. S

    Absurdly large file size at 120 fps recordings

    I have my OBS set up to record at 120 fps (for post production reasons) and a 2 minute long video is over 2 GB and in some cases goes over 5GB too. Is there any way to make it smaller or is this a normal size for 120 fps recordings? I save it in mkv and then remux it to mp3, I also use CQP at...
  16. Teotia444

    Can I record one specific sound from one game?

    I want to record the sound from my game, but not the one from discord for example. Can I do this?
  17. D

    No Sound in Video Editor?

    As usual, I recorded a .mp4 video using OBS (no addons) with two sound tracks (so in a video editor the computer sound and mic sound are separate). Usually when I play the recording using Windows Media Player I can only hear the computer sounds, but when I pop it in Olive (version 0.1, my video...
  18. M

    Why is my OBS recording becoming lower quality in the middle of the recording?

    I have looked at many other forum posts on why my recording is low quality overall and used those solutions, and they worked. But for some reason I have this issue where at random parts at my video it will go to like 360p, then back to normal. The first screenshot attached is what it looks like...
  19. J

    stream and recordings are being glitchy and stuttering

    Whenever i record or stream call of duty it looks like my frames are stuttering behind each other somehow, I've looked at every tutorial on optimised settings and have basically tried everything can someone please tell me what is wrong. My settings are: Here is an example of what is...
  20. M

    pourquoi ma Webcam est en noir et blanc ?

    Bonjour, j'ai installer OBS studio il y a 2 jour et donc j'ai tout paramétrer a ma manière sauf que dès le début, ma webcam est afficher en noir et blanc, même quand je film etc., j'ai tout essayer mais je n'y arrive pas a enlever, ce n'est pas ma webcam car sur l'appareil photo de mon...