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  1. P

    Question / Help OBS not detecting Video Capture Device (Elgato)

    I'm running an internal capture - Elgato 4k60 Pro - but I can't get OBS to detect it in the Sources menu. The PC sees it and if I use the Elgato software, it detects the card, but OBS doesn't see it at all. No black screen. No option in the source properties. I tried uninstalling the drivers...
  2. 7

    which video camera (hdmi) to pc (usb 3.0) converter do you recommend?

    Good morning, I bought a Sony pxw-z150 camcorder some time ago to shoot inline hockey games. To stream I purchased the DIGITNOW converter! HDMI USB 3.0 Video capture dongle and Device for HDMI Card Full HD 1080P Dongle Audio Video Converter HDMI to USB Adapter for Windows Linux X OS system to...
  3. W

    Question / Help When using Video Capture Device, the audio is not working.

    I'm trying to capture a VHS with OBS using Elgato Video Capture Device, but neither "Analog Audio in" or "Line" are working/playing in OBS.
  4. D

    Question / Help Bug with SilverCrest USB Video Grabber

    Hi everyone, I have a poblem with my SilverCrest USB Video Grabber. I'm capturing my Gamecube's video output with the cables included with the device, via Composite output, but the image looks like this: while it should look like this: as if it couldn't render white. Does anyone know anything...
  5. D

    Question / Help Green/Purple Video

    Yesterday when I started OBS I noticed that my webcam and video media sources were all bugged and showing only green and purple (or cyan/magenta, pic related). I didn't change any settings, there were no new updates to drivers or OBS or W10. I tried restarting OBS, restarting my PC, checking...
  6. M

    Question / Help Video Capture Device not recognized from Camera display to laptop

    Hi there! I have been trying to get my Panasonic DC-TZ90/DC-ZS70 Camera to display its view onto the laptop into OBS, in order to live stream. It is connected via by an HDMI cable to a Raycue Video Capture card and the USB 3.0 attachment from the video capture card to the laptop, however, after...
  7. X

    Question / Help Gv Usb2 showing blue screen on OBS/No Signal maybe?

    I need help. The title is as it says, I think that there might not be any signal. I am using a PS3 as my console and using composite cables in the TV's AV ports. Any suggestions?
  8. S

    Question / Help Direct Show filter plugins?

    Are there any Direct show filter plugins compatible with obs that can do window capture or game capture, with video capture device option? Looking to make two captures of same game at same time of a non fullscreen game. I thought this would be a good way to do it. Oh and preferablly open source...
  9. G

    Question / Help How to use Motu HDX-SDI (PCI Express-card) with OBS Studio.

    I am trying to use a Motu HDX-SDI (PCI Express-card version) with OBS and I can get the Audio to come come through but the video capture does not even show up in the OBS. I can get video to come through in Adobe Premier Pro 5.5 but no audio, so I know I have the right drivers installed.
  10. S

    Question / Help Crackling Audio

    So, i got this weird crackling audio when i plug in my Razer Ripsaw into my pc, but the crackling only start when i activate my capture card. Also i've tried changing the usb port and install a powered usb hub and it seems the crackling won't go away. and as you can see in here the cpu is not...
  11. J

    Question / Help Using a Sony 4K camcorder instead of a webcam

    Does any one know how you would be able to use a Sony 4K camcorder fdr-ax53 as the Video capture device on obs? I would Like to record clips using the chroma key part of obs with a much better Camera then a normal web cam. Is this possible? Any ideas? Appreciate your input.
  12. B

    Question / Help Black Screen/Out of Range Error

    I am trying to stream from my game console to Twitch. Everything is hooked up properly, and OBS recognizes my capture card (Avermedia LGP Lite GL310). I have the drivers and the stream engine installed. The blue light on my capture card is solid. However, in OBS, I am getting a black screen even...
  13. B

    Question / Help Video Capture Device not Recognized

    I properly connected my new capture card (AVerCapture HD-GL310) to my Mac and have RECentral and the newest version of OBS installed. But, when I try to add a source (Video Capture Device), the built-in FaceTime camera is the only option. I installed the application and driver from Avermedia's...
  14. EricBoingo1

    Question / Help Duplicate Video source with individual filters

    Hi! I want to have the gameplay in a specific way in my stream. Basically it's the video source in a corner, and the source duplicated but blurred full-screen. With other stuff in between. But if i apply the filter to the one source, it automatically applies it for both (because it's just a...
  15. K

    Question / Help How do I make OBS on mac recognise an Elgato Game capture Device as a video capture device?

    I know there's no native support like there is on windows, is there a workaround that could get this done?
  16. mujui

    Question / Help OBS doesn't see the image from capture card

    guys, please help me. I cant fix it for two days already. OBS doesn't see the image from my capture card. I added all the sources to the antivirus white list and even disconnected it. I followed all the guides. but I still doesn't see the picture from my capture card. my webcam works well. I...
  17. I

    Question / Help AverMedia LGP Lite (GL310) not recognized on OBS

    Hello! I recently purchased an AverMedia LGP Lite (GL310) for the purpose of streaming. I have a mid-2012, 13" Macbook Pro, and I downloaded the appropriate application and drivers for the AverMedia game capture card. I also downloaded the most recent version of OBS. When I open OBS and try to...
  18. The Ninja Gamer

    Question / Help Elgato HD60 S Crash Screen On OBS Studio (Please Help)

    Log File: Ok, I've been trying to get an answer to this problem and fix it since October of 2016, and I would really appreciate an actual answer and help to this problem from someone, seriously. I already know how bad my PC is, I don't need anyone blaming it for...
  19. W

    Question / Help My OBS will not capture in a full screen mode

    when capturing I have a black bar in the screen. It is the exact same thing you would have if you moved the picture around too much and left a blank black space. Is there any way to fix this? And even with a newly made source-capture device I have this issue. Here is a video that gives an example
  20. S

    Question / Help No Blackmagic in OBS - connected via Thunderbolt 3

    Hello, I have BM Ultra Mini Studio Recorder and I tried to connect it to my laptop ( Asus Zenbook Pro UX550 ) via Thunderbolt 3 port ( USB - C with Thunderbolt technology. My PC shows that I have already connected my new Black Magic device but in Video Caputre Device in OBS it doesn't show at...