1. S

    The 2 monitor, single PC game stutter problem (ongoing)

    Hello there, So I have this ongoing issue that I have scoured the net for and the only fix I have found is not suitable. Let me explain. I am using a single PC setup for streaming/replay buffering. Specs are 3080ti, 5800x, 16gb ram 3200hz. Using Nvenc New. So, fairly high end. P.s I have...
  2. Hafin

    Whole PC freeze while streaming sometimes

    This happens 5 out 10 times while streaming CS:GO and it happend also while streaming Visage. It is not 100% guaranteed, that it will happen, but most probably it will. No other game it causes. Most commonly it freezes whole PC, but sometimes it freezes only the OBS itself. I am streaming with...
  3. M

    Audio and Video not synchronized

    I'm recording video from a USB webcam and audio from a separate USB microphone and when I play back the video they are out of sync a little bit. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
  4. P

    95% CPU usage on MAC with Elgato HD60s+

    Hi, I am running into this horrible overload of CPU usage on my 2016 MacBook Pro 13". As I have been trying to fix it for over two weeks I will try to narrow down the issue: Whenever I start up OBS it completely clogs up my Mac's CPU, averaging between 87-95% (even when idle). I recently...
  5. zeushdlive

    Help! Twitch VOD Audio Track issue

    So before you pass judgement or tell me what I should or shouldn't do, I run an over-the-road truck driving stream on Twitch. Don't worry, I use TTS on the chat so I'm not distracted or anything. Moving on to the problem at hand.. First, you have to understand that I run my stream off a...
  6. R

    Why is my footage so laggy, when I have all the right settings and have a good enough pc

    I switched from capto to obs, because capto recordings are blurry, The only thing is that the recordings are choppy, but the quality is clear. what obs looks like - what capto looks like - what i want it to...
  7. R

    Lost images OBS

    Hello, I have loss of frames due to a rendering delay, with a game that I did not have the day before, what could this be the cause?
  8. F

    OBS Randomly Maxes out Ram and Spikes CPU - Help

    As the title suggests, OBS runs smoothly. It can be 8 hours, it can be 1 hour. Randomly out of nowhere my game begins to lag and when I check my task manager, I'm at 99%+ Memory usage and 50%+ CPU usage. I've attempted to look at the log, through an analyzer, thought I corrected the issue, but...
  9. K

    Game fps high but stream extremely laggy (even with high speed internet)

    I am trying to stream Trackmania 2020 on YouTube. There's no drop in fps in game (it's like 120fps minimum) when I stream but when I watch the stream on YouTube it's literally like OBS captures 1 frame every 5 or 10 seconds and displays it like a slideshow. So whole stream is just a series of...
  10. sonicgalaxy27

    Video recording lag file.

    Hello everyone. My name is sonicgalaxy27 AKA Disco the Hedgefox and I got a small problem with the OBS software witch I'm basically new at this. ok. I do have a laptop, a capture card and a Nintendo Switch to record my games, but, everytime I finish recording my games. I check the video file of...
  11. V

    Ingame performance laggy while Streaming

    Hi there! Recently i noticed that while im streaming i get big frames loss and bit lag ingame, like Valorant i run 200+fps off streamand while on stream i can only get 100/120 and very inconsisten, another example is Fifa 22, while on stream the game has a lot of lag for some reason I have a RTX...
  12. norihiro

    Rendering Lag Plugin 1.0.0

    This plugin intentionally adds lags during video rendering. It will be useful to debug outputs, encoders, filters, etc. under rendering lag is happening. Properties Rate This property specifies how often the lag is injected. Sleep time This property specifies how long the lag is injected for...
  13. U

    NDI Packet Loss / 300 ping

    Hey there everyone! got a bit of a problem here and currently I am unable to figure out what is wrong! I have two PC connected to an Ethernet switch with cat 8 cables and then a cat 6 cable going all the way to my router. Also to mention I live in Canada and currently have internet with a...
  14. D

    Laggy recordings with GTX 3090

    Hi Everyone, Recently I bought a brand new PC. It went a bit overkill because I didn't want any annoying issues (how ironic).. My PC specs are as follows: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Gigabyte VGA Geforce RTX 3090 Vision OC 24G Corsair iCUE H100i Elite Capellix Liquid MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI Corsair...
  15. P

    My Minecraft recordings appear to be laggy for no reason

    This happens exclusively with minecraft, no other apps are affected by this, which is why I think this is super strange. I have attached a log file down below, since I couldn't generate a log file through OBS itself. I believe every essential piece of info is in there. Also, here's a recording...
  16. T

    Why is my recording lagging?

    I wanted to record my game so I did whatever the youtubers said and it was fine for few days, but suddenly the video I recorded was lagging. The video it self had so much frame drops and I am pretty sure I recorded with 200/1 fps. I did everything I could and found out if I go over the fps of...
  17. C

    Video has a consistent stutter issue.

    ever since i factory reset my pc my videos using obs always are stuttery, before i reset it i didnt experience this issue and im using the same settings as i did always. heres the log:
  18. T

    Lag/stuttering on dual 144hz monitors

    Recently got a 144hz monitor as my main monitor, its QHD with freesync. After I got this, my pc started to lag/stutter in certain games like Knockout City, Rogue Company and Genshin Impact, while other games like Minecraft (with shaders) different horror games and fortnite runs fine. I figured...
  19. R

    OBS is starting to cause serious lag and slow-down, and I don't understand why

    Context: I'm an art streamer who works with Photoshop regularly, and I use an 11.5 inch Macbook Air from mid-2012, 8GB memory and 256 GB storage. I've been using OBS to stream it for several years now, and for the most part it's worked fine. But around April or May this year, it started...
  20. N

    gameplay is smooth but my obs recording is laggy and slow

    for device specifications, my processor is Intel(R) Celeron(R) J4125 CPU @ 2.00GHz the ram installed is 16gb and the system type is 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor. i have no clue what that means considering im still new to all of this, but is there anyway to at least stop the lag?