1. Darude

    26.1.2, 10.15.7 OBS crash

    Seems random, hadn't done anything in the last half an hour at least with OBS, earlier successfully recorded a one minute video with OBS, but it was now in the background as I was using Safari, FCP & something else. I don't know what info I should add, the crash log has all the connected...
  2. H

    Choppy audio via USB mic

    Hi all, I've been using OBS for several years and have recently encountered an issue that renders it useless for me. I have no idea which version of OBS this started with since I had taken a break from streaming and just recently updated OBS to the latest version v25.0.8 so I'm not sure what...
  3. T

    Catalina 10.15.2 - OBS crashes when moving to second monitor

    So I work for a College TV studio, where we use OBS for streaming, recording, conference calls, etc. Our main computer is running MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 and has a dual monitor setup. It always opens on the left monitor, but whenever I try to move it to the right monitor it crashes immediately...
  4. V

    Scarlett 2i2 Audio drop

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and OBS. I recently purchased a Scarlett 2i2 for recording interviews on my Macbook Pro 15 inch (2018) model. Everytime in the middle of a record the audio incoming from my scarlett just stops. Although the Scarlett is still connected and a=passing audio...
  5. S

    MacBook Air 10.15.4 OBS 25.0.8 64bit Ezcap261 HDMI USB3.0

    Ok, so I autoconfiguired after 3 days and mutiple downloads of OBS, rebooting and can not get a decent recording. I have attached the Log File and Video after an autoconfig. When you play the video, it seems great, but the Audio is pretty bad that sounds like children and roller coaster ride on...
  6. N

    Question / Help Display Capture > Crop To Window not working

    Hello, I'm using Mac Catalina and I would like to record Adobe Reader pdf file with OBS. However, when I choose properties>crop to window it has no effect on the recording. It still captures whatever it is on the display. I tried window capture but it is also not working. I also don't want to...
  7. M

    Question / Help Window capture FaceTime

    I have Catalina on Mac, and am trying to get my FaceTime to connect with OBS. When I go to window capture it’s not there. If I click show windows with empty names favetime (null) shows up. If I click it, it still doesn’t go into OBS. Someone please help!!!
  8. jamesjam101

    Question / Help OBS 25.0.8 opens then disappears and but webcam is still on

    I am running 13inch MacBook-Pro with Catalina 10.15.4 when I try to open OBS 25.0.8 it opens then disappears and but the webcam is still on. I have tried a fresh reinstall and using an older version as it had previously worked for me.
  9. sudden_movements

    Question / Help Screen black on Twitch but not OBS, common causes not the issue

    Hello, I'm having trouble getting streaming with OBS to work. Everything is black in my Twitch stream using the Twitch app and Safari on both my phone and my wife's phone, but we can see other people's streams just fine. I figured out the Audio MIDI setup to define a new Multi-Output Device...
  10. G

    Question / Help Frequent OBS Crashes - macOS Catalina 10.15.4

    I'm running into an issue where OBS is regularly crashing and I'm not even doing anything with it. For example, I opened it up in a brand new account on my computer and was going to get set-up in the settings. I opened the settings, it sat there for a few minutes while I worked in a...
  11. V

    Question / Help OBS/GarageBand No Sound for live stream

    Hi guys, I’d like to stream in those days some vinyl selections on FB. My set up is: - turntables Technics 1210 - Vestax mixer - external sound card Native Instruments Audio4DJ - Macbook Pro - macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76) - GarageBand - OBS 24.0.6 I’m sending the signal from turntables >...
  12. R

    Question / Help OBS Quit Unexpectedly - Catalina 10.15.4

    Good Day, I spent several hours last night trying to get the NDI source to show up in OBS 24.0.6 (Mac). I have tried each and every download, mentioned on each and every forum. I have replaced the file at USR/local/lib. I have changed my login shell from bash to zhs. Every forum that seems...
  13. M

    Bug Report Repeated Catalina Crashes

    Hi, new OBS user here. On my first stream, OBS repeatedly crashed. The time between crashes ranged from 1-15 minutes or so. I'm using the latest OBS 24.0.6 and I'm on MacOS Catalina 10.15.3. OBS didn't have any crash logs, but the Mac did. I'm attaching both. Any insight would be appreciated!
  14. A

    Question / Help How to solve conflicting between iPad Pro’s video capture and audio capture

    I found Obs can show iPad Pro device in video captured role with the latest version. But when I try to set up audio capture, the audio in is missing. Getting iPad Pro screen directly is amazing ! (Obs can recognize iPad Pro device ) situation: Video capture device and audio capture device...
  15. Tangential

    Question / Help Can't install NDI Plugin pkg in Catalina

    When I try and install the NDI plugin package in Catalina I get the following error: Is there a work around for this? I was able to download the NewTek NDI package and install it and I renamed the obs-ndi-4.7.1-macos.pkg to obs-ndi-4.7.1-macos.xar and unpacked it. In it I found and...
  16. M

    Bug Report Ableton live causes OBS to crash.

    So I’m a music producer and new Twitch streamer ( for those interested). And I stream on MacOS Catalina (10.15.1) and OBS (24.0.6). Also running Ableton Live version (10.1.6). However, whenever I open Ableton Live, regardless of if I’m streaming or recording, or...
  17. R

    Bug Report OBS crashes when submitting secure form in any browser (MacOS Catalina)

    OBS 24.0.3-21-g4cb53279 Breaks when any secure form is triggered It happenes both on Firefox and Chrome, in any site (including when logging in to this forum). The crash information can be found at: The full video with the test is available here: MacOs 10.15.1...
  18. bruturb

    Bug Report Crash while choosing video capture device

    After Catalina update OSB crashes every single time I try to choose a video capture device. I can add it as a source, but as soon as I click on some device name in the dropdown list OSB crashes immediately. Crash log file:
  19. K

    Question / Help NDI Source issue (Elgato)

    Hi I've just updated the OBS studio software to the newest version available for the mac which to my understanding is a beta? Everything works fine apart from the fact that NDI Source isn't available in the drop down menu when I go to add a source. I will attach a screenshot below
  20. OTISIN

    Question / Help IshowU audio capture/OBS/fortnite/iMAC/ @dodgepong This new OBS installer is fine but there's still some issues with the desktop audio, It stays disabled, I tried downloading the IshowU capture app and it worked perfectly, it red my desktop audio, my mic was...