ipad pro

  1. ZDMD

    No OBS Audio when using headphones on my iPad

    This sounds very confusing when I explain it. I will try my best I stream using a MacBook Pro which takes my input through my iPad Pro. Without headphones, the audio from my iPad to OBS is completely fine, as soon as I connect my AirPods to my iPad, I can hear the audio but it no longer works...
  2. V

    iPad OS support

    Will there ever be a version of OBS for iPad? I’ve tried switcher and it just isn’t as feature packed as OBS is and you can’t use a DSLR for video input to your stream. I guess this might be a niche, but I already have an iPad and a camera, and don’t want to buy a computer just to do livestreams...
  3. B

    iPad Pro inconsistent signal

    I am trying to connect my iPad Pro (4th gen) to OBS via the Apple USB-C - HDMI adapter and the Elgato HD60 S. I can sometimes get it to connect for a few seconds at most, but it inevitably drops and gives me "no signal". I have tried FIVE different adapters now, and all of them have given me...
  4. Captain Anunnaki

    Question / Help Audio Issue. Please Help!

    Hey Guys. I'm a total noob, but I'm happy to be here. Just got a HyperX QuadCast microphone, and I am trying to stream my iPad Pro. However when I set it up in OBS, especially when I connect the iPad there is a subtle electric disturbing sound going on... It even shows on the equaliser...
  5. A

    Question / Help How to solve conflicting between iPad Pro’s video capture and audio capture

    I found Obs can show iPad Pro device in video captured role with the latest version. But when I try to set up audio capture, the audio in is missing. Getting iPad Pro screen directly is amazing ! (Obs can recognize iPad Pro device ) situation: Video capture device and audio capture device...