1. M

    Video recordings laggy?

    everytime im done recording and check the footage the footage is all laggy, why is that? is there a fix to it? i have a dell latitude 3410 (yes i know the laptop has bad specs) but it can run a solid 60 fps on Valve's source games when recording, is there any way to fix this? if im missing...
  2. TheLuka

    How can i make my settings to get a little bit of fps boost in my game without losing good amount of quality?

    I want little bit of boost of fps without losing good amount of quality i like this quality of my video. but it kinda lags. (in roblox) Is there anyway i can fix lag with settings? or in windows settings log file: Thank you!
  3. I

    Random stuttering, tried everything, good PC specifications, looking ahead to end this diabolic nightmare

    Hello, researching about I realized that this is a very common issue among users. Everyone on YouTube like for example gives you a diferent solution that ranges from the simplest, such as changing the OBS encoder, to the most extreme, such as uninstalling Windows components and/or disabling...
  4. G

    OBS Recordings Lagging Heavily in VEGAS PRO 15 While Previewing Compared to Nvidia Shadowplay Recordings

    These are my settings for OBS recordings: I own a Acer Predator Helios gaming laptop (the 2022 build) which has a RTX 3070 Ti and a 1440p Screen with a refresh rate of 165hz, and I usually record gaming videos and footages to later edit in Vegas Pro 15. About three months ago, I got into...
  5. A

    Small Stutters / Check Settings Correct

    Hi Everybody, Decided to re-post as i am still not sure i have everything correctly. Originally i thought it was just a bit-rate problem. My intention is to Record gameplay at 60fps, 4k with no quality loss. Could someone kindly help me set this up? i have tried with numerous tutorials but i...
  6. N

    bad fps

    I have the following problem, and that is that I record at the resolution that I record, and whatever the fps, I have the problem that it records or gets stuck, what do I mean, I mean I record Minecraft, Minecraft, it works. For me 50 fps, well in real life it looks stuck and low fps, if I lower...
  7. G

    My live is lagging / Mi directo se laguea

    Ultimamente cuando hago streams, desde que cambie de grafica empeze a experimentar que mis directos se laguean viendose en Twitch a 30 o 15 fps, cuando lo tengo configurado a 60 fps 900p, Pero de todos modos en mi stream se laguea y mi internet si da suficiente para hacer el stream, Creen que...
  8. R

    Impossible to stream/record at the same time with 2 PC Config

    Hi guys, i'm totally insane finding a solution to this problem. I hope we could find a solution together. I have a 2 PC setup and I'm doing these things at the same time: Streaming 1080/60 on Twitch Recording 1080/60 20000 kbps Recording Replay Buffer 25s Streaming 1920/60 on Tik Tok using...
  9. r4v3_b0yy

    Severe recording/streaming lags

    Hello. I am facing the problem of severe lags when recording\stream, my hardware is not the weakest, but obs VERY bad lags, and gives 2fps even on the record. I do not know what the problem is, after version 27.2.4 - OBS started to lag VERY badly, although I do not use any plugins or add-ons...
  10. J

    Preview lag / Audio out of sync

    Let me preface by apologizing in advance if this has already been a post, but I couldn't find anything related to my specific issue. The Setup: M1 Max Macbook Pro / 64 GB Ram / MacOS Ventura 13.0 3 OBS instances / V. 27.2.4 (64 bit) Loopback for audio capture w/ 3 individual virtual audio...
  11. ale1ver

    Max Audio Buffering, Rendering Lag, GPU Encoder Overload

    Hey guys, thanks for reading, I'm new to this kind of stuff, however I have more than 20 days in a row trying to get my streams/recording in a decent way. Still I'm facing different issues. At the moment I'm getting Max Audio Buffering with rendering lag and gpu encoder overload. All my games...
  12. O

    OBS Choppy recording, and it has never been an issue before

    My Obs used to work perfectly fine. I've tried everything from settings to reinstalling, and it doesn't record smoothly. The preview looks fine in the app but when I register it gets super chappy and starts to stutter.
  13. J

    Stream Runs Perfect but it makes my Games Stutter, have FPS Drops and don't run smooth.

    Hi there! Here are my specifications below: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900x MOBO: ASRock B550 Steel Legend GPU: MSI 3080 GEFORCE RTX RAM: Corsair Vengeance RAM 3600MHZ 64GB SSD: Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 PSU: Corsair 1000W Power Supply CPU Cooler: NZXT Z73 RGB 360mm Cooler So I'm having a bit of...
  14. C

    Game stutters with OBS open

    Hello, So I recently got updated internet so I can finally start streaming, and my main game is CSGO. So I got OBS and opened it up, made a window capture because CSGO won't allow you to do a game capture. Just having OBS open on my second monitor I get instant game stuttering until I close...
  15. E

    Estoy presentando problemas de ALTO GPU hasta llegar a 100% con NVIDIA NVENC

    Sucede que el dia de ayer formatee mi pc desde 0 , anteriomente ya habia realizado streams en twitch y todo me iba fenomenal con la misma configuracion todo tal cual como la tengo ahora , ya realice la misma instalación de drivers de Nvidia y etc los juegos me van bien sin stream pero al momento...
  16. C

    Lag and low quality while recording game

    Hello.İdk why tf but when i record something like game mostly its low quality and this occured while i was recording a game for a strategy and this happened.i looked up alot tutorials that failed me mostly and some even asked me i had like dual monitors.BRO İM AT PHAKİNG A LAPTOP İM...
  17. C

    OBS Lags Suddenly and causes high usage

    So when I got my computer obs ran fine with the game I was playing, but after a while it started to lag for no reason. And today it just gave only like 5 fps when playing the game I wanna record. What I see was when I was recording my GPU Usage started increasing, when at 100 percent it started...
  18. C

    OBS Studio Lags and high usage all of a sudden.

    So when I got my computer obs ran fine with the game I was playing, but after a while it started to lag for no reason. And today it just gave only 1 fps when playing the game I wanna record. What I see was when I was recording my GPU Usage started increasing, when at 100 percent it started...
  19. R

    Game Feels Smooth, Recorded Video Doesn't.

    Hello. I have some problems with my stream. Whenever I play with higher fps than 60 in a certain game, I stop recording, and go back to see how video turned out, it is choppy, it lags, it stutters slightly, it's not smooth. I played with 6000 to 30000 bitrate, the issue persists. I recently read...
  20. S

    very laggy/choppy video when finished

    the video preview shown in obs is smooth so is the gameplay and everything else yet when i hit finish recording and watch that recording stuttering everywhere and is just unwatchable in general