1. R

    Bug Report Are you kidding me?

    This is a possible bug report. I was using OBS studio for the past 6 months with hardly a single drop frame ever. Before that I had worse internet which would drop frames periodically, seemingly every 45 seconds or so like it was programmed to do that in intervals. That frame drop behavior led...
  2. K

    Question / Help OBS FPS Extremely Low in Game and on Video?

    After doing hours of research and trying multiple things, I have come up empty handed in finding a solution to improve my recording quality. I have tried increasing my quality when it comes to recording, and that lags out not only the game I'm trying to record on, CS:GO, but also the video...
  3. C

    Question / Help Severe frame lag recording Fortnite with OBS

    Hello everyone! I have used OBS for a couple years and it has done great, no problems. My games run smooth and it has minimal impact on frames. During seasons 3-4 and even 5 in fortnite, i recorded some gameplay (just for fun) and I still got 60 FPS and it went great. Recently, out of nowhere...
  4. A

    Question / Help Problem with lag. (VERY URGENT)

    Obs was working fine with minecraft and but when i tried to record roblox it was horrible! The game worked fine but the recording kept randomly lagging. I tried dosens of youtube videos but non of them worked! Plz help me! i record in flv and then use a file converter. then i watch...
  5. L

    Question / Help OBS Com baixo FPS / Low FPS

    Jogo LoL com cerca de 100 FPS, e quando gravo fica em torno de 40 - 50 (Fraps). Mas no preview fica com 18 FPS cravados. Não importa o quanto eu diminua o gráfico do LoL ou a resolução , sempre fica cravado nos 18. Ja tentei ver se esta com um limitador no OBS , mas esta normal (30 fps). Alguma...
  6. P

    Question / Help Lag on video playback, no dropped frames

    Hi Everyone, I've been having a problem that has been throwing me for a loop for a while, and I thought I would pose the question directly to the community here to try to get an answer. I have posted my log below for reference. Here's a synopsis...
  7. CrashKoeck

    Question / Help Multiple Cams Started Lagging for no Apparent Reason

    So, I've Googled the crap out of this and can't find a solid answer. Over the last couple weeks all of my cams have been skipping frames, and this has started showing up in the logs: DShow: HDevice::ConnectPins: failed to connect pins (0x80040207): The owner SID on a per-user subscription...
  8. S

    Question / Help Lag with CamLink44/GoPro 7 Black

    Hello, I'm new to OBS and streaming. I purchased a gopro for the purpose of live streaming. I was advised I needed to get a CamLink 4K and use it as a capture card. When I hooked everything up, the video quality looks great but there is a lag or video delay in the video. This is before...
  9. Lokidum

    Question / Help Why Does My Stream Lag And YouTube Say Low Output?

    Hows it going, recently I tried to stream from my computer while playing games on the same device and the stream lagged and YouTube said it was a low output. I've streamed using OBS with consoles before with the same settings and never had any problems. I tried doing an unlisted stream to see...
  10. Z

    Question / Help Seeing frame drops. Recommended settings for my PC?

    I'm curious how I should set up my settings to stream at. I'll attach my pc specs. I'm using a 2560x1440 144hz monitor as the main monitor and the one I stream. I do however keep seeing frame loss for both rendering and encoding lag. Is the issue that my OBS is trying to stream at 2560 or...
  11. J

    Question / Help 1080p 60FPS Stream Lag (RTX 2060 Ryzen 5 2600)

    I'm sure this is a frequent issue among OBS users but Im honestly clueless. I recently built a new PC with a Ryzen 5 2600 and RTX 2060. I've been trying to stream Apex Legends at 60FPS 1080p which I know this PC can handle. I have no lag in game, however my streams are unwatchable. Streams drop...
  12. R

    Question / Help Steam Lag Fix?

    I've been experiencing some major lagging issues when I stream. It's getting really frustrating considering that I've been working on this for 3 days and still no luck. Here's my log file. Hope someone can help me out with this.
  13. R

    Question / Help Exported video lagging

    When I was recording my gameplay, I had experienced no lag. But when I went to see how the video turned out, It turns out laggy. How do I fix this? EDIT: Here's the Log file from me:
  14. R

    Question / Help Lag in game recording.

    I followed some tutorials online to get to my current settings- which are the best I could get for recording quality. However, my recordings still have some lag. Any steps I could take to fix this, or is this the best I can get? Log: Another log...
  15. G

    Question / Help High ping in-game while streaming

    So I have been streaming for a bit now and when I first started streaming about 3 months ago I had the issue of getting massive dropped frames and high ping in game while I was streaming. In addition to all that my quality was not the best either. From what I have researched my internet speed...
  16. Y

    Question / Help HIGH PING STREAMING

    Hello, I have a high ping problem when streaming with obs. My internet connection is 150mbps down and 15mbps up. I have 2 monitors. I am streaming one entire monitor which has 7 windows on it that I show in my stream, and also 1 game window on a different monitor (game is assassin's creed...
  17. 0

    Question / Help My OBS Stutters a lot

    My obs has been stuttering when recording. It doesn't matter which game I play, the recordings have a stutter. I already tried every encoder, bit rate (12000,20000,30000,50000,75000), video resolution, FPS, rate control, Key frame interval, CPU usage preset, in game setting, and vsync. I know...
  18. B

    Question / Help Why does my stream lag on my mac?

    I begin by saying I'm not an expert, I am SO not an expert. I know I have a lot to learn so, please, be kind in the comments. I recently started streaming on twitch, and I downloaded OBS because I felt like it was the best option. When I 'stream' I can see myself very clearly, and with...
  19. P

    Question / Help Update 23.0.2 Problems

    I have never had a problem with obs (on this computer at least), I live stream and it runs overall smoothly but with the recent update (update 23.0.2) I for some reason start lagging insanely when I live stream something (it doesn't begin to lag until I open up a game by the way). I've kept all...
  20. S

    Question / Help General Blurriness and Choppy Streaming at all settings

    Hello, I recently upgraded to a new PC and started streaming again. However I'm running into constant issues with the stream getting choppy randomly, without dropping frames, fps just seems to die on OBS and an overall fuzzy blurry look to everything including my webcam. The issue seems to be...