1. S

    My OBS Looks different than someone elses - help?

    I'm trying to help another user on this computer set up OBS for streaming, but it looks completely different and the canvas isn't "set" the way mine is. The whole UI looks different, in fact. They'd screwed around with some settings before I came in to help (forever ago) so that could be part of...
  2. T

    Game Chat Audio Not Coming Up

    I play on Xbox Series X and I have had the Elgato 60HD S+ for about a year now and I have yet to figure out why it’s not capturing game chat audio. Let me clarify it’s NOT the Xbox Party Chat audio, that picks up just fine; it’s the actual in game chat that doesn’t want to pick up. Like if I’m...
  3. G

    My obs(Mac) version 27.0.1 detect usb3.0 capture device as usb camera.

    I found the problem as I mentioned in the tiltle. My macbook air(2014) detect my capture card as usb camera so I cant stream game anymore. Before, I used iphone 11 pro max streaming via obs to facebook live with iphone charger cable. There were no any problem except for the 30 frame rate that...
  4. E

    Pc crashes/ blue screen while streaming games on OBS Studio. Need Help!

    So I am in desperate need of help with a unknown computer issue while I stream on OBS Studio. I am all out of resolutions for these problems, I am hoping someone here can guide me in the right direction to once in for all, fix this problem. So to start, for the past 4 weeks I have been having...
  5. L

    Audio No Sound - Voicemeeter to OBS

    Hi everyone, I hope I got the correct forum to ask for help and PLEASE do not ask me to go discord. I was told to go there beginning for the year, even those I didn't want to and ended up doing it anyway. when I got there - no one in the chat. So I gave help asking, but now I am at it again...
  6. F

    3840x1080 video shrinked to 1920x1080

    Hi, so I made my canvas 3480x1080 so I can put two 1920x1080 sources side by side and on obs it looks fine but when I open them with vlc media player or premiere pro they look shrinked also here is my log file if you need it
  7. H

    Sound loop from game

    Hi, straight to the point. I have a sound loop on the stream. It is from the game. The recording works fine and captures the sound as it should. But it is the sound broadcast from the game that is looped. I tried everything I could. I don't watch my stream in the browser, I use headphones, and...
  8. H

    OBS crashing on startup

    Essentially I went to update a plugin and after the update obs will not open, I uninstalled the plugin and it is still crashing on start up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially if I can avoid reinstalling obs and starting from scratch with all of my settings.
  9. N

    How to get rid of stats dock

    So I was going through the docks but when I tried using the stats dock it got stuck at the top of my screen. How can i fix this.
  10. O

    Wider Plug In Distortion?

    Hello, I just spent 12 hours re-setting my mic up as it reset itself. At first it was making a weird distortion sound when it wasn't clipping, and most likely that is due to the Wider plug in. Not sure if this is a common problem with the Wider plug in or not. It was also making the left and...
  11. E

    Best OBS settings for very low end system?

    Hi, I'm looking for the best OBS settings for a low end system. Currently I am a windows 10 user on an Intel pentium with Intel hd graphics. I can get 100+ fps in mc java thanks to mods, I tried recording using another program called bandicam, but someone said I should try experimenting with...
  12. B

    I've a good CPU and i've frame loss while recording

    When I try to record the video game "Destiny 2" I have frames missed due to rendering lag. I don't stream, just record. The thing is that OBS only uses like 10% at max during the recording and my cpu it's at 30% at max so i don't understand why it doesn't use more of my cpu. I've tried running...
  13. Deadman

    OBS showing in task manager, but not showing up in taskbar

    So I've been having this issue for a while, last night I decided to uninstall the program and reinstall it, it worked and opened after the install, I recorded and everything went fine. Today when I tried opening OBS it shows up in task manager that its running but it doesn't show up at all, its...
  14. M

    Encoding overload and skipped frames with capable computer.

    Hello, hope everyone is having a good day and my apologies if there are any typos. Ever since I started using OBS, which is around 2 years ago, this issue has always bothered me and I want to fix it or figure it out once and for all, so any help would be greatly appreciated and I will provide...
  15. E

    enable preview cause sudden frame drop

    No matter i stream or not,use x264 or nvenc,just enable preview always cause sudden frame drop.the frame drop is just a sudden,at first i wasnt realize it,i thought it was mouse lag. It didnt happen before i bought my new main screen which is 2560x1440 240hz. My old set up was 1080p 144hz&900p...
  16. Denchy

    OBS Will Randomly Increase Bitrate To A Number My Internet Can't Handle

    When streaming (normally at 3250kbps) OBS will randomly increase the bitrate to 6-7k+ which my internet simply can not handle and causes insane internet lag in games and buffering for stream. The only way I can seem to fix this when it happens is to close my OBS and start stream again. Below is...
  17. W

    FPS Drops in Recording

    Hello i have a 2pc setup for recording with OBS there is a relatively good Gamer PC and a less high-end gamer laptop with the next specs: Now What I am doing is sending video signal trough NDI into the Laptop and using it for recording(I cant affor capture card rn). So i can game on the main...
  18. C

    Minecraft recording Turning your player in game lag

    So my laptop specs are a i5 intel core with and intel uhd r graphics When I record minecraft footage When viewing the footage after recorded everytime i move my head or turn left or right ingame it is super shaky and lagy
  19. 0BS :)

    Replay Buffer Doesn't Work?

    Hi I’m new here and also quite new to OBS (although I learned quite a lot for the past few days). So please tell me when I’m doing something wrong here. I’ve got a problem with the Replay Buffer: I have set that when I press the hotkey, it should safe the past 20 seconds. Max memorie use is...
  20. M

    OBS is crashing and the crashlogs are weird, can anyone help me?

    Hello, first of all, I am completely new to these forums, I made this account just to ask this question. So I'm experiencing weird crashes, and so far, I couldnt figure out the reason. The crashlog is attached. Information that might be usefull: My PC specs, from the windows settings...