1. K

    OBS recording is choppy

    I need help. I want to start streaming on twitch and when I test my video I record to see how it would look twitch. My recordings look like it is skipping frames, choppy and it stutters. My actually gameplay looks fine but recording looks horrible. I have done everything youtube videos say and...
  2. T

    Probleme capture d'audio

    Bonsoir, je vous explique mon problème. Je stream depuis ma ps4 sur twitch ayant un macbook air avec obs studio, j'ai donc acheter un elgato hd60 s +. j'ai l'image de mon jeux et ma caméra mais aucun son sortant de l'ordinateur à mon casque. J'ai donc essayer soundflower et d'autre logiciel...
  3. D

    Help: "An Encoding Error Has Occurred"

    Hello, I'm an amateur streamer just trying to stream a game for me and a few close friends. OBS shows my consoles screen, and I can see it just fine and also connected my twitch account without any issue, but as soon as I click 'start streaming' OBS gives me an error saying "an encoding error...
  4. F

    Video playback not working

    So I just downloaded the software and set everything up according to the prompts and guides and I have tried to do several display captures with no luck so far. When I go to playback the video I keep getting an error message that reads "Can't play; We can't find an audio device. Make sure...
  5. RulerG_23

    Video capture shows up incredibly small at first, but is black and disappears when resizing.

    So have a Puteltal USB video capture that I've been using to capture my Switch's gameplay for a while. It has worked fine with OBS just up until this point, where as the capture seems to almost be incredibly tiny or just not even there. When I fit it to screen or resize it at all, it just shows...
  6. The Tickler 85

    lower thirds not working! help!

    I recently downloaded the lower thirds plugin and I'm trying to use hotkeys for the lower thirds. it won't work! I also tried to add logos and that doesn't work either! I need help I don't know what is going on. I tried restarting the software and that doesn't help! what do I do
  7. A

    OBS Crashing on startup

    whenevr i open OBS it says taht it crashed and would you like to copy the crash log bla bla bla heres the crashlog
  8. J

    Recordingis choppy and stuttering

    Gameplay is not affect at all its running fine and this is the only game I have found that has done this ever, included below is an example log of what i mean, I have since tried turning off game bar, and all the background Microsoft recording options as well
  9. S

    .ogv file problems

    Im trying to record videos is .ogv because that's the only file type that allows multiple audio tracks in my video editor. So whenever I try to record with that file type OBS just says "An unspecified error occurred while recording. Failed to open video codec: invalid argument" What does that...
  10. K

    please help!!

    Is an Intel Core i3-7100U 7th Generation enough for streaming watchable quality console gameplay to youtube and facebook at same time?
  11. P

    OBS not detecting audio from output

    For a while now, I've been wanting to be able to play music, a stream, etc. while I was streaming. And the headphones I use, SteelSeries Arctis 5, technically have two audio playback devices, "Arctis 5 Chat" and "Arctis 5 Game". My thought was that I could play the audio I wanted the stream to...
  12. J

    play back footage on mac is insanely laggy

    so when ever i try to record a video on a game the game its self is extremley laggy and the play back footage is even more laggy and i have no idea what the problem is. i tried everything there is to get better footage and i cant find anything so i came on here to get help...
  13. Hey_Mister_DJ

    Installed Motion Plug in but it doesn't appear in OBS

    I followed a video tutorial on how to manually download and move the Motion Plug in over to the Obs-Studio folder in my C Drive. Closed OBS during this proccess, rebooted but still when I open OBS the plug in does not appear. Help: Attached are screenshots showing where I placed the Data and...
  14. K

    Video got corrupted after taking all hard drive space

    Hello, I have a problem. I was recording a video, and when I ran out of space on my hard drive it stopped. When I tried to open the video after that it could not do it, giving me the error 0xc00d36c4. I really need this video, please help. What do I do? :( I was recording an mp4.
  15. P

    HELP save my 2hr recording! OBS "Stopping Recording"

    I'm well aware this has been answered in other places but my error seems to be different. It is not the same as the other questions who have been answered. My program is still open, i've left it running all night. I finished recording a show at 5AM it was over 2.5 hrs and it was stuck on...
  16. Interstellis

    Sudden Choppiness in Recordings (Log Included)

    Hello all, I've been recording using OBS for about a year now at 1080p/60fps. Haven't had any issues whether it be lower-intensive to medium-intensive games (I've recorded Halo 2 Anniversary at pretty high settings and maintained 1080p/60fps no problem). All of a sudden within the past week my...
  17. O

    OBS Not Displaying PRPR Live Model in Overlay

    Hello, I posted on PRPR Live's forum too but it isn't getting any hits so I thought i'd post here next. Currently I am dealing with an issue where when I use the PrPr Live plugin/thing to add into my overlay, it doesn't show on either camera mode. Is this an OBS issue? A user error? or a Prpr...
  18. W

    Crash on font changing on every OBS version

    This is 2nd thread about that problem. 1st sinking to the deep here I have a problem that my OBS crashes when I am trying to change font of my GDI+ text. I tried several OBS versions such as...
  19. T

    Unhandled exception: c0000005 Fault address: 7FFD7E9C2680 (c:\program files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\obs.dll)

    I dont know what to do with these error codes. please help.
  20. F

    Recording stops after a few seconds/1 minute

    So recently I got a new mic and was wanting to record a video. I booted up OBS and set up everything and hit the record button. After around 30 minutes of recording I realized that the recording stopped after a few seconds. I read different threads and couldn't find a solution. Any help would be...