1. R

    My microphone doesn't work along with audio

    So, here is the problem. I've tried I think everything and can't get it work. So I have the Rode NT1 and Rode AI 1 interface with Audiotechnica headphones as my mic and audio devices. I'm trying to put it to work simultaneously and problem is like this: I have my mic plugged in to the interface...
  2. A

    accidentally lost audio from capture

    I used OBS as I normally would, but when I checked the recording, my desktop audio was nowhere to be heard and the only audio that was captured was from my microphone. Is there anyway that I could possibly get my desktop audio back? :((
  3. T

    I need help

    Ok so i’m currently console streaming and i have a capture card and a pc to do it all. So i put my settings at placebo usage at 1080p60 with 6000 bitrate and it was working fine everytime i used it. then one day, i decided to try and stream but it said there was an encoding overload and i was...
  4. T

    Transitions problem

    I want to add a new transition but in "Scene Transitions" there is no + button :( log:
  5. F

    GERMAN! OBS Chroma Key Costum Einstellung funktioniert nicht.

    Moin, habe folgendes Problem! Mein Greenscreen Bild sieht leider nicht so sauber aus und ich würde für die Feineinstellung per Costum mein Grün beim Greenscreen auswählen. Ich möchte bei dem Filter Chroma Key mein Grün meines Greenscreen per Costum auswählen. Ich mache den Chroma Key per Auge...
  6. B

    no transition obs

    hello, i have problem with obs, last days i changed from laptop to a pc and i dont have button to upload own transation, can someone help?
  7. L

    OBS Capture Card PS4 flickering

    Hi guys, it is my first time posting in such forum, so sorry in advance for missing information. To my current setup, which is causing the problem: Streaming PC specs: GeForce RTX 2060, Intel Core i5-10400F Streaming console: PS4 Capture Card: ZasLuke Game Capture Card Before switching to the...
  8. T

    Verpixelter Stream / Warzone / Twitch / OBS

    Hallo Community, Schonmal vorab Danke für alle Antworten und Bemühungen. Setup: -Single PC -Ryzen 7 3700x -RX 6800 XT -2x8gb ram ~3000mhz -WQHD -upload: 11mb OBS (streamlabs): -Medium oder fast (beides versucht) -Profil Main oder High (^^^^) -720p und 1080p (^^^^) -Bitrate 6000 -x264 -60fps...
  9. X

    Low FPS Playing ONLY CS:GO???

    Hi, I can currently stream Rust more than fine on medium settings at around 80 FPS, However When I'm playing CS:GO without streaming I get usually 300 FPS, The moment I boot up my stream it drops to like 130 FPS and my Hz feels like shit, I have a 240Hz Monitor also. Operating System...
  10. B

    I am looking for a plug-in to automatically appear text

    I'm looking for a plug-in so that the text disappears for 10 seconds and appears. I want it to be a loop. Does anyone know such? I know it is because I used to have it but I did a computer reset.
  11. Bagny89

    Video in OBS Virtual Camera definitely grainy and blurry (using it in Google Meet, Skype etc).

    So basically I use OBS (specifically OBS Virtual Camera) as a source for a webcam to use in Google Meet. I set up everything I need (capture device, possible overlay etc). And then when I select the "webcam" on Google Meet I choose OBS Virtual Camera as the video device. Everything works, but...
  12. K


    Hello - problem with sound I have a new macbook pro with an M1 processor. OBS sees the device but has no sound. I have tried many settings and nothing changes that. All the time silence. Help my friends
  13. dokicats

    OBS recording cuts out?

    I have tried to record my desktop for my project and it said that I was recording for more than one hour. After I stopped recording, the actual footage was less than 30 minutes long. I've been having this problem ever since the update. Is this a bug, or is there a way to fix it? Sorry for my...
  14. K

    OBS keeps dropping to 0 kb/s out of nowhere

    Over the past couple days, I've tried to stream and every 20-30 minutes or so, OBS suddenly drops to 0 kb/s, my Discord broadcast ends with it saying 'Stream Paused', my voice connection fails, and Twitch shows my bitrate has completely tanked. This has happened both days I've tried to stream...
  15. I


    Hello, I have the elgato 60s capturer. I have a xeon e5-2620 v3 processor, and rx580 gpu's. the problem is that the capturer does not run, I mean, I put it and the 2sg goes to 1fps and I tried it on another computer that does not have a Chinese processor and have NVIDIA gpu's and it works...
  16. K

    Slight lagging/chopping while recording

    I am currently trying to record some off ride shots of a rollercoaster in planet coaster which is made pretty impossible by just that slight lagging that makes the footage unusable. Attached I have my logs My settings are: Canvas and Scaled Resolution 1920 x 1080 FPS: 60 Downscale Filter...
  17. B

    Game is laggy when in fullscreen with obs open

    Hi guys, ive scrolled through every thread on the internet but nobody had the right answer :/. However, im looking forward to testing out you guys' suggestions on how to fix this. When i get the application to windowed mode it stops laggging, also yes, ive tried downscaling my settings.
  18. F

    Recording stops after a few seconds/1 minute

    So recently I got a new mic and was wanting to record a video. I booted up OBS and set up everything and hit the record button. After around 30 minutes of recording I realized that the recording stopped after a few seconds. I read different threads and couldn't find a solution. Any help would be...
  19. Toback0

    Problem mit AMD Encoder

    Hey. Ich gehöre zu einen der Glücklichen, welche noch eine RX 6800 erhalten haben. (Dabei handelt es sich um meine erste AMD Grafikkarte.) Ich habe jetzt nur bei der Aufnahme folgendes Problem: Sobald ich aufnehme und die Grafikkarte über die 90% Auslastung kommt, bekomme ich sofort...
  20. B

    What settings can I use?

    Hi, I am in possession of the GTX 760 and FX 6350. The equipment actually has its years, and yet shadowplay is great for recording, sometimes even at 2k, unfortunately I am not able to set OBS for streams. My friend has GTX 1050 2 GB, which is weaker and Intel i5 4th generation, my equipment...