video capture device

  1. K

    Help Please!

    Hey, guys. So I have been trying to add my iPad to my OBS Studio as a Video Capture Source; however, the device doesn’t even pop up as an option to choose from when adding a new video capture source. I attached the two devices via a USB-C cord (iPad to Macbook Pro). Is this even possible? I need...
  2. niels.mp3

    VHS camcorder displays 60fps, but OBS caps at 30FPS

    I recently got my VHS camcorder working with OBS using a converter (AV TO USB2.0), connected via USB to my laptop. Connected to the converter is a S-VIDEO cable, hooked up to the camcorder. When playing back recorded footage on my camcorder, the frames are smooth and looks like it's around...
  3. N

    Input Video Choppy

    I livestream video from an external camera. The video on the camera is clear, but when viewed in the Video Capture Device in OBS, the input seems choppy, as if it were dropping frames. The camera works fine with other computers, so I feel confident it is an issue with the settings I have in this...
  4. N

    Camera freezing

    I have an Olympus OMD EM-10 mark III that i connect to pc via a usb 3.0 video capture card. When i start my computer and open obs it looks like everything is working fine but as soon as i open the browser or discord video freezes and camera disappears from device list. I tried to open my apps...
  5. A

    Video Capture Device from a PS5 shaking only in one scene collection

    Hey there! I need your help, please, to figure out why my "Video Capture Device" on a "Playstation 5" is acting all funky. It's glitchy, and the audio sounds weird sometimes, but this only happens in a "scene collection" I usually use for my events (it's configured with a bunch of elements)...
  6. A

    OBS button "Add Existing"

    OBS - Video Capture Device and the button "Add Existing" does not work. How to fix it? Thank you!
  7. pschmehl

    Info: Settings only apply to SDR video

    I know this is probably simple for some of you, but I have no idea what this means. I'm trying to figure out how to apply filters (masks) to my webcam so that it will have a certain shape. I'm following this tutorial: I downloaded...
  8. C

    Video Capture Device - RECORDING - No Sound recorded

    Hello, I'm searching for days now, but still no sound. I'm desperate So I connect the HDMI cable to the capture card. I choose within OBS Video Capture Device. I run the configuration wizard (settings for recording only). The OBS windows system audio mixer is also set to loud. The Video...
  9. Elian05

    Video capture device crashes OBS

    Hello, I would like to share my problem. When I add a video capture device, obs does not respond and crashes. I tried to reinstall the program, but it didn't help. Please help me! Logs attached below. log file
  10. S

    Webcam stopped working, shows black screen

    I've used a virtual camera with a Logitech BRIO as my video capture device and have done so for years. Today it is now showing a black screen, but the weird thing is that my machine is able to use the webcam fine outside of OBS (when I turn off virtual camera). Not sure if the latest OBS update...
  11. I

    Camera not showing in OBS

    Hello guys, so i just moved out and finally got to put my setup nicely. I've been used to stream with a hdmi video capture and a Lumix G7 for my camera. But since yesterday (and it has never happened to me before) , i just have nothing showing up in the properties window when i try to add my...
  12. Bassquake

    Adding Video Capture Device or viewing its properties causes OBS to hang

    As soon as I add a Video Capture Device the popup comes up blank (see image below), OBS hangs and have to force quit. When I reopen OBS, the Video Capture Device is listed in Sources but if I click the properties of it, it'll show empty popup and hang. Logs show no errors...
  13. JoySparx

    Video Capture Device crashes OBS

    I've been having an issue lately where my capture card (Elgato HD60 S) fails to load when launching OBS. I thought this was an issue specifically with my capture card, so I tried a bunch of things like removing and re-adding the source, having Game Capture HD open upon launching OBS...
  14. W

    Video Capture Device issue

    Hi, I'm having issues with using my Sony a6000 as a video capture device. It was working just fine. For some reason I tried connecting my video capture device on streamlabs, while it was still on obs. As soon as I connected it to streamlabs, the video capture device on obs went black and I can't...
  15. F

    OBS 29.0.0 Video Capture Device audio is uncontrolled?

    I've learned that in the 29.0.0 update, the Video Capture Device source now captures audio. Before the update changed things, I used a separate Audio Input Capture to get the audio from my HDMI-to-USB video capture card (I'm streaming to Twitch from my docked Nintendo Switch). I would expect...
  16. TheGamer7313

    OBS Crash Edit Video Capture Device

    hey! I have not used obs now for 2versions and updated it yesterday and somehow now I can not add or edit my facecam without that obs crashes or freezes i have reinstalled obs 3x, installed 2 older versions and reinstalled my graphics driver 2x and now even downgraded but nothing helps Specs...
  17. V

    No audio from the video capture device

    I'm using Acasis HD31, OBS sees the video capture device in the video capture device but not in audio input device. In my other computer, (older version of OBS probably) I was able to get the audio doing the same thing below.
  18. ShinrxKawaii

    Obs crashes everytime i want to use video capture device

    Basically is the Title my Problem. I want to use my Web cam in Obs but everytime i want to paste a the video capture device szene in and want to edit it it crashes.
  19. D

    Video Capture Device not responding

    Hello, I wish I had logs to provide but unfortunately, OBS does not crash when this happens, I just have to force close it. When I try to click on the properties or create a new video capture device source on OBS 28.1.2, it just displays a black or white window and eventually says not...
  20. R

    OBS crashes when clicking "Properties" for any "Video Capture Device"

    OBS has been working fine but randomly last weekend, I noticed my Logitech webcam was not glowing blue when I started up OBS. I went to click "Properties" for the webcam and OBS crashed. To see if this was just my webcam, I clicked properties for my capture card and the same problem happens. Now...