video capture device

  1. L

    Problem with OBS & Sony camera! Help!

    Major Camera Latency/Buffering Issue Help! I’ve been trying to solve this issue the past few days. It’s been driving me nuts! So, I’m running a Sony A6000 as a video capture device and it has buffer/latency/lag. But not any normal lag like the one you change your audio a few ms forward or...
  2. M

    OBS can’t stream/record any audio from Quicktime Movie recording

    Hi guys, I used Quicktime (movie recording mode without recording) for mirroring my mobile game for streaming, I can hear it normally from quicktime app but OBS seem not detecting any audio (shown just a picture). The audio drop-down list has just these 3 items “default, external microphone...
  3. P

    Blurry Webcam Recording

    Hello, i'm kind of new to this. anyway my webcam works great in other applications but when i try to record in OBS it is blurry. The game capture however is not and i've tried a million different things. focus and other things are greyed out and i don't have access to it. any help would be...
  4. S

    OBS keeps crashing with windows 10

    OBS keeps crashing with windows 10/ Backscreen/not recognizing web cam -Graphic card check -Checked BIOs -rebooted check log files uploaded check
  5. abczsv

    2 Video Capture devices not showing at the same time

    Hi, so I've run into a fair amount of issues trying to set up my streaming on OBS - first controlling game audio, then not hearing the game, and now the most recent issue I'm having is that my webcam and game video are not showing up at the same time. I'm using a foscomax capture card to stream...
  6. S

    Black Screen Video Capture Device

    First time using OBS. Went to add my webcam as a source, and it can tell that the webcam is there, but just shows a black screen. I've tested the webcam on other programs, and it works just fine there. I tried re-opening OBS, re-plugging in the webcam, and deleting and re-adding the source. In...
  7. D

    No Video showing for AV TO USB2.0 Video Capture Device

    I'm currently trying to get my mothers old VHS tapes from a CCD-TRV58 camcorder to show on OBS so I can be able to record the tapes for her but for some reason, the video won't show but the audio does pick up. The video capture device has been selected but I just can't figure how to get the...
  8. SMERKIN_5000

    How to program a Video Capture Device

    Goal: I have multiple POE IP security cameras I want to add as Video Capture Devices in OBS. I have a Python script which allows me to open a camera in an opencv window however this isn't exactly ideal. Question: I am after resources / examples of how to connect these devices as individual...
  9. R

    Frozen OBS Video Capture when streaming

    Hi Guys, I hope you're all well, I never usually turn to these forums for help but believe me... i'm desperate at this point. When steaming on OBS things will be going smoothly with no problems until all of a sudden the video capture will just freeze, when this happens my stream keeps on going...
  10. M

    Video Capture Freezes

    This has being happening for awhile now. We have OBS setup to start broadcasting a secondary screen (Mainly with a countdown). When the countdown stops we normally click on a Video Capture Device Source we call Camera. Camera is been on and ready all this time and actually we have tested it...
  11. S

    Can use multiple USB capture device? depends on device?

    I got same 2 USB capture device, and connected it my Desktop PC (OBS installed). 1st "Video Capture Device", I can select both video. But I cannot select either on 2nd "Video Capture Device", like shown in GIF file. Does it depend on device's specification? Or OBS cannot use multi-capture...
  12. B

    OBS Freezz when i add a video capture device

    Hi, when i try to add a video capture device my obs just froze. everything else work perfeclty. I try to unistall/ update, clean, my obs but nothing work. I start working on this problem 5 hours ago and i can't find anything. Thx for the help and sorry for my bad english :(
  13. D

    Webcam keeps lagging and getting delayed

    Hey! I have some troubles with my webcam, so I'm gonna try and explain it as good as I can. :) Okay so I'm using a Logitech StreamCam as webcam for my streams. Whenever I play heavier/bigger games the webcam starts getting delayed inside OBS. Sometimes it even starts disconnecting, like, you...
  14. J-Cray-Z

    Double Audio With Console

    Hiya, got me a problem. Had this one for quite some time but tend to forget about it. Basically, when I'm streaming or recording console I get two layers of the same audio with one slightly delayed. I'm using an internal AverMedia Live Gamer HD 2 card for all my consoles. What's happening is...
  15. J4NS0N

    Bad audio when enable video capture devices

    Hi everyone! I have a problem about bad audio when I enable video capture devices. My audio interface is Audent id14, and I use Blackmagicdesign Intensity Pro 4K for Tablet and Elgato Cam Link 4K for GoPro. When DISABLED all video capture devices. all the system audio are nomal, and mic...
  16. A

    Video Capture Device Black Screen + No Sound

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times. I've deleted every setting and scene. I have run the program as an administrator. Nothing has worked thus far, and on top of a completely black screen, I also have absolutely no sound. I am using an off-brand Amazon capture card and have not had...
  17. T

    VIDEO CAPTURE : Only one input from capture card showing, please help!

    Hi guys, I have an EZCAP 2612 capture card which has 2 HDMI inputs and I wish to use both. However in OBS, when adding this as the video capture device, it only shows one of the capture cards two inputs. Is there a way to switch between the card inputs within OBS? Tom
  18. R

    Video capture crash after some time

    Hi! I have a very weird issue, tried everything for days but nothing seems to work. I stream on twitch with PS4 -> elgato HD60S -> PC (OBS), everything seems to work fine but after some time the video capture window goes black. It can happen anywhere between 10 and 50 minutes on the stream. When...
  19. M

    Startech USB 3.0 Capture Device

    I am in the initial setup and when I try to add my video capture device ( Startech USB 3.0 HD Video Capture Device using a Canon HF R800) through OBS does not even recognize it as being plugged into my computer. Any ideas???
  20. Kizzume

    Switching between multiple configurations of the same video capture source?

    I didn't think it was possible, but I recently saw a Twitch stream with someone smoothly switching between different scenes that are using the same video capture source (assuming it's their webcam). In one scene, their webcam image fills up most of the screen area, and in another scene, it's...