Question / Help How to solve conflicting between iPad Pro’s video capture and audio capture


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I found Obs can show iPad Pro device in video captured role with the latest version. But when I try to set up audio capture, the audio in is missing. Getting iPad Pro screen directly is amazing ! (Obs can recognize iPad Pro device )

Video capture device and audio capture device can’t works together. When adding role of video capture and getting iPad Pro device, you can’t add role of audio capture with iPad Pro (it will disappea from lists)

anyone meet the same problem and got solutions?


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this is the biggest problem Ive ever encountered. Why when you plug your iPad directly into the MacBook do you have to choose between video or audio? Why cant you have both? makes no sense especially when software like camtasia input both when making a recording from your iPad. So the limitation is in OBS not the hardware since you can do this in other programs. PLEASE give us a solution to capture video and audio from our devices!


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Bump - can anyone definitely say that video and audio are not possible at the same time with iPad Pro? And is this an OBS limitation or something with the way the iPad connects?