How do I get video&audio from Macbook 1 to Macbook 2 in order to stream it?


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Is it possible to send the video AND audio from Macbook 1 via Thunderbolt C -> HDMI cable/adapter to Macbook 2 to stream it from there with OBS on Twitch?

Or do you need an extra connection for the audio ?

Or is it even not possible to send video via HDMI cable from macbook1 to macbook 2 ?

To explain:

Macbook 1 is to run music production and video production software.

Macbook 2 is for streaming with OBS alone.

Music/Video software + streaming software takes too much CPU, so need to split it up.

The only question is, how do I get video and audio from Macbook 1 to Macbook 2 in order to stream it?


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You may want to look into a video capture card. I know with HDMI it will gather both video and Audio, I would imagine that TB3 and USB-C should both have the same capabilities


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Can I select in the OBS software a source of video and audio from another computer that is connected via HDMI cable?