I need help with a problem: some fast frames that split when recording


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This is an example, when i turn the camera, in some frames this happen, idk why only when im recording with the ps5, not sure if its all about the capture device or the configuration i have.

In the second example is more clear, look at the log its like its split in this frame.

This is the actual configuration i have:

And in some post i see that they upload their logs, so this is mine, and also if anyone can help me setup the configuration to the best my pc can handle i be very greatful, i dont understand a lot of the settings i copy that from a video, and sorry for my english thanks a lot!


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It's recommended to use CQP instead of cbr.
Then adjust the CQ level to what your computer allows you. A level between 15 and 23. The lower value, better quality.
Max b frames at 4. Keyframe 0 (auto)
If you don't know what you're doing, don't use any custom codec configuration.


Also, take a look at the analizer