Low usage/temperature of CPU and still slowing down the OS


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Hello, just like what written in the title.
I was recording with obs since I had my i7 6700k/Gtx 1070 with my Asus 1080p 144Hz monitor and I had no problems at all.
I don't stream, only recording.
I upgraded my specs to:
- Asus 1440p 165Hz monitor
- RTX 2070 super
- i7 10700K
So basically I'm using dual screen now.
Everything is working smooth and good until I open OBS(as admin) or even not as admin. (Noting that: I didn't even start recording) My PC start slowing down and it looks like I'm using 100% CPU but actually I'm just using 42-56% of CPU. In this case i'm running COD MW 2019 game in the background.
After I press the "Start recording" button my second screen start being unusable due to the huge amount of lag and low performance but the game(in the 1440p screen) just working fine.
Yes, even the videos after recording looks laggy more like 3fps.
Anyways, here's the log file.
If anyone have any suggestion or a solution please don't be hesitate :D


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You're overloading your system by trying to record lossless with 144 fps.
Start with a standard configuration, i. e. 60 fps and Nvenc rate control CQP with a CQ value around 15-20. Or if you're using simple output mode, set "Indistinguishable Quality" as recording quality and nvenc as encoder.


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Okay, I did what you said and the footage went from 3fps to 16fps. There was a slightly change of performance but still, the video is lagging and shuttering and windows 10 is slow as hell.
I don't know why I'm having this problem, it's clear that my CPU is good more than enough since my previous weak CPU was performing much better with OBS.
I want you to keep that in note: (No high temp of CPU or GPU all below 60 degrees, CPU Usage 42%, GPU usage 95-99%)
Log file.