1. C

    OBS closes down when trying to change scene collections

    Can't seem to figure out this issue. Every time I try to change scene collections, weather that is an imported scene collection or when trying to create a new scene collection, OBS shuts down. No crash report is generated and all that I am left with is the log file. I've tried combing through it...
  2. M

    Aggghhhh!!! iPhone no longer showing as a source!! :-(

    Hi there, I'm running OBS Studio 29.1.3 and have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. I used to be able to plug the phone into the computer via the lightning to USB lead and then use the Video Capture Device source to add the phone to OBS. I'm no longer able to see my phone in that list :-( I've recently...
  3. LuckyLootTube

    Pure OBS Crash in the middle of the LIVE Stream

    Hello everyone, I am running a digital philanthropic project that is essentially a bi-weekly live event where we share gifts to our viewers while we play LIVE games. Anyhow, if you want to see more details, you can see , because we are not here to promote our project, we are...
  4. M

    2023 alert box issue not working properly.

    Hi guys, I don't know why, but for some reason, the alert box browser source only works in one scene collection, but isn't working in the other. The only remedy I do is logout/login again and refresh everything, but I'm sure there's a better solution to this, right? I don't have to do this...
  5. C

    Video looks blurry and pixelated even on vp9 codec (PLEASE HELP)

    I am trying to record DOOM Eternal but my videos looks a lot more pixelated than others. here are my OBS settings: OBS Log file: and heres the video (quality test) : I have the output...
  6. C

    Video ends up looking pixelated on Youtube no matter what settings...

    I want to upload DOOM Eternal videos on my channel, but the videos look very pixelated and blurry. Here are my settings: I have my Base Resolution at 1920x1080 and my Output Scaled resolution at 3840x2160 because I want youtube to give me the vp9 codec... Even...
  7. Q

    Skipped frames due to encoding lag?

    Okay, so here's the issue: whenever I record at 240 fps, it skips 90% of the frames, making the video impossible to watch. The strange thing is, I'm using the same render settings as I always have, and before I started live streaming for the first time, everything was working perfectly. It...
  8. A

    Help me about (output recording setting) please!

    Please help, Which is the best encoder I can put for recording a lectures that have a lot of text, words and are one hour and half minutes for each lecture and there is a lot of lectures(like 30 ones) and I need to record too many lectures so I need to set best setting for that purpose. I need...
  9. A

    Pixel/Blur when recording... need help !

    Hello everybody ! I have been looking for a solution with other forum and youtube video. But nothing worked so Im now asking for help. When i record i have pixel/blur : We can see it the most around letter on the...
  10. Z

    Is my laptop enough for streaming and recording video games? Will there be any downside of streaming on my laptop like reducing it lifespan?

    My laptop is the Predator Helios 300 2022 The spec is: Intel I7-12700H Nvidia RTX 3060 6GB 16GB Ram Will my laptop be good enough for streaming and recording video games at 1080p? Can I stream/record 60FPS while my monitor refresh rate is 165Hz? Will streaming/recording reduce my laptop lifespan...
  11. D

    OBS Randonly Making me Go Offline in Streams

    So I've been experiencing an issue for a few weeks where my stream randomly goes offline. This has happened on both of my laptops. The most recent log is attached.
  12. S

    Dead by Daylight freezes OBS when streaming

    I have a very weird problem with DBD on OBS. I can stream any game for hours and nothing happens, not even small lags. But when I stream Dead by Daylight, after 10 or 15 minutes, the display freezes and the Twitch stream goes offline automatically but everything else works on OBS. I can see the...
  13. J

    Streamlabs OBS Webcam isn't adjusting

    I have no idea why I am having this issue all the sudden but I restarted my saved cache and that still didn't fix it. For some reason streamlabs will not let me drag the webcam to resize or move it, and yes I have tried pressing alt and shift to move it, it does nothing. Ill attach some files...
  14. Botiefyed

    Obs fps issue

    Here’s logs the issue is that in preview it looks ok but in the recorded file it’s very choppy and at 2 fps idk what to do tho
  15. T

    Audio skipping/cutting out randomly

    Recently, my audio stopped working properly on OBS, it will randomly cut out or skip when I'm talking, so you can still hear what I'm saying but people watching my stream thought it was a connection problem. I didnt change any settings or change anything from my setup, the only real change that...
  16. F

    Stream Constantly Disconnecting and reconnecting

    Ive recently moved to kick and whenever I start a stream it starts for a few seconds before I get the disconnected notification. I haven't been able to resolve the issue. Heres the log file.
  17. W

    Game Lagging in recording

    Hello, I have found this weird thing after recording, when I finished, and got to edit the footage, the game footage, was lagging, even tho, the OBS didnt show it lagging, and the game wasnt lagging for me either. I'll list my PC parts below, Could the reason be, that the games FPS wasnt...
  18. S

    Dropping Frames IN OBS while using Replay Buffer

    The problem is as said in the title. Literally nothing has changed since a couple days ago and suddenly my obs is dropping frames hard when recording any game.
  19. R

    My Recording is laggy and choppy please help

    for some reason my recording is laggy and choppy and i dont know how to fix i have set good settings
  20. A

    How would i create this look

    I am looking to stream as a dj with a video background with me in the foreground as a blacked out figure kinda like the attached photo. I have figured out how to remove the background and superimpose me on top of the video however i cant figure out how to completely black myself out like the...