1. P

    Video Settings

    Hi So I have been streaming for a while and recording from time to time and I have been using the like wizard thing that gives you presets that work in the simple recording settings but however I have been transitioning to video making and I have recently been wanting multi track recording so I...
  2. M

    Help me for Best settings for my PC

    Hello guys, i make this because i changed soo much settings and i can't find my one. Sometimes got recording lag or something. Please i want someone who understand this to help me to got my best settings and never to touch it again. I use mostly for Twitch Stream, but i record and videos for my...
  3. M

    popups from twitch on game screen

    so i run 2 monitors. id like to be able to see my twitch chat and twitch extension pop ups on the monitor my game is on. is this possible?
  4. L

    My OBS crash help !

    Hello, My OBS crash every time i try to launch it Here is the crash report: Thanks for the help!
  5. Akahri

    OBS recorded file comes just with audio and no video

    after formatting my computer a few weeks ago I recorded video normally through obs with my default configuration of recording gameplays, but when reinstalling it I put the same settings as before and the file only comes with the audio of the game I'm recording and without no video, I'll leave my...
  6. Dino868

    OBS Won't Start

    Attached is the screenshot and crash log. Please help.
  7. D

    Help me with my display setup

    Hello everyone, after I changed my screem I was never able to capture the display in obs, it appears as follows (Display 1: 1920x1080 @ 0.0. I don't have any other displays anymore and I've looked in several places how to solve the problem but so far I haven't found it, can you help me please...
  8. M

    Screenshot black screen tested everything that appears online

    trying everything that appears online, change compatibility window 8, 7 that uses the integrated. nothing works I come as a last resort since I do not know how to capture the game. any suggestions or help is appreciated desktop pc
  9. R

    help! obs wont stop crashing

    So I keep trying to open OBS, and it opens. But after I click ANYTHING at all it crashes. It gives me an error log which I entered below, but its just annoying and this is my last resort. ive tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it exactly 3 times. Doesn't work. I've closed everything else and...
  10. X

    How to broadcast on a TV with a HDMI cable (help)

    Hello , I'm using OBS Studio since a while but i am only using it to record my screen/voice on my pc and on twitch. In a few weeks i have to host a concert in my high school , and i have a camera and templates and i want to do the same as real concerts (e.g eurovision) , so i want to stream on a...
  11. C

    OBS and game crashing for no reason

    My OBS has crashed twice already while playing Project Zomboid the game crashed too and in one instance steam crashed aswell i do not know the reason of the cashes but help would be appreciated since i cant stream properly Both crash logs should be attached
  12. JimJoe

    Is anyone able to tell me what is going on here (video)

    idk why but when I try to record a replay on osu! the audio glitches like this. As you can hear, even when you playback a recording of it you can still hear it glitching, so it's nothing hardware related. It could be something to do with my USB - AUX 3.5mm dongle but this has never happened...
  13. X

    Check update windows stuck

    Every time I open OBS on my MacBook Pro 2020 (i5 version) I've the check update option stuck. I mean I cannot click on anything ofc obs works fine, any solution? the windows stuck: My System spec:
  14. S

    OBS error AMF_OPENCL_FAILED (code 19)

    У меня появилась эта ошибка когда я использую кодировщик AMD. Видеокарта: AMD R7 260X 2Gb (200 Series) Файл логов:
  15. D

    Crash on startup

    I've been looking online for a few days now for a fix for this crash, when I installed OBS after a while not using it, it crashes on startup. I've installed and uninstalled, I've deleted all files related to OBS and SLOBS(that I also uninstalled) on my PC and then reinstalled, I've updated...
  16. S

    Dynamically change recording location

    Hi, I'm developing a python script to help me automate a small workflow. I know I can start OBS recordings a specific scene by the command line, but I would like to change the location of the recording based on a parameter. Is there an out-of-the-box solution for this problem or, if possible...
  17. S

    Help for the best settings for my pc

    Hi, First of all thanks in advance to everyone.. As you can read in the title, i need the best settings for my pc, on recording only, but of course if you had any recommendation for streaming settings, then be my guest. So my PC Spec is: Core i5-3570 GTX 750 Ti 4X2GB DDR3 RAM Also Taffware BM...
  18. J

    browser error. please help me

    When I select the browser from the resources tab in obs studio it looks hollow. please help me and sorry for my bad english.
  19. Exatoon27

    Please help me with obs

    Hello, I need help because in obs the screen capture option does not appear. My OS is Ubuntu 22.04 and have OBS 27.2.4 After installing ffmpeg, I added the repository with the command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio, and then installed obs...
  20. T

    OBS (specifically Streamlabs OBS) not recording separate audio tracks LOOKED FOR HELP FROM LITERALLY EVERYONE but no one has my problem.

    I've gone through the steps. I've gone to Settings-Output-Advanced-Recording-Audio Track 1, 2, and 3-Mixer Settings-Set Desktop to 1 and 2 and Mic to 1 and 3. Nothing seems to work. When I recorded before these changes it was one track with the picture but after I did this, it records my mic...