1. F

    Stutter that appears ~45 minutes into a stream.

    I have fixed the spiking render time issue, but the main issue remains: My stream develops stutter about 45 minute to an hour in. It starts with the OBS preview dropping down to what looks like 30fps, a vsync test shows its not running at 60fps and its the ENTIRE preview window, not a source...
  2. W

    Advice needed for OBS on Dual PC setup for streaming

    The PC specs for the dedicated streaming rig are AMD FX-8370, ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0, 16 GB of RipJaws Series DDR3-1600 CL9 Memory, EVGA Geforce 750 Ti, EVGA SuperNOVA 650 W 80+ Gold PSU, and 500 GB of SSD. I'll have a 4k60 Pro Mk 2 by elgato installed as well for the streaming PC. My Gaming...
  3. emptyy

    OBS dont wants to hook process

    when i'm recording with display capture or something obs dont want to hook cs:go process i'm with untrusted mode and allow third party softwares but its not working anyway. can someone help me plz? Log file:
  4. S

    Robotic Audio Input - Both ASIO Input and USB Input

    Starting about two weeks ago - after downloading the most recent version of OBS (0.26), I have started having audio problems where the microphone audio, or the ASIO Input audio has started crackling and making me sound like some kind of deranged robot. The problem can only be heard at the...
  5. D

    OBS not allowing discord to be recorded separately from mic

    hey i can only record discord audio when it is sharing a track with my own mic, but i would like to have them in their own tracks... even though obs is showing that discord is being picked up it does not record unless is shares a track with my microphone. is this a bug or am i doing this wrong...
  6. C

    Mac, OBS, Elgato HD60s audio issue

    we are STUMPED!! We’re streaming to OBS on a Mac through an HD60s. We’ve tried both Streamlabs and Studio. We’ve downloaded the elgato program as well as OBS link. None of our game play audio is coming through our stream, although it’s playing through the headset as per usual. What are we missing?!!
  7. I


    Hello, I have the elgato 60s capturer. I have a xeon e5-2620 v3 processor, and rx580 gpu's. the problem is that the capturer does not run, I mean, I put it and the 2sg goes to 1fps and I tried it on another computer that does not have a Chinese processor and have NVIDIA gpu's and it works...
  8. K

    Slight lagging/chopping while recording

    I am currently trying to record some off ride shots of a rollercoaster in planet coaster which is made pretty impossible by just that slight lagging that makes the footage unusable. Attached I have my logs My settings are: Canvas and Scaled Resolution 1920 x 1080 FPS: 60 Downscale Filter...
  9. T

    OBS Game Capture uses all of my CPU

    Hello, I've recently started using OBS Studio to capture Minecraft for my YouTube channel. I've encountered an issue where OBS is using about 50% of my CPU when using the game capture source, it makes Minecraft drop from 120 FPS to 10 FPS even when I'm not recording/streaming. When I use display...
  10. J

    Fps Check

    Sorry this may sound dumb as i am a new user, but how do I check the fps of a video on OBS. Thanks!
  11. L

    Can find any docks in veiw

    Why can't I see chat or change any stream settings like the name of stream or what game im playing i need help to get it back
  12. N

    GPU record

    Hello i wanna record with 1080p but When i chose a encoder it only x264 why i wanna record with GPU
  13. A

    Setting Recommendations GL75 9SD Recording for Minecraft atleast 60 FPS

    Hello everyone. I am asking for setting recommendations. I have watched many videos and at first, I got 140 frames, and using the same settings, I get 20. But that is not the point. Please recommend me some settings, I have reset all of my last settings to start new. I just want to record...
  14. emptyy

    Black screen while recording csgo

    yestarday everything was working i know that i need to add -allow_third_party_software and -untrusted commands but its not working. LOG FILE:
  15. M

    Extremely low fps

    Hello, I have been experiencing some serious problems while trying to record with OBS. When recording I have decent FPS quality ingame as well as in the OBS Studio, however once I finish recording the created video only averages about 2 fps. I only experience this on OBS, other recording...
  16. M

    Looking for auto brightness plugin, HELP!!!

    Hi people, I'm looking like crazy at the forums for an auto brightness fix plugin. I just want a plugin that checks if the colors of the screen are dark, and if they're, then make it brighter. If they're shinny instead, make it darker. Its for avoiding that dark scenes look black and light...
  17. N

    dropped frames while streaming

    i recently upgraded my pc from a i7-8700 paired with a rtx 2080 to a i9-9900k and a rtx 3090 but now when i stream a get heavy dropped frames while streaming and i never had this problem before i tried lowering the bitrate and even downscaling to 720p ( i usually stream at 1080) and nothing has...
  18. tyno994

    blur video on amd radeon and ubuntu 20.10

    I need help, every configuration I make in obs I get blurry recordings, I don't know what to do to get a good image quality. I have used various combinations of bitrate, codecs, also bicubic, lanczos, etc... but I am not getting good results, both in 1080p and 720p. S.O .: Ubuntu 20.10 kernel...
  19. R

    Failed to connect to (any) server. (Twitch issue)

    Hey I'm trying to stream but the OBS are showing this error since last tuesday (8). Things i have tried that didn't worked - Reinstall OBS - Connect to other server - Format pc (Yep i'm desperate) - Contacted ISP we tried for 2 hours - disabled firewall - Updated OBS (12/14) - Tried to change...
  20. A

    I don't see any Dx12 or Vulkan renderer/video API(OBS 26.1.0) - AMD RX5700

    Aren't they supported on H264/AVC Encoder(AMD Advanced Media Framework)?