Choppy audio via USB mic


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Hi all,

I've been using OBS for several years and have recently encountered an issue that renders it useless for me. I have no idea which version of OBS this started with since I had taken a break from streaming and just recently updated OBS to the latest version v25.0.8 so I'm not sure what version I was using in the past. My hardware equipment is the same and was working before August.

5k iMac Late 2014
4GHz Quad-Core i7
32GB DDR3 1600MHz
AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4GB
Zoom H1 v2.10

macOS Catalina v10.15.6

I've attached a recording of a clean install of OBS v25.0.8 with a single scene with just the mic input. I've also attached the log file.

I've tested the mic with audacity and it is able to record perfectly fine without the choppiness. As far as I can tell, the choppiness only happens when using OBS. I have plugged in an old iPhone headset with the ttrs connector and used the mic on that with no issues. It appears to be a problem with OBS and the USB connection.

Can anyone confirm this issue or offer any tips on how to resolve it?

Thank you in advance!



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