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I'm a new OBS user and I've run into some trouble right from the get go! My goal is to use OBS to record game captures from old consoles like the PS2 and gamecube. I am using a Rubu capture card, which OBS recognizes as AV to USB 2.0. I am able to get the audio working just fine, but the screen is totally blank with no video showing up. I've tried running it with my PS2 and gamecube and have the same issue, so I don't think its a problem with the RCA cables.

Here's my log file:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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please try open the device in vlc Player





have you picture ?


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Deinstall it defender make the same job

have you check the windows privancy settings ?

did you connect the HDMi box to an USB conector ?

please download this probgramm and make a screenshot

try this driver

problem this sticks look all the same any have an Realtek Chip other an TLC or so

and tip from a retro Freak


+ HDMI Capture Card !

Best Picture Ever !
PS2/GC 2 HDMI converter are beter than this USB dongle !