1. F

    Recording stops after a few seconds/1 minute

    So recently I got a new mic and was wanting to record a video. I booted up OBS and set up everything and hit the record button. After around 30 minutes of recording I realized that the recording stopped after a few seconds. I read different threads and couldn't find a solution. Any help would be...
  2. M

    Refresh rate OBS recording

    144hz or 60hz ?! I want to record some good gaming footage on OBS but i am confused about the refresh rate. My monitor has a 144hz refresh rate but OBS only allows me to record 60fps. So now i am not sure if i get better footage when i change my monitor to 60hz to match or does this not even...
  3. G

    Obs 0Kb/s AYUDA/HELP!

    Empiezo a stream y todo bien, pero 2 h después Obs deja de compartir el stream, marcando 0Kb/s pero el recuadro está en verde!!! AYUDDA! I start to stream and everything is fine, but 2 h after Obs stops sharing the stream, marking 0Kb / s but the box is green !!! HELP! Settings: Code: AMD...
  4. G

    Nvenc breaks recording

    Whenever I try to record using my Nvenc encoder my screen turns into a bunch of jumbled colors and I don't know why? Log:
  5. Q

    Roblox, and every game extremely laggy when i record or stream.

    If i stand still it goes to a decent fps, but when i move, bam dips down hard, it goes for everything i record and it sometimes just has one frame per half a minute (brutal doom). Log:
  6. M

    When I record with game capture, the window is upside down, and the cursor is upside up.

    When I started trying to record with OBS this week, I have been having issues that I haven't had for the past year I have been using OBS. When I record a specific window with game capture, the window is upside down. I figured that just a simple rotate and flip would fix the issue, but the cursor...
  7. T

    Crash on startup

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I think I tried to install StreamFX plugin, but then cancelled something because I didn't want it (I am tired and wasn't really paying attention), now my obs crashes on start up. Won't even open up. If you could help that would be amazing, I didn't want to re-do all...
  8. Mr.Swagtastic

    How to pull audio from different sources?

    My issue is when I'm streaming from my capture card, my viewers cant hear my friend and I talking through discord. So either they hear the game play from my capture card and no one talking or they hear us talking but no game audio. How can I fix this so my viewers can hear both? Thanks,
  9. L

    Kein Ton bei Medienquelle (Video)

    Hi, Ich habe eine Problem mit dem Ton der Medienquelle. Es kommt einfach keiner raus haha. Das video was ich reingemacht habe hat aber Ton. Auf dem Forum steht irgendwas von Monotoring aber das gibt es bei mir nicht. Bitte um schnelle Antwort ist für schulprojekt. Lg Max
  10. Sonnyyyyy


    What settings shall I use to record Minecraft in good quality with these specs? Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Ram: 4GB 64 bit Not sure what else I'm supposed to put?
  11. T

    Game Chat not coming through to Twitch

    Very new to this so forgive me ahead of time but when I was streaming Squad on Twitch my friend told me he couldn’t hear my teammates talking to me. He could hear the game sounds no problem just not the people talking to me. I’m not sure how to fix this.
  12. L

    Please Help Me

    When i go to use display capture or like window capture my preview screen looks like this and i dont know why , it never use to be like this before.................................................. Someone please help me??
  13. O

    Headset (A50) being picked up on stream, along with my Blue Yeti.

    I realized yesterday in my stream that my headset that im using to engage with the people im playing with, the audio is also being pushed through to my stream. This isn’t that big of a deal i guess but i bought a USB microphone (Blue Yeti) specifically for high quality audio of my voice to put...
  14. C

    Is this a monitor issue? please help

    hi, i've been trying to figure out somthing for about a year now, when im recording everything seems to sharp in a way, its hard to explain, but once i play back the recording on my 144hz monitor it looks like i said really sharp, a little jumpy, i have tried to put my monitor down to 120hz to...
  15. B

    Hotkeys do not work when tabbed into LoL

    So I do an esports broadcast for my school. I have a hotkey that uses f17, on my G1 key on a G910 keyboard. I use it to switch to a scene, but when I am tabbed into League of legends it won't work. However in LoL my hotkey that uses the h key does work, so what do I do to fix my hotkeys not...
  16. I

    When I add a browser overlay for streamelements my obs live crashes.

    When I add a browser overlay for streamelements my obs live crashes but without the overlay everything worked fine. The first time I put the overlay on it worked perfectly and I was happy and then I thought about exiting obs to see if it would still be there, it wasn't but it wasn't crashing so...
  17. I

    Desktop audio really quiet despite having the gain filter and volume up

    Hey guys, so I've been having this problem where when I record a video the microphone and videos fine, but the desktop audio is really quiet. I have the gain filter and volume up and it does nothing, I tried other solutions that i've searched up and found on here and Reddit and none of them...
  18. J

    Experiencing frequent choppy moments on my test stream even when it's consistent 60FPS

    Log File: I've been test streaming two games Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant. So far I have no problems at all with Rainbow Six Siege since I was trying to see the difference of Image Quality I would get when streaming on 1080p/60fps even with a...
  19. O

    Capture Card Audio rarely works.

    This problem has plagued me continuously for over a year since I got my Capture Card. It's an off-brand one as far as I can tell, but while the video comes through well the audio is another matter. It pretty much does whatever it wants seemingly at random. The audio either works normally...