video bitrate

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    Bad YouTube Streaming quality despite high Bitrate at 1080p....

    Hi, I've been trying to test out my Streams on YT and I can't find a solution to my problem. When nothing is moving the Picture is crisp and fine, but as soon as something is slightly moving it gets all blurry and pixalated, U can even see the after image in the picture slideshows... But it...
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    Video Settings

    Hi So I have been streaming for a while and recording from time to time and I have been using the like wizard thing that gives you presets that work in the simple recording settings but however I have been transitioning to video making and I have recently been wanting multi track recording so I...
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    Video Bitrate

    My Video Bitrate dropped randomly form 6000 to 2000-3000 and it stops me from streaming.I checked if it was because of my internet connection and it wasnt,can anyone help me?