1. Chuck_br

    Fail to open codec NVENC

    sup guys, after running obs and try to start a record from my linux i got this error : "Falha ao abrir o codec NVENC: Unknown error occurred Por favor, verifique se os seus drivers de vídeo estão atualizados." and in the log i got this : ``` warning: [NVENC encoder: 'simple_h264_stream']...
  2. G

    My obs(Mac) version 27.0.1 detect usb3.0 capture device as usb camera.

    I found the problem as I mentioned in the tiltle. My macbook air(2014) detect my capture card as usb camera so I cant stream game anymore. Before, I used iphone 11 pro max streaming via obs to facebook live with iphone charger cable. There were no any problem except for the 30 frame rate that...
  3. D

    Mono microphone heared in all 6 channels (5.1) instead of just stereo channels

    Hello, I think the title explains everything. I record in 5.1 and i noticed that my mono microphone is present in every of the 6 channels when I edit the video, and I would like to have the microphone audio only in the right and left channels as should be according to the first screenshot. The...
  4. T

    viewers cant hear audio after obs reconnects

    I've been recently having issues with audio while live streaming through obs studio and I wanted to know if there's a solution. Basically my viewer can't hear any audio everytime my obs reconnects during the live stream. This problem occurs when obs disconnects and reconnects in the middle of...
  5. M

    Game lagging on OBS

    Hello, I have a problem with OBS, I'm capturing the game "Apex legend" and at the same time I'm capturing "VMagicMirror" to get a VTuber inside. When my game is in fullscreen, on the lobby I see the game and the VTuber lagging, but when I do an alt-tab, so whern my game is not open on the...
  6. M

    Can't stream, what's causing it?

    I started using OBS around december last year and never had a problem with it, but recently it became almost impossible for me to stream on youtube. It doesn't matter what framerate or bitrate i use, i always drop frames until the stream dies. I've tried uninstalling OBS and downloading a newer...
  7. S

    Minecraft Forge Wont Work With OBS

    i recently got a new pc and wanted to start recording mc pvp videos but the OBS game capture wont record minecraft and just shows up as a black screen, i didnt have this issue on my old pc. pls help me sorry im kinda rushed rn. my mods folder is as follows: blockoverlay sidebarrevamp always...
  8. Rinma

    USB Devices (Mouse, Webcam, etc) start to stutter when I run OBS

    Hello everyone, I have the following problem: As soon as I start OBS, my USB devices, espacilly my mouse, start to stutter. I can observe this at best at my mouse. Every few seconds the mouse stops working for like a second. My Webcam starts to flicker in OBS at around the same time as the...
  9. I

    OBS Crashing every time I change anything

    I keep getting a crash every time I try to reposition any element in the stream, ( check the files attached ).
  10. Copain

    OBS 27.0 freeze when I try to move a source in "Sources" panel

    I just installed OBS 27.0 and unfortunately it is unusable due to a very annoying bug : a huge amount of time to move sources in the "Sources" panel. I use a lot of different effects on my cam and therefore my cam scene is nested in another scene with other occurrences from my cam to which...
  11. M

    Twitch VOD Track not appearing on Advanced Output mode on settings

    The title itself is the main problem. I searched everywhere but it seems that I am the only one that is experiencing this problem, hence, I cannot find any solution which is why I am here. I already installed Twitch Soundtrack app of course. But the very first weird thing that happened after I...
  12. V

    Help! OBS register only audio, no video

    Hi! I have a problem. I wanted to stream a classic TR games, but OBS register only audio. No matter if I choose display recording or game capture, still I can only stream and record audio. Any help? Please... LOG:
  13. K

    Weird problem while streaming CS:GO

    HELLO EVERYONE, First of all, my RIG is: Ryzen 5 5600X, 16 gigs of RAM 3200MHz XMP on, RTX 2060, MSI EDGE WIFI X570 MPG. I get from 600 to 800 fps in CS:GO, that's all great, but when i use OBS to stream via Display Capture (because i want to be in trusted mode when i stream MM), my stream...
  14. LeonBoU

    Problem with installing OBS

    I wanted to reinstall OBS. i uninstalled OBS and installed the OBS installer. But when I want to execute the installer i get this error message: "OBS Studio is already running. Please close it first before installing a new version." - I restarted my PC a few times - In the Task-Manager is only...
  15. R

    My microphone doesn't work along with audio

    So, here is the problem. I've tried I think everything and can't get it work. So I have the Rode NT1 and Rode AI 1 interface with Audiotechnica headphones as my mic and audio devices. I'm trying to put it to work simultaneously and problem is like this: I have my mic plugged in to the interface...
  16. A

    accidentally lost audio from capture

    I used OBS as I normally would, but when I checked the recording, my desktop audio was nowhere to be heard and the only audio that was captured was from my microphone. Is there anyway that I could possibly get my desktop audio back? :((
  17. T

    I need help

    Ok so i’m currently console streaming and i have a capture card and a pc to do it all. So i put my settings at placebo usage at 1080p60 with 6000 bitrate and it was working fine everytime i used it. then one day, i decided to try and stream but it said there was an encoding overload and i was...
  18. T

    Transitions problem

    I want to add a new transition but in "Scene Transitions" there is no + button :( log:
  19. F

    GERMAN! OBS Chroma Key Costum Einstellung funktioniert nicht.

    Moin, habe folgendes Problem! Mein Greenscreen Bild sieht leider nicht so sauber aus und ich würde für die Feineinstellung per Costum mein Grün beim Greenscreen auswählen. Ich möchte bei dem Filter Chroma Key mein Grün meines Greenscreen per Costum auswählen. Ich mache den Chroma Key per Auge...
  20. B

    no transition obs

    hello, i have problem with obs, last days i changed from laptop to a pc and i dont have button to upload own transation, can someone help?