1. Vaesive

    OBS 28.1.2 Log File Record Settings are not matching what log file shows.

    Been running into very strange encoding errors lately; I cannot seem to hold 720p 60FPS @ 4k bitrate steady anymore while streaming with a 2080ti, 32gb 3200 RAM and 10900K CPU. It's driving me BONKERS. So, decided to dive into the logs and do some testing with recording and what settings I have...
  2. Y

    OBS recording lags no matter what I do.

    All I want to do is record Cult of the lamb and thats pretty much it. It runs fine on Max settings but the OBS recording of it is just laggy and I cant seem to fix anything about it. I had a look through this thread...
  3. V

    OBS being ovearloaded, FPS lag any time it's not tabbed into it Hopefully someone can help me, this has been an ongoing issue for a while now. If I click OBS and make it the main program fps on stream are fine but they lag on my end. But if I click VRChat (the other program running at the time) it says it's being...
  4. radgood

    screen tearing in-game but only when obs is open (minecraft)

    basically, whenever I'm using obs I have to make sure to minimize before opening Minecraft java edition otherwise, the 2 programs will interfere with each other causing mouse lag and screen tearing. this is also probably because I only have one monitor. if I had 2 I could put each program on...
  5. MisterPiBody

    Latest OBS updates made it lag/freeze for me

    OBS 28.1.2 Whatever i try to do in OBS it freezes for several seconds. Opened OBS -> Clicked Settings -> Have to wait around 5 seconds till settings will pop up Added window capture source -> clicked properties -> picked the window -> clicked visibility in sources -> take around 10 seconds to...
  6. C

    OBS Suddenly not recording smoothly.

    Hi about 3 days ago my OBS was working just fine. Recording with no stuttering and it was quite smooth but not no matter what I do I cannot get it to record smoothly. It definitely does not look 60 fps, it looks more like 20 lol. Any idea on whats going on? Here goes my most recent log. I am so...
  7. S

    OBS has "oPtiMisEd" my video to 700mb and 0.07 fps

    I shot a video in a resolution of 2560x1440 with a length of 45 minutes. I knew that the video would take up a lot of space on the PC and therefore cleaned the computer beforehand. I took a video and sat down to mount it, when suddenly I see that it weighs 600 megabytes (which is not enough for...
  8. L

    obs lagging after a few minutes the obs screen starts lagging, I can't solve it, with the action it doesn't happen, only with obs and stramlabs obs, someone who can help me, follow a log
  9. M

    Problemi con cali di frame rate solamente sul programma ma non in gioco.

    Salve a tutti, il problema è che da qualche giorno non riesco più ad andare in live a causa di questi stranissimi cali di fps che si verificano solo nel programma. Non devo neppure registrare per vederli, anche solo nell'anteprima video gli fps calano, mentre in gioco sono molto elevati. Qualche...
  10. L

    Ingame lag MW2, high CPU & Ram usage.

    Hi! Whenever i stream, my fps on cod floats around 40-50 fps, causing a lot of lag spikes and just basic lag ingame. OBS is running just fine. But i've tried the lowest setting ingame, it doesn't matter if i use the lowest setting, or the ultra setting. Still the same. I tried turning on...
  11. V

    OBS causing my vr to lag massively

    Whenever I start streaming in VR, OBS causes my fps to drop heavely when im on VR and only when I get on vr these are the logs from the last test stream I did.
  12. S

    60 fps not smooth

    Greetings. I'm a obs user for many years but I have a problem that never fixed. I'm trying to record my game 1080p60. It's not bad but you can feel its stuttering, not smooth. I tried to record at 1080p144 and its super smooth. So my laptop is okay for this settings. Also when Im recording 144...
  13. W

    OBS shut 40fps on my pc

    Hello, my problem is my obs make a lot of lags to my pc(when open and not record) also when i want to close it crash how to fix this issue ? version is 27.2.4
  14. Z

    Laggy screen recording file

    Hellooo! I have a laggy screen recording file and hope someone knows how to fix it. It's a 4-hour screen recording and here are the output settings I used. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! The recording started at 17:10:25.863 in the log
  15. W

    Video Stuttering After Recording

    Trying to figure out why I'm getting choppy footage after recording. I've recorded many videos with this same type of footage in the past, but now its impossible for me to record anything with movement and not have it stutter and be unusable. During the actual recording CPU usage is between...
  16. M

    webcam lag

    hi, i have 4 webcam and 2 of them are very lagged (not always the same 2). 3 of them are the same model. what could be happening? i'm on debian based distro. thanks :)
  17. A

    Stream lags but recording not

    Hi, I have a pretty good pc actually and it should be capable of streaming. When i stream, i only stream and im not recording simultaneously. Now the weird part is, that the recording is smooth af but the stream lags. I got the same settings on the recording and streaming tab (check picture). My...
  18. L

    Capture Card Lag

    Hello! Yesterday when I opened OBS to record a quick video I noticed my Capture Card preview was extremity laggy and if I was to click record, that would also be extremely laggy. Afterwards I tried to fix it for awhile but nothing worked. Here is what I tried - Installing new driver updates for...
  19. S


    I have recorded a 3hr session and at times when i miss something, i go back to the video to have a look. The audio is good but the video is laggy or frames are missing! i cannot go back and re-record as it was an exam. How do i recover those lost or missing frames??? Log file...
  20. S

    Obs Game Streaming issues

    Howdy everyone I want u guys ask, like when i streaming game on OBS the upload of game is really good, but when I playing that game, it's getting a little lagging. Does anyone have that same issues like me. I want great answer with explenation. Pls help <3