1. AllenChillax

    Help! Obs cannot stream and record at the same time [MacOS 13.6.5]

    I'm using M1 Pro Macbook Pro, MacOS 13.6.5 Ventura and OBS 30.0.2. When I only record my screen or only stream to the Internet, there's no problem. But when I do them at the same time, the streaming and recording result become pretty laggy and it's totally unwatchable, like it's 1 fps...
  2. B

    Suddenly MASSIVE Stream Issues on OBS

    I've streamed for years and over the last 7/8 months I've used the same OBS settings and it's worked a treat Suddenly I was getting really bad dropped frames outof no where, I tested my internet and it was completely fine as usual, I looked at the settings and dropped the bitrate from the usual...
  3. M

    OBS freezing my pc . i have to hold down the power button

    Hey guys iv been using obs for years now . but now when i have obs open after a little while it will crash my pc to where it just freezes i cant do nothing other then hold the pcs power button in order for the pc to restart Any help would be highly appreciated iv looked at a crash log but its...
  4. N

    OBS causes my AMD drivers to crash

    Hello, I have an rx 590 8Gb and every time I open obs it freezes my pc, to solve this I have to restart or do the shortcut win + crt + shift + b to restart the drivers. Then I get the AMD timeout. After that I can use obs but this happens every time I open obs for the first time after turning...
  5. I

    Yellow border

    I have a problem When i open obs to record the display A random yellow border appears I dont know how to fix it Is there any solution I know it is a window problem but how can i turn it off or something ? Is there any modified version of obs ? Or editing windows files to fix it ?
  6. A

    Microphone noise when I set a synchronisation balance in the audio settings

    Hello, I sync my audio to my camera, but now I have the big problem that I have bad noise in my audio when I set a synchronisation balance in the audio settings. I type in 150 ms. When I set it to 0 there is no noise there. What can I do to fix that problem? How should I sync now my camera with...
  7. Sento

    Yellow outline bug

    I got a issue with yellow out line. One time after stream I didn't close obs but i just shutdown my PC. For now anytime start my pc they show up yellow outline (cannot she at screenshot) even when obs not open. I tried uninstall but not work, only way can make it disappear it change screen by...
  8. A

    Problem: Sound in internal recordings can only be heard correctly via some speakers or headphones

    I have the following problem: In some recordings from OBS, the sound is not output correctly or not at all via cell phone or laptop speakers. However, when I use an external speaker or headphones on my cell phone, laptop or PC, the sound is output correctly. This has happened to me for the...
  9. G

    Report bug that crashes/loss of live frames due to the webcam

    Olá, não sei se é aqui que posso relatar bugs a serem resolvidos. Mas vim mostrar um bug que vem me incomodando desde a versão 28 do OBS. O bug em questão tem a ver com a webcam e a borda que uso (borda animada em .webm). Quando eu uso minha webcam com este bardo animado (eu uso streamelements...
  10. W

    Game Lagging in recording

    Hello, I have found this weird thing after recording, when I finished, and got to edit the footage, the game footage, was lagging, even tho, the OBS didnt show it lagging, and the game wasnt lagging for me either. I'll list my PC parts below, Could the reason be, that the games FPS wasnt...
  11. A

    Updated OBS and my settings were reset

    I updated OBS as normal so i can record properly and it reset all of my settings, like output destination, file type, hotkeys, and output quality. please fix so i dont have to redo my settings on the next update. thanks
  12. M

    Strange OBS Error, Disconnect and stops working

    Hi, for quite a time now i have this strange problem while streaming. First of all, everything is up to date and no settings or whatsoever were changed, tried reinstalls and everything multiple times. The problem is this: At some point ( few minutes, some hours, doesnt matter) my obs bitrate...
  13. M

    Problem z nagrywaniem i streamowaniem

    Witam. Od dłuższego czasu borykam się ze zła jakością streamu w ciemnych miejscach nawet na pulpicie. Po zostawieniu na chwilę wszystkiego w miejscu obraz się wyostrza. Na mniejszym ekranie nie jest to bardzo zauważalne (telefon) lecz po włączeniu na monitorze jest to bardzo widoczne...
  14. T

    Monitors going black temporarily and preview is frozen forever when running OBS

    This is going to be a long post but going to do my best to describe what's been happening. It's been happening for weeks and it's driving me nuts. I've done hours of research and tried to fix this including completely wiping/reinstalling windows and OBS. To preface, as odd as it sounds, this...
  15. A

    My OBS , Freezes , keep green bar but dont send KBs,Shutdown Stream Automatically

    Hi, im desesperated with this problem, few months ago changed my pc to a much better hardware, install windows 11, and install OBS , load my profile, scenes and put all in order right, but and enemy appears ! Randomly days, when i streaming, OBS Freezes, the green upload bar keeps green...
  16. Eykoz

    Mes enregistrements ont des gros soucis de freeze

    J'ai installé OBS depuis maintenant quelque temps et il marchait très bien mais j'ai voulu le relancé il ya maintenant 3 semaines et depuis quand j'essaye d'enregistrer, le rendu final a d'énorme freeze (ce qui rend donc ma vidéo très désagréable à regarder car elle n'est pas fluide du tout )...
  17. R


    Hi guys, I'm having a problem streaming GTA V (it's the only game it happens with). The stream at first looks fine, it can be like this 30-40 minutes ( sometimes more) but out of nowhere the obs freezes, I keep playing normal gta v, no fps drops or anything but the obs freezes therefore the...
  18. V

    Problem with program size on small monitor

    So I have a friend who is having some problems with his OBS as it looks like the modules can´t get any smaller Screenshot of his OBS setup: Now he has a small monitor with a recommend screen size of 1360p which I think is the reason he can´t make the modules smaller. He does say he never had...
  19. F

    Capturing Video - no sound from Camera

    Hi everyone, I wasnt able to find any solution so far, hopefully someone can help: I want to use OBS to record some old family Hi8 and Video8 tapes. I connected a sony camcorder via August USB Capture Card VGB 300 to my Macbook and the video is visable and runs smoothly. Beside the video source...
  20. F

    Issue while window capture

    Hi everyone. I'm new using OBS Studio and I'm having a trouble with it in my Windows 10 laptop. I hadn't any problem when I ran OBS Studio with a portable Ubuntu image in the same laptop nor when I ran it on my other laptop, a convetible HP with lower specs. My problem is the following: I open...