1. F

    Issue while window capture

    Hi everyone. I'm new using OBS Studio and I'm having a trouble with it in my Windows 10 laptop. I hadn't any problem when I ran OBS Studio with a portable Ubuntu image in the same laptop nor when I ran it on my other laptop, a convetible HP with lower specs. My problem is the following: I open...
  2. T

    An Enoder error is occuring when I'm streaming that I can't nail down.

    I'm streaming with OBS and occassionally a couple hours into stream my stream will freeze up without crashing but will close out the stream. A prompt box pops up that says the following. How can I fix this error. There is no crash log as OBS did not crash and I'm scratching my head as I've used...
  3. T

    Problem with video capture devices

    bonjour, lorsque j’essaie de modifier les périphériques de capture vidéo OBS ne répond plus et se bloque, je suis obligé de le fermer mais le périphérique ne se lance pas du tout, j’ai déjà désinstaller OBS plusieurs fois mais le problème persiste. ll y a aucun rapport d’incident de fait.
  4. S

    push to talk in game dont work sometimes

    Hi, I have a problem that when I am in the game and I have the button speaking set, it works sometimes, most often it did not work when I performed some actions such as: in Dead by Daylight when running, making a generator. I have no idea why this is happening before, everything worked as it...
  5. animeotaku

    HDR Issues

    Hi, I'm trying to stream HDR 10 Bit from my laptop. However when I try to use Nvidia NVENC H.264 it doesn't work, and Nvidia NVENC HEVC doesn't show up, but does on the recording encoder. Is it a detection issue, or is it a bug? Recording in 10 bit is fine, but I stream, and record my...
  6. I

    OBS dropping frames every 10-20 seconds on an EXTREMELY high-end PC

    Greetings, As mentioned in the title I built a very strong PC to be able to handle 2k recordings while also gaming (on max settings) My current specs are: - Ryzen 9 5950x - 64 Gigs of 3000 mhz RAM - RTX 3090 - Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB (1 to run windows, 1 to run the games) - 4TB HDD for...
  7. L

    OBS CRASH almost every day at Starting and On Live

    I've been having this problem for months. When I start OBS it crashes almost every day a couple of times. Once it starts without crashing I start the stream and sometimes everything freezes for about 5 seconds and when it comes back, all the browser sources are not visible. Any help here?
  8. S

    Problem: in obs cam become red

    Hello. I have a problem. I am using sony a5100 + elegato 4k, windows 11. Since yesterday, half an hour after updating OBS to version 28, the image from the camera became red. I.e. all objects, including me, as if in red negative. On the camera viewfinder the image is normal. Even after...
  9. T

    Probleme with RAM usage when opening OBS

    Hi, I have this weird problem with OBS. I got 64go of RAM in my computer. My RAM goes way up when opening OBS, reaching 95%-100% for long minutes (maybe 5 to 10min). OBS is using every bit of RAM left (40go) for that time. Then, it goes way down to an acceptable amount (30% with OBS using...
  10. L

    Cannot get to filters, window too big?

    I'm very new to using obs so this might be easy to fix, but when opening up the filters on a source, the window itself is so big I can't reach the + to apply any. It won't let me resize it either, from what I can tell. I need to chroma key but I can't reach it in the first place, is there a way...
  11. B

    cursor only shows in obs

    I dont understand how nobody else has this problem. Whenever I play a game in fullscreen without obs open, I can see my cursor. But whenever I play a game in fullscreen with obs open with a display capture, the cursor only appears on obs and not the fullscreen application. I cannot find the fix...
  12. K

    "Dock > Chat" window constantly reconnects in OBS while using a VPN

    Does anyone know why this keeps happening? It's only an issue while I'm connected to my VPN (which I need to keep me safe while streaming). I always connect to servers in my own country, but it doesn't matter. This window constantly reconnects every 30s or so and I'm not sure how to fix it...
  13. V

    Question/Problem NDI COLORS

    When I am going to transmit the screen of my other laptop (laptop 1) I see that the receiver (laptop 2) shows the colors run I would like to know what to do in a little detail, since I have looked for solutions and I still cannot find, help
  14. T

    Installation aborted

    When I try to download OBS it says Installation aborted and I can't even fix it. What do I do???
  15. I

    I need help with a problem: some fast frames that split when recording

    This is an example, when i turn the camera, in some frames this happen, idk why only when im recording with the ps5, not sure if its all about the capture device or the configuration i have. In the second example is more clear, look at the log its like its split in this frame. This is the...
  16. H

    Video Bitrate

    My Video Bitrate dropped randomly form 6000 to 2000-3000 and it stops me from streaming.I checked if it was because of my internet connection and it wasnt,can anyone help me?
  17. S

    League of Legend FPS Problem

    Hi, I noticed when I am playing league my fps drops a lot in full screen. I usually have around 200~300 fps when I am not using OBS and when I do it drops to like 70~100 and I found it if I go window mode and back into full screen, my fps goes back up to like 150~180. Anyway to fix this problem?
  18. R

    can't open any recorded video

    So I'm trying to record for the first time in OBS on Linux. But every time I'm trying to open recorded file it says: " Your input can't be opened" Trying to open it with VLC, and tried with every type of video format.
  19. E

    Dropping FPS after start record

    Good day sorry for my English because I'm Czech The problem is that even if I'm set to record at 60fps So if I turn on Minecraft for example I'll drop the recording and FPS only at 60 thank you for solving
  20. P

    Remux MKV to MP4 with keeping timestamps?

    Hi, I wonder if it's possible to remux .mkv videos to .mp4 without changing the timestamps of the file? I have one year old mkv videos and tried to remux them to mp4, but after doing it in OBS the modified and created times for newly remuxed mp4 videos are now set to today. Can I somehow avoid...