1. K

    OBS strean (Youtube), blurry image, poor quality

    I wanted to run a stream from Gothica II (well, it's not too demanding for the PC), I downloaded OBS, set everything etc., but when I look at the preview on YouTube it is a terrible pixelosis, how I stand in the place is ok, but how I will start to move, everything is blurred and you can't look...
  2. C

    Game doesn't lag -at all- but my recording has these random stutters. I am not sure how to resolve this.

    So I am primarily an FFXIV player that does recording of gameplay for YouTube videos. I've been encountering severe levels of stuttering/lag/choppiness in some of my recordings recently, to levels where I am embarrassed to release a video. I've been trying so many Example of stuttering (not as...
  3. V

    OBS doesn´t show my WebCam

    i have a c525 webcam from logitech and today obs doesnt want to show my cam and is inside other apps like discord and it works, please help
  4. G

    OBS recognizes all sources except display capture to record windows.

    Recently my OBS stopped recognizing Windows 10, but two days ago everything was normal. I can record the screen of other programs like: Chrome, Steam, Games. However, if I want to record the desktop or anything related to Windows, doesn't work. In general, display capture stopped working, but...
  5. sxiii

    Bug Report Text area does not correctly display UTF-8 symbols from file

    ## Platform Operating system and version: Manjaro 19 OBS Studio version: 25.0.8-1 ## Expected Behavior Show "☮" and other UTF-8 and 16 symbols. ## Current Behavior Does not show the UTF-8 symbols correctly even with font that has the symbols. ## Steps to Reproduce 1. Type-in the UTF-8 symbol...
  6. C

    Question / Help Recording Problem ruining recordings

    Like the title says I've been having a problem with OBS studio that ruins my recordings and prevents me from uploading them as I cannot edit them, which because I'm using multi-track audio is a necessity. What basically happens is that after I record the video I open it to make sure that it...
  7. N

    Question / Help problem with sound

    sorry for disturbing and hiiiii have got a sound problem with obs studio, so basicly the problem it's when I turn on obs studio, all the sounds turn off, I see that obs detects them because I see the sound bar moving but I have no audio return, for example, a video is about to start, I hear...
  8. LPTZ

    Question / Help Browser source dissapears after restarting computer.

    |WARNING! Low level of English languange| Hi everyone, my name is Mark and I'm 12.A month ago I face a problem - after restarting my computer browser source in obs dissapears, but after reinstalling obs browser source appears and after restarting dissapears again. I need any help, thanks. P.S...
  9. M

    Bug Report Preview window problem!

    The preview window does not work. Because of this, I cannot set up donations. But it works with a small preview window and even displays my webcam. What is the problem?
  10. M

    Question / Help srt live stream wont start

    I have been unable to start an srt live stream on obs. It worked earlier today and i changed nothing but it suddenly stopped working. I would appreciate some help resolving this problem :). Logs below
  11. J

    Question / Help OBS startet nicht mehr.

    Hallo zusammen, seit kurzer Zeit habe ich das Problem, dass OBS nicht mehr startet. Hierbei wird aber kein Crash o.Ä. angezeigt. Das Programm wird kurz im Taskmanager als Hintergrundprozess angezeigt, aber nach höchsten 2 Sekunden schließt sich der Prozess wieder. Neuinstallation habe ich schon...
  12. C

    Question / Help "capture window" function problem

    I have an NVIDIA card and as soon as I installed the software it gave me the usual black screen problem, but I managed to solve it, and now OBS works perfectly except for one thing. I noticed that with the "capture window" function it is possible to register the window (such as a Chrome page)...
  13. V

    Question / Help OBS delays the sound of certain source

    Hi there! I'm having troubles with my OBS v25.0.1 and my windows 10 64bits, let me explain: I'm streaming since 16 months ago and never had problems. Never restarted the OBS, everything was going well.... Three days ago something started to happen: Since 3 days ago, after 3-4h of being...
  14. M

    Question / Help Problem with OBS and Serato DJ (DDJ-SZ)

    Hi, I have a problem with OBS. I want to do a DJ SET on Facebook Live but I can't record the sound coming from my DDJ-SZ. In the parameters, I find DDJ-SZ but no sound coming out. However, in parameters Macbook, I have a signal from the sound of my DDJ SZ. I am attaching a photo to show you
  15. L

    Question / Help I have problem i need HELP!

    People have a problem with the OBS studio until the other day I was recording clips and I was fine, but maybe 2 3 days I wanted to record a video but for some reason it lays the recording all right while recording when I insert to render the video is big lag awful or not something neither a bad...
  16. H

    Question / Help Black screen - cant switch GPU

    Hello. I got the black screen issue when I try to stream Twitch+OBS on my desktop computer. I can see from many guides that the main solution to fix this problem is to switch the GPUs for OBS . My problem is that i don't get the option to switch the GPUs in control panel. Here is my...
  17. W

    Question / Help 240fps Videos are lagging

    Hello, i have a strange problem. I want to record my footage to 1080p 240fps. I use NVIDIA NVENC H.264(new) Encoder with 35000 bitrate, Profile: high, best quality and as soon as i start moving my mouse ingame, recording framerate drops to 0. CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x GPU: RTX 2070 SUPER RAM: 32GB DDR4...
  18. R

    Question / Help Gamepad suddenly disconnecting while streaming.

    Hi guys! I'm trying to stream FIFA20 and I'm using gamepad Genesis PV58 that is connected via Bluetooth. The problem is that it works perfectly fine every day, but when I'm streaming it constantly disconnects, flashing like OBS is interfering the signal, because gamepad works with lags or just...
  19. T

    Question / Help Black screen on display capture

    Each time I do display capture, it only works on my scondary display but not my main laptop display! and also game capture doesn't work despite reinstalling obs right now. Anyway I could fix this? I had only one source running at the time which means that there isn't source conflicting issues...
  20. X

    Question / Help Audio Monitoring issue

    Hi, I've attached logs from 2 streams I just did (two because my pc crashed) so I've attached logs from both. I can't get my audio monitoring to work. Eg. I have an mp3 song playing at one point via obs and I have it set to "monitor and output" so both viewers and I can hear what's playing on...