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  1. DieXfree


    Hello everyone, I'm looking for advice on how to configure my obs to record in 1920x1080p 60 FPS without losing recording quality, since when testing the videos they look very pixelated. I also have a problem when using a high bitrate number like 60,000 or CQP at 17 or 14 that the video looks...
  2. K

    HOW TO START. (for a friend)

    Hi, can you tell me the best settings to start recording with obs? Thanks in advance
  3. Starsh1pTroop3r

    OBS says recording is 60fps, when it isn't

    I'm really new to OBS and I've had to figure out all of my settings with just youtube guides and various people helping me, and with that, I've gotten the best quality I can get for my hardware, with no impacts on performance either- there's just one problem.. No matter what I change or tweak...
  4. Kozuki

    Delay between audio \ video

    My problem is simple ,im not a streamer, i use obs to record my game but when i look at the result there are always delays + im an osu player so if the audio is not sync with the video you cant appreciate the video. I tried a lot of things like reduce my resolution, my fps, i change the format...
  5. C

    OBS Python Recording Renamer 1.2

    This script was forked and overhauled from the OBS-Rec-Rename script developed by pjw29 for their own use so shout out to them for the foundation for this script. This script is largely for my own personal use as well but it is functional enough and I feel it is useful to the community and...
  6. F

    Football Manager 23 recording

    Hello, i m trying to record while playing a FM but i have lag every time even when i reduce the graphics in the game. All the settings in OBS are normal. Thanks
  7. R

    Blurry record

    Hi, I recently had to reinstall windows 10 and I downloaded obs version 28.0.2 to continue with my videos, but now they are all blurry. Among the solutions I found: -Change the bitrate or crf: It doesn't work. Even if I set the quality better or worse, the videos are still blurry. -Change the...
  8. A

    Why am I getting red Pixels while recording with Obs and capture Card?

    Hey everyone I often get these red pixels like shown in the picture while recording… I have a dual Pc setup and I’m recording from my second Pc with the Elgato 4k60 Pro… I really don’t have an idea where this comes and couldn’t find a way to fix it yet… I‘m recording via Gpu (Gtx1650). (The...
  9. N

    I want to record videos higher than 60fps but now my obs recordings are stuck at 30fps.

    I've watched tutorials on how to record high fps videos without lowering the refresh rate of my monitor, but no luck. I recorded about 3 videos and I've watched the recordings, it was 30fps and I don't know what happened. I don't have any problems with my PC and I just bought it last February...
  10. L

    Please help with constant stuttering in recorded video. I've been fighting with stuttering in all my recordings, and it's pretty bad, about every 1-2 seconds it stutters. I've lowered my FPS to 60 on my desktop, I've set it to admin, set it to high priority in task manager. I simply cannot figure this...
  11. I

    I need help with a problem: some fast frames that split when recording

    This is an example, when i turn the camera, in some frames this happen, idk why only when im recording with the ps5, not sure if its all about the capture device or the configuration i have. In the second example is more clear, look at the log its like its split in this frame. This is the...
  12. sonicgalaxy27

    Video recording lag file.

    Hello everyone. My name is sonicgalaxy27 AKA Disco the Hedgefox and I got a small problem with the OBS software witch I'm basically new at this. ok. I do have a laptop, a capture card and a Nintendo Switch to record my games, but, everytime I finish recording my games. I check the video file of...
  13. M

    What are the best settings for recording Roblox with OBS on Mid-Low End PC?

    I recorded a video of Roblox but when I see the recording, it speeds up then it goes back to normal and I don't know how to fix it. What are the best settings to record Roblox on a PC like mine? Windows 10 Specs:
  14. K

    Record Lag

    Hey, I'm trying to record some games but the video is always laggy. My game runs smothly, but the video is really laggy.
  15. V

    Low usage/temperature of CPU and still slowing down the OS

    Hello, just like what written in the title. I was recording with obs since I had my i7 6700k/Gtx 1070 with my Asus 1080p 144Hz monitor and I had no problems at all. I don't stream, only recording. I upgraded my specs to: - Asus 1440p 165Hz monitor - RTX 2070 super - i7 10700K So basically I'm...
  16. Y

    How do i record a certain app

    How do i record a certain app, for example, i have a game running and i want to record the game (i have 1 monitor) and when i leave the game to check my discord messages. How do i make OBS not record me doing that and just keeps recording the game without recording what i am doing?
  17. M

    Question / Help Another not smooth recording while my game run smoothly

    Hi everyone ! I recently tried to record The Witcher 2 with OBS. While my game stays around 60 fps, the record isn't smooth and it stutters, not very pleasant for the eye. I try what I found the forum; disable game mode, disable game dvr, enable vsync in-game, using the wizard assistant to...
  18. T

    Question / Help Recording lag without encoder overload

    I have a gtx 1070 and thought it would easily support recording gamplays with nvenc, but even with good game performance and no obs overload warnings, my recording has a lot of lag. I am capturing gameplays on an external hard drive as recommended, I believe he is able to easily write the...
  19. Theagames10

    Question / Help What are the best settings for recording Roblox with OBS on Low End PC?

    I have been wanting to record gameplay for YT and I tried to record Roblox and MC for a couple of seconds. (I did fix the black bar at the bottom of recording, which is good) Minecraft was pretty good, but Roblox was very laggy and slow when watching the recording. What are the best settings to...