1. L

    Games feel off when recording

    First, a log file. I just played some Valorant DMs as an example, but the issue was definitely still there. I also attached the log, not sure if that has more info or not. Hello, short summary of my issue. Happy to answer more questions though if...
  2. P

    Lag caused by Xbox Game Bar Widgets multiplying

    I had made another thread with a hard to search title, so apologies. I am getting some lag in the OBS interface itself now because of this issue. I use game capture. Whenever I open game capture I see the Xbox Game Bar Widgets show up in the list of things to capture. However, every time I...
  3. I

    OBS has encode error after stopping record

    Whenever I stop my recording, OBS lags out and causes my entire laptop to lag out and become exponentially slower. I can't figure out how to fix it. Videos become laggy and don't run properly, but really short videos run fine. All I'm recording is Roblox too, so what's the issue? I have a log of...
  4. GonnaBeHype

    Recording dramatically increases lag, please help!

    I know for a fact that the same problem has probably been mentioned on another forum, but I couldn't find it so I've decided to ask about it instead. Each time I recorded a game on OBS, it tends to run perfectly normal for about 20 minutes. However, after this 20 minute mark the game begins to...
  5. B

    Lags on recorded video (not on the content I am recording)

    Hello everyone, many of my videos recorded in OBS have been experiencing lags lately. Sometimes the video was recorded without lags; sometimes half of the video was smooth, and the other half was not. I set a higher priority (higher than normal), and it got a little better, but the problem...
  6. MagHins

    No matter what I do, I can't get recordings to run smoothly.

    I've been trying recently to get a smooth 1080p recording of CS2. It's capturing CS2, but it's filled with skipped frames, and in general just lag. Tried everything from CQP to CBR, but I just can't get it to run smoothly, please if anyone could help me. The smoothest I've gotten, was running...
  7. M

    Audio and video lag in OBS streaming (only on PC, everything is seen normally on the phone)

    Good afternoon. I have a problem. When I stream to Twitch using OBS, the video signal that arrives through the capture device to my PC is out of phase with the audio at the time I stream live. However, the lag (approximately 1 second) is only seen on the PC version of Twitch. When I use the...
  8. B

    Lags on recorded video (not on the content I am recording)

    Hello everyone, many of my videos recorded in OBS have been experiencing lags lately. Sometimes the video was recorded without lags; sometimes half of the video was smooth, and the other half was not. Please help me solve this problem! I've attached the last Log File of the session where there...
  9. welpyes

    amd h.264 encoder is very laggy

    I was on windows 10 before and it was smooth, but now its very laggy now that i upgraded to win11. I was using win11 before i downgraded to win10 as well on the same hardware and its not this laggy i dont have a gpu but my cpu is an `Amd a8-7650k with radeon R7` heres the footage for the...
  10. U

    Media Sources abnormal output w/ Windows 11

    Ever since the move to Windows 11, ALL my media sources (alert boxes, follows, shout outs, sound effects, and video effects) act abnormal at random times. Sometimes it sounds normal and other times the following happens: audio lags audio pops (like if a game was lagging but it isn't) audio...
  11. A

    Random FPS drops

    I wanted my recordings to have a consistent 60 fps. Sometimes I get smooth 60 fps but other times I get random drops that makes it look like 30-45 fps. I am new to OBS, but I've followed several tutorial videos and forum posts on removing choppy fps. I've tried everything that I know of, but...
  12. L

    Borroso el stream

    Hola, me pasa que hago streams y se ven borrosos por alguna razon que desconozco, me vi muchos videos para configurarlo pero no tengo idea el por que pasa. Seran mis componentes? Espero respuesta. Gracias
  13. T

    I have no idea why obs stream is laggy/audio cuts studder.

    Hi! New to streaming via OBS. I have seen a few concerns: - In my "Starting Soon" screen, I have a 6 sec video on loop since it's an animated screen. Problem: When it is running, everything else lags (YT videos, Audio, Game Audio) If paused, it's fine but I don't want static screen. -I have...
  14. mc_crafter_tv

    OBS starts and lags after a few seconds or hours

    Hello, unfortunately I haven't really found anything about my problem yet, so I hope you can help me. The problem is that when I start OBS it runs stable for a few seconds and then the whole big problem starts. It starts to lag very badly and the FPS numbers are no longer stable. It is...
  15. A

    valorant lag and ping issues after installing new nvme and clean boot.

    So yesterday I got my new nvme m.2 and installed it into my pc, I put it in the 2nd slot, not the one under my gpu. I downloaded windows onto it and all my games again. So val and obs are on the same drive now, on a better ssd. When I stream my valorant literally has lag issues and ping issues...
  16. M

    Video recordings laggy?

    everytime im done recording and check the footage the footage is all laggy, why is that? is there a fix to it? i have a dell latitude 3410 (yes i know the laptop has bad specs) but it can run a solid 60 fps on Valve's source games when recording, is there any way to fix this? if im missing...
  17. TheLuka

    How can i make my settings to get a little bit of fps boost in my game without losing good amount of quality?

    I want little bit of boost of fps without losing good amount of quality i like this quality of my video. but it kinda lags. (in roblox) Is there anyway i can fix lag with settings? or in windows settings log file: Thank you!
  18. I

    Random stuttering, tried everything, good PC specifications, looking ahead to end this diabolic nightmare

    Hello, researching about I realized that this is a very common issue among users. Everyone on YouTube like for example gives you a diferent solution that ranges from the simplest, such as changing the OBS encoder, to the most extreme, such as uninstalling Windows components and/or disabling...
  19. G

    OBS Recordings Lagging Heavily in VEGAS PRO 15 While Previewing Compared to Nvidia Shadowplay Recordings

    These are my settings for OBS recordings: I own a Acer Predator Helios gaming laptop (the 2022 build) which has a RTX 3070 Ti and a 1440p Screen with a refresh rate of 165hz, and I usually record gaming videos and footages to later edit in Vegas Pro 15. About three months ago, I got into...
  20. A

    Small Stutters / Check Settings Correct

    Hi Everybody, Decided to re-post as i am still not sure i have everything correctly. Originally i thought it was just a bit-rate problem. My intention is to Record gameplay at 60fps, 4k with no quality loss. Could someone kindly help me set this up? i have tried with numerous tutorials but i...