1. K

    Question / Help OBS FPS Extremely Low in Game and on Video?

    After doing hours of research and trying multiple things, I have come up empty handed in finding a solution to improve my recording quality. I have tried increasing my quality when it comes to recording, and that lags out not only the game I'm trying to record on, CS:GO, but also the video...
  2. L

    Question / Help Recording Gameplays - OBS i Need Help!

    Hey, i need help. I wanted to record some gameplays on OBS Studio. (Fortnite) Im doing it every day. But since today i have a problem. When i click 'start recording' and switching into Fortnite, its getting recorded. When i save the clip and wanted to watch it, my character is not moving. I just...
  3. Sichvot

    Question / Help OBS with preview enabled problem and workaround.

    Not sure If this is a bug or something else I am missing. When I run OBS on the SAME monitor I am previewing this does not occur, however, if I move OBS with preview enabled to a Second monitor I have slowed video playback on YouTube and other various media sites, which then the video jumps...
  4. K

    Bug Report "OBS has stopped working" error seconds after launching

    Hi OBS forum, My OBS is suddenly throwing a "stopped working" message moments after every launch. I've never had this problem before and thought it might have been because I was putting off the latest update (I know, shame on me), but even after installing the most current version, it keeps...
  5. J

    Question / Help How do I install plugins for OBS studio?

    Hi, so I am using obs 64-bit and I can't figure out how to install plugins. I've tried multiple different ones and I've looked at tutorials and none of them worked for me. Here is what my zip file looks like Here is what my directory looks like...
  6. S

    YouNow (April 2019 Update) Not Listed as a Streaming Service Option

    YouNow states to select their company from the list of streaming service providers in OBS, and list an image on their site. But OBS doesn't list them in the latest version of OBS. This is from their site: This is from OBS Studio v23.1.0 (64 bit)
  7. P

    Question / Help Audio Device

    Whenever I try to select a mic it just says disabled. Nothing a can do to actually enable it.
  8. G

    Question / Help So syphoninject is not working

    So I'm trying to record tf2 but every time I try to inject tf2 it fails and shows the source choice blank, tf2 is running OpenGL but it still does not work, also I run on mac if that helps.
  9. N

    Question / Help Window with scenes

    I need help, I closed windows with scenes and i don't know how to open this (I'm on Linux Ubuntu)
  10. 123123123

    Question / Help I need a Capture Card capable to actually preview 1280x720@60fps

    Hello! I hope you can help me with this simple question/issue. What I Have: OBS, with a Chat Overlay custom CSS (and I want to preserve it) I also have a Live Gamer HD C985 capture card, but it isn't useful to me (following the reason) Laptop The issue: The mentioned Capture Card only shows...
  11. Draiic

    Question / Help Bouncing Upload then 0 kb/s

    Hello. I've got an issue and I'm afraid it might be my computer. This post is to help me know that it's definitely not OBS. This issue started a long time ago, the last few years at least, and I've tried searching Google for any similar issues but I can't seem to find anyone else having it. I...
  12. S

    Question / Help My stream Freezes when switching scenes

    Ive used Obs for years never had any problems this is the first. I only pinned point it to one situation when this happens but it seems to happen when i switch scenes the whole stream would freeze on the last frame. Obs still says im streaming but twitch says im offline
  13. W

    Question / Help Jittery Microphone Audio

    When recording audio, despite the desktop audio being perfectly fine, the microphone always does this Audio Example If someone could help that would be amazing. Thank you very much.
  14. P

    Question / Help Game Capture Black Screen

    I've used OBS before and it worked just fine in the past. Now after I updated OBS, Game Capture just shows a black screen no matter what I set it to display. I've ran it as admin and I've tried to do the Nvidia GPU fix but didn't give me an option to change that. So now I am just lost...
  15. M

    Question / Help Help

    Previously, everything worked fine, but then there were constant problems with the drops. The stream continues, the FPS of the stream itself is lost. Already Windows has changed and dealt with the provider, but did not solve the problem. Please help me solve this, because everything worked fine...
  16. L

    Question / Help i am really lost please professional | cant stream, never could.

    Hey everybody, my name is lior i have been trying to solve this problem for about 2 years now. i am really lost rn after doing everything, please read and help love you all <3. back 2 years i just couldent stream stream was lagging computer was making problems and game was lagging while...
  17. 8

    Player Profiles and stats

    so im currently doing a bit of live streaming of pool events, im updating scores, names event title etc via notepad files which works ok. but id like to stats like balls potted etc, also player profiles that i can pop up inbewtween frames. i was hoping to create player profiles in excel or word...
  18. T

    Question / Help Recording w/multiple scenes butWebcam scene does not show up in recordings

    Hi all, I am still fairly new to using obs so I'll try not to sound too noob. I am trying to record gameplay on my ps4 using an elgato hd60s. I am using separate scenes: one scene for my webcam and one scene for my elgato. The problem is I have the webcam scene above the elgato scene, but I am...
  19. IamOMan

    Bug Report Hotkey Settings, a bug?

    Hey, can anyone help me? Why does my hotkey settings page look like this? I find no tolly-thing to expand it and it makes it hard to see any of my hotkey settings, making it difficult to organize them. Changing themes doesn't do anything and I re-installed OBS, but don't think I un-installed...
  20. Lokidum

    Question / Help Why Does My Stream Lag And YouTube Say Low Output?

    Hows it going, recently I tried to stream from my computer while playing games on the same device and the stream lagged and YouTube said it was a low output. I've streamed using OBS with consoles before with the same settings and never had any problems. I tried doing an unlisted stream to see...