1. H

    No CPU overload,no GPU overload,but game unusually lagging(Minecraft)

    I thought i could solve this problem alone and didn't post this thread for 5 months , but finally I have given up and have decided to turn to the community So I record Minecraft videos and Minecraft has different versions obviously. i started out by recording Minecraft videos in 1.16 but then...
  2. A

    Making separate audio and video recordings

    Hello! Normally when recording my videos I record my microphone audio with Audacity and record desktop audio/video on OBS. The problem I face is that my computer doesn't work very well and it is not super powerful. Having Discord, Minecraft, Audacity, and OBS open all at the same time uses...
  3. M

    Hello, getting some weird stuttering/framerate issues with OBS Studio even while NOT streaming or recording.

    Hello, I hope everyone's having a good day! I've been streaming on Twitch for a while and I've always noticed some minor framerate stuttering on my VODS. Untill now I always assumed it was on Twitch's end or something but recently I noticed that it's actually happening on OBS Studio itself...
  4. O

    OBS lag on preview and recording

    OS: Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon Cinnamon Version: 4.8.6 Linux Kernel: 5.4.0-70-lowlatency ( I was using a regular kernel before switching to a low latency kernel) Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with Radeon Vega Graphics x 4 RAM: 5.8 GBs Graphics Card: [AMD/ATI] Picasso Capture Card...
  5. L

    OBS only saved my video half

    Hello, can someone help me figure out how to retrieve my video? Or if I can never even get it back? I recorded it for almost 1 hour plus and I only got 30 minutes of it.
  6. T

    OBS will say "Encoding overloaded!

    Hello guys, i am a streamer of PUBG in facebook gaming and that is my config Ryzen 5 5600x Galax 2060Super 16gb ddr4 i receive this message "Encoding overloaded! Consider turning down video settings or using a faster encoding preset", in these moments I see my live on my cell phone and see...
  7. FR-The_S

    VR Streaming/Recording issue

    Hello everyone, I'm having some issue to stream/record VR games specially MFS2020. While my OBS is not running, the game is fluid in VR but when I'm just starting OBS, my games begin to have some less performances and when I'm trying to record/stream the game, it's not possible it's like 10fps...
  8. C

    OBS Laggy Audio (recording)

    Hello Guys, does anyone know how to fix this Audio problem? I cant find any solutions online, even in the OBS-Discord no one could help me... LOG: Video to hear the audio bug: Audiosettings:
  9. C

    Multiplayer only lag

    So, I want to record R6S with my GPU's encoder (Radeon RX 550), it works fine when I'm doing the singleplayer part of the game but when I get into multiplayer... my frames drop to around 20-30 from my cap of 60. When I record in singleplayer, there is no frame drops what so ever.
  10. M

    Lag with 3600xt

    Hi! First of all I want to say that I have used obs a while now but don't know much about the program and settings! I bought a new cpu a while ago, a AMD Ryzen 5 3600xt. And now three months later I decided to start streaming. And of course because I bought a new cpu I want to use that as a...
  11. T

    i get lags when streaming

    sometimes my csgo viewmodel is a bit laggy, but not the whole game itself, i don't seem to be lagging myself, just my viewmodel, sometimes my internet slows down and stuff every time i stream idk why, my internet speed is "very fast" it says, 400/8-12 (comcast or xfinity) when i use like 5000...
  12. alex.ui

    Auto-resize all objects on a scene after changing canvas size with the same aspect ratio

    My internet is too poor to stream in 1080p (it completely freezes the livestream), but I can record with that resolution. 720p and 1080p are both 16:9, so I would like to know if there's a way to change the resolution and auto-resize the elements so I don't have to do it manually.
  13. M

    Sudden Extrem CPU usage

    so I was recording with OBS for few months now with FullHD and 120FPS and it recorded perfectly fine before and now the frame rate is about one frame per minutes do you know why this is I tried to change it to 60fps and still nothing this issue appeared after I got encoding error which made me...
  14. B

    Warzone Lag whilst Streaming

    Hi. So I have been streaming Warzone for over a month now and have had an issue ever since I started. When I'm not streaming Warzone my game runs super smooth at around 100 FPS, and when I start streaming my game runs fine. However after playing a few games my game takes a complete U-turn...
  15. P

    Hey guys, i really need help with this!

    so my game is fine for me, but in the video below, its very choppy and the ui keeps closing and opening, ive tried slobs, and obs and it keeps doing it, let me know what i can do, what i need to show, and ill do it! thank you! (had to make the video a gif because obs forums dont allow videos Sadge)
  16. B

    Recording lags even though game doesn't

    Hi! So, I have been using OBS for a few days and I recorded a couple of videos which are perfectly fine. However, I recorded a couple more today and the recordings are all laggy. I haven't changed the settings neither in the game nor in OBS. I'll attach the latest log file. Thank you in advance! :)
  17. M

    Lag In Recordings

    Hey there! I've been trying to record with OBS for a while and there is a consistant issue with slight lag or choppyness in the video after it's done being recorded and it's driving me crazy! I have an Alienware Aurora R10 gaming PC and I just don't know what I am doing wrong. None of my PC's...
  18. M

    Lag, Hitching and Stutters in Recordings

    Hello, I just started recording gameplay on a new PC I built last week (RTX 3090, Ryzen 7 5800x) and my output files are extremely laggy. None of the stutters or dropped frames are apparent in-game, only when watching the OBS mkv output file. I was originally using VBR rate control, 50,000 -...
  19. M

    Stream is picking up outside noise through microphone

    Hi guys, I'm very new to OBS and have very little idea on how to do anything bar the very basics. I've got a MacBook Air....When I'm streaming on YouTube I can't make any noise or talk near the laptop otherwise the viewers can hear everything that's going on. Can someone please tell me the...
  20. G

    Game Lagging While Recording

    i plz need hlp with this, when i dint record games, i usally get 150-200fps but when i record, it bumps it down to 30-60 frames. but the recording is worse, its fine untill i open the game, in the recording it like switces to one frame then waits 5 seconds then switches to the next, and it keeps...