1. Cheeto64

    How do I make a video that is this long?

    This video is -647369238 or something long and its 6 megabytes how Video Also, If you upload it to discord it has negative time?
  2. B

    Failed to start streaming

    Can someone help me? I have the rx6500xt and my video drivers are up to date.
  3. K

    Dropped frames recording capture-card gameplay (Zasluke 4K USB 3.0 HDMI, 1080P, 60FPS)

    Hey guys! I'm sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times already, but I could really use some help. A few months ago, I started uploading let's plays on YouTube, and at first everything was fine (aside from the general learning curve when using OBS Studio and an editing software for...
  4. A


    I just got a new pc but for some reason my recordings in 2k are not looking crisp/the quality its not that good... I wanted to ask what the best settings for my pc are because its a preatty strong rig. I have an I9-10900k Rtx3080 64gb ram 3200 ddr4 and an samsung odysey g7 4k 144hz monitor. I...
  5. Undael

    OBS crash many times

    Hello, I come here, because for a while, i have obs crash (during streaming, and at the end of stream when i raid someone. I tried to update my drivers, uninstall plugins... but i don't know where exactly is the problem. I have no idea how to interpret crash files at all, maybe someone can...
  6. T

    Installation aborted

    When I try to download OBS it says Installation aborted and I can't even fix it. What do I do???
  7. StarFallenJax

    OBS records seem choppy

    When I record, the output feels though as if I didn't have a high bitrate and has inconsistencies with pixels (I don't really know how to describe it). Am I doing something wrong?
  8. S

    Can't launch OBS - 'failed to find locale/en-us.ini'

    I've had OBS installed for a couple years, I used it on Sunday with no problems. I tried to launch it today and get this error: failed to find locale/en-us.ini. I can't find a fix for it, anyone have any solutions they can send? Cheers
  9. C

    How to add Hitmaps Roulette overlay to OBS for streaming?

    I copy it to clipboard and then go into OBS and the only overlay features are text, gif and image but I don't think its any of them.
  10. parsivan

    Audio problem help!

    Hi My setup: I have a school laptop with i3-10110U processor and intel UHD graphics that i use with a Behringer UMC1820 sound card that i connect using asio plugin to obs. I have 5 mics so 5 inputs sometimes 6. This setup has worked fine enough for school project. It's a podcast for the school...
  11. Y

    not clear recording

    hi im am trying to get a good recording setup. i have the base cavans the same as my screen 1080p with 100 fps and CBR 200.000 but i still dont get the same picture as my screen can anyone help?
  12. J

    Nvenc encoder crash, cant figure this out

    Ever since a few weeks or even a couple of months ago i started getting infrequent obs crashes where the encoder would crash. At the time i thought it was game specific but then it started happening in a new game multiple times in a 4 hour period. log file crash file a little back story, its...
  13. Telling Or Something Like

    Help with laggy OBS

    I have been trying to film a video in obs for a while now. I have two problems: 1. OBS' framerate is terrible, and it was never bad like this. 2. Whenever I start recording it starts streaming - How do I fix that? It says "Encoding overload!" or something like that, and tells me to lower the...
  14. A

    OBS Crashes on startup, even after fresh Windows install and fresh OBS install

    Been unable to open OBS at all I reset my PC and did a fresh install of Windows 10 tried installing OBX and running it, it crashed on start. I upgraded to Windows 11 to see if that would fix it, ninstalled OBS, reinstalled it, still crashing on start up. I've included the log if anyone can...
  15. W

    FFmpeg makes it so the last 2 seconds of a clip freezes but the audio still plays.

    I've been trying to fix this for about 2 hours now but I can't find anything. I did some testing and found that FFmpeg was the problem because the clip is fine on Standard Output. The reason I want to use FFmpeg is I want to freely change the bitrate of my audio and video. Container format is...
  16. P

    Disconnecting From Server

    I have been having an issue with my streams disconnecting. It causes all applications on my PC using the internet to disconnect as well. I have had Comcast come and look at everything, im connected via LAN, i have new equipment, still disconnecting. I have tried switching encoders as well and am...
  17. M

    Missing Dialogue Audio

    Before I begin here is my current log I am trying to record footage of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix to make into a YouTube video. I plan on recording many other games with the various other consoles I have. Here's my problem. Since last week when I...
  18. O


    Hello, i recently started experiencing problems while streaming (twitch) although i have not downloading anything to my pc, made changes in obs, or had any network changes happen. My upload speeds are about 100 down and 50 up which from the research i have done is more than enough to be able to...
  19. R

    Is there a way to export two monitors in different videos?

    Hey there, I am recording a Minecraft video with my friends and I want to capture discord (on my second monitor) and Minecraft (on my first monitor). is there a way to record these both at the same time, and export different displays as different audio files (like display-1.mp4 and display-2.mp4)
  20. B

    Help!!!!!!!! QuickSync to push the stream to live. Play games with NVIDIA.

    I am a laptop external monitor. I want to use QuickSync to push the stream to live. Play games with NVIDIA. Is this possible? If so please help me set it up. Please reply to me . How would I go about setting it up. Sorry my English is not good.