1. T

    I am trying to record GMod in OBS but it comes up as a black screen

    No matter what I do its a black screen
  2. jonyive5640

    Problem with obs-ndi... only post obs preview

    Hello, I'm using obs-ndi plug-in. I can't use obs Main Output. Only I can see is the Preview. When I see the log, there is an error things. 20:27:57.721: [obs-ndi] main_output_stop: stopping NDI main output 20:27:57.721: [obs-ndi] +ndi_output_destroy('485'...) 20:27:57.721: [obs-ndi]...
  3. T

    Mic only going through 1 side.

    There's a fix but it's not working for me. Anybody have any idea how to fix this?
  4. S

    OBS says i have 0kbps (problem started 2 days ago)

    im a very small and new streamer, so i dont know how to fix this issues... ive tried multiple solutions that were already posted here but nothing seems to work :( so im handing this log to any kind souls that actually knows how to read it and can provide me with any solutions at all please...
  5. 0

    OBS Crashes as soon as I launch it!

    this has been happening for two days now and I can't figure out how to fix it. I haven't done anything to the settings when it first started. here are the logs
  6. W

    HD60s+ in OBS dropping frames

    Hello, I'm kind of at my wits end right now. I use OBS to record my Xbox Series X with my Elgato HD60s+ for making YouTube videos, it has worked just fine for months. I used to use Game Capture HD but it started to not save recordings consistently so I would lose an entire recording. I decided...
  7. ntlrz

    Typing while scenes are focused can select and transition scenes, is there a way to turn this off?

    Sometimes I'm not paying attention mid stream and I'll start typing before I've correctly selected a different program, and then my scene will switch based on the letter/number I've pressed. Is there a way I can turn that feature off as a type of foolproof? I'm sure some people use it to switch...
  8. S

    Dual Streaming PC setup Q's

    So I want to see if I can make dual PC setup and stream... I'd like to see if my hardware can handle it and a couple of Q's. PC 1) Gaming rig PC 2) Second stationary PC PC 3) Laptop alternative So questions: 1) Does my secondary hardware have enough to be a streaming rig? Games that would...
  9. Swamp_Spirit

    OBS Crashing when deleting Source

    Just as the title says, OBS crashes when I remove a source. I use the Scrab plugin to take screenshots with OBS, and I want to fix this before my whole stream crashes when I remove it from any of my Scenes. The crash log seems to indicate that the problem is the "streamdeckpluginqt6.dll" file...
  10. M

    this problem had me questioning my life for 3 days

    Problem: I hear my own stream when i start streaming. (my whole stream, not only my mic) - This only happens when i stream, not when i record - Only I can hear it, my viewers cannot - Nothing is being monitored audio wise - I'm not listening to any device in the sound settings - This seems to...
  11. calc_d

    plugin or something

    I searched for plugin or something help me with that task but I didn't find anything I want to trigger a window in OBS to open when I open OBS I try NOOBS CMDR but I didn't find it helpful the problem that I don't know how to code :) there are images for the window that I want I want any...
  12. E

    OBS Crashes everytime after update 30.1.0

    Hey, I just updated OBS to 30.1.0 and now it crashes everytime, specially when trying to fix or adjust a source. Can someone help me?
  13. D

    Transition audio is "freezing" <--- Recording of the issue. Couldn't seem to get it into a media format. This randomly seems to happen on my stinger transitions. OBS hardware acceleration is enabled. COOLER: DeepCool AK400 Zero Dark Plus Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology B660 GAMING...
  14. S

    Audio Problem

    Hi there, my friend and I do YT videos as a side gig and for fun, recently, we've found out about audio tracks, and we decided to use them, my friends obs works completely fine, but when I did it, all I can hear in my recordings, is my voice, nothing else, no game audio, no discord audio, just...
  15. Bella Lugosi

    Running OBS inside a container? Help plz

    Hi, I have been browsing the forums and couldn't find one that covered my question (no, i did not look through all of them, and am more than consenting to the possibility I looked right past it lol) but i am trying to run OBS on my chromebook, which I was under the belief that I could do, but I...
  16. R

    Audio Lagging On Live Stream

    Hello everyone my obs live stream audio lags terribly. here is an example: here is the log file: I am running a Virtual private server through that way the live stream can...
  17. T

    OBS browser source audio high pitched and distorted

    whenever i record on a browser source after a couple of seconds the audio gets high pitched and distorted you will see it in this video at the 1:00 mark
  18. T

    I have no idea why obs stream is laggy/audio cuts studder.

    Hi! New to streaming via OBS. I have seen a few concerns: - In my "Starting Soon" screen, I have a 6 sec video on loop since it's an animated screen. Problem: When it is running, everything else lags (YT videos, Audio, Game Audio) If paused, it's fine but I don't want static screen. -I have...
  19. M

    An encoder error occurred while recording.

    Booted up OBS for the first time in just under a month, only to be given this message. The two main pieces of advice I've found is either to turn your GPU off and back on again, which I have to no effect, or to switch to a Custom Output, which I don't want to do as it'll change all of my...
  20. M

    Bitrate showing red for no reason

    So I stream at 6k bitrate, I did a 2hour stream and trough out the whole stream, my bitrate was showing red on twitch. Problem is, twitch inspector shows a stable bitrate for the whole stream, my upload speed is fast, my viewers said stream looked smooth. But still, I had the red bitrate thing...