1. P

    Videos come out choppy and laggy.

    I recently watched a short tutorial on how to optimize my PC, and I'm afraid it's done something like reducing the amount of CPU OBS an use. I can't find a way to fix it so I've come here. The longer the video is, the laggier it becomes, so short videos (around 5 seconds) are perfectly smooth...
  2. L

    problem with cpu on obs

    Всем привет! Раньше у меня был процессор на обс до 6%. сейчас она выросла до 20-30%. что является причиной этого, может ли кто-нибудь помочь?
  3. P

    Fans won't stop running

    Hi, As soon as I open OBS, my desktop fans get super loud even though OBS is idle. Does anyone have the same experience or any advice on how to solve this issue? Thank you in advance, p
  4. X90

    Latest OBS Producing Recordings Only Decoded by CPU?

    Hello, I have come across the strangest problem tonight while attempting to record a 4K Assetto Corsa onboard video. For some reason, every video I record with OBS on this latest version (I opened it up for the first time in a few months two weeks ago) is ONLY decoding with the CPU when opened...
  5. jstn._.

    Recommendation on whether to upgrade CPU or GPU

    My PC specs can't keep up when I play Valorant on my 240Hz monitor, and I only get 160–200 FPS when recording 1080p at 120fps. Spotify and Discord are the applications I keep running in the background. I think my recording settings are fine the way they are because I prefer the outputs not to...
  6. S

    High CPU Temps While Recording?

    I’m trying to find out if my CPU and GPU are gunning at dangerous temperatures when I record long homemade moves (some an hour or two long). I apologize if I missed the answer to this question but I really did search here and on the internet. I got a lot of information which talked a lot about...
  7. I


    HIGH GPU CONSUMPTION? I installed OBS version 29.1.3 but I see that as soon as I opened the program, (Do not transmit, Do not record) Only the open application consumes 20% of the GPU (at rest) at (1680mhz gpu clock) (9501mhz memory clock) at 50º degrees and the cpu stalling at 15%-10% load...
  8. I


    ALTO CONSUMO GPU? Instale OBS version 29.1.3 pero veo que apenas al abri el programa, (No trasmitir, No grabar) Solo la aplicacion abierta consume un 20% de GPU (en reposo) a (1680mhz gpu clock) (9501mhz memory clock) a 50º grados y el cpu obsilando en 15%- 10% de carga. especificaciones...
  9. K

    CPU trop utilisé avec encodage GPU

    Je comprend pas depuis hier mon CPU est sur-utilisé alors que j’utilise Nvenc pour l’encodage… En plus les valeurs affichés sur OBS ne sont pas bonne. J’utilise mon pc seulement pour le stream ( je stream et sur twitch et sur tik tok ) mais oui depuis hier c’est une cata est ce quelqu’un sait...
  10. 4

    How do I get video&audio from Macbook 1 to Macbook 2 in order to stream it?

    Is it possible to send the video AND audio from Macbook 1 via Thunderbolt C -> HDMI cable/adapter to Macbook 2 to stream it from there with OBS on Twitch? Or do you need an extra connection for the audio ? Or is it even not possible to send video via HDMI cable from macbook1 to macbook 2 ...
  11. M

    Thoughts on 7950X3D architecture for recording/streaming? (versus 7950X)

    The new 7950X3D has 16 cores and 32 threads, just like the 7950X. However, during games half the cores are “parked”, as the reviewers say. Will this negatively impact tasks like recording and streaming (or both at the same time)? Is the 7950X a better choice for gaming content creation?
  12. R

    Whole computer lags when opening OBS

    https://obsproject.com/logs/H96WZD62T0xBUV5s Specs: Laptop Asus TUF Gaming A15 FA506QR-AZ001 ·Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H 3.0 GHz ·Graphics card: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 8GB GDDR6 ·RAM: SO-DIMM DDR4-3200 16GB ·Memory: SSD M.2 NVMe™ PCIe® 3.0 de 1 TB ·System: Windows 11 Been...
  13. D

    CPU >90% when only running OBS, I have tried every online tip I could find

    https://obsproject.com/logs/ioGVOdWPKzcrHznR Here is my log file. Encoder: x264 Output: 640x360 Bitrate: 2500 Kbps
  14. A

    Minimizing CPU/GPU workload to stream and record at the same time

    Hi There, I am looking to stream and record at the same time so I can keep the higher quality files, but also not have to double the work load. My understanding is if you mirror your stream and recording settings this is possible. I have setup mine like this, would someone mind taking a look...
  15. C

    High CPU and Audio Distortion

    Hey, I'm working on setting up presentations we can present to customers and will be using OBS primarily over Zoom, or another Webinar option I'm still researching. My test runs have not gone well, my CPU is getting throttled to 100% and the audio coming in from others and going out is really...
  16. M

    CPU bottleneck with NVENC

    I streamed Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn this week and even though I'm using the Nvenc encoder and OBS was utilizing less than 10% of the CPU, I was getting way lower FPS in these games than I should. I noticed that the GPU was being missvely under utilized. It concerns me a lot since it's...
  17. jogabot

    -'kernel_task' climbs to 1000% CPU after a few minutes of opening OBS-

    here is my most recent log file --> https://obsproject.com/logs/lsFswxivH3Mt81Xl (the analysis didn't detect any problems) every time i open OBS, a 'kernel_task' starts eating up CPU according to 'activity monitor'...approaching 1000% and rendering my computer unusable until i quit OBS i'm...
  18. F

    Question: is it possible to use both GPU and CPU for recording?

    I can record at native resolution (1080p) with my gpu but i ask myself if it is possible to split the recording task between the cpu and gpu? I have a low-middle end pc so it would be helpfull. Thank you in advance.
  19. TheRewinderCC

    CPU encoding causing crashes.

    Hey everyone, I was having trouble for the past few streams where I was mid-stream and suddenly OBS would crash. At first, I didn't know what this issue was but I managed to discover it and it was something to do with the CPU encoding. This is a really strange issue as I haven't had these...
  20. L

    Which one should i use for on my system: x264 or nvenc ?

    Hi everyone! I am only recording short game clips (mostly fast-paced games like fps genre). Can u explain me the settings? Which should i use on my system? I want lossles-quality recordings as possible, file sizes are not problem for me because my recordings usually will be so short. Should i...