1. S

    Lag freeze after the record

    I have a problem, I want to record my fortnite and when i'm recording i have 0 lag but after when i check the video it freeze every 5 seconds... I test with so many renders but with any render i can get no freeze PC Specs : RTX 2070 SUPER / RYZEN 7 3700X / 32 GO RAM 3000 PS : Sorry for my...
  2. A

    Frame skipping when using an Elgato 4kPro MK.2 to record

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me I am not sure why but I am getting frame skipping in my footage when I record my gameplay using my Elgato 4k pro MK.2 as a source on OBS. I am using a windows 10 pc with an i910900k a 2070 super black edition and 32gb ram so I don't think it is my hardware if...
  3. AutComm

    keeps lagging

    Hello everyone I tried some stuff to fix lag and stuttering and frame drops but it only reduces it by a bit. The game is Minecraft if that's important. Are there some suggestions/ways to fix this? Thanks in advance for the help Here's the log
  4. S

    video of recording lags in some places while game is running at 60 fps without drops

    So i have been recording a few videos and the recording is smooth most of the time but at some places it starts to lag for some reason. Some of the videos are also black for a few seconds at the beginning. What i suspect is that i have the wrong settings in obs because im not playing new AAA...
  5. N

    Webcam lag

    Hello I'm new to OBS. I recently installed it in MX Linux 19.2 (stable repository). Using the webcam (logitech c310) as a source, there's a lag (i.e. video lags audio) when displaying as a video capture device (V42L). And similarly if I make a recording. Here is the log output if it helps...
  6. M

    Unusual problem with laggy video.

    Hi, i just downloaded OBS and i have got a problem. On my video cursor is recorded properly (isn't lagging) but windows (programs) are refreshed every few seconds (on video you can see smoothly working cursor and usually cutted windows (only few parts of them are recorded) wich are refreshed...
  7. T

    Discord Lag while recording Hey guys, I've been using OBS to record League Of Legends for like a month, and it worked perfectly until last week, me and my friends were playing and talking in discord, suddenly they say i'm really laggy, and i can't hear my friends in the discord...
  8. K

    iPhone -> Mac -> Facebook Lag

    System: MacBook Pro and IPhone 8+ Software: OBS streamlabs, QuickTime player, 5k airplay mirroring app, ML:BB, Facebook. Procedure followed: 1. Connect phone to iPhone cable by plugging cable into phone lightning connected port, and then connecting the USB end to the computer. 2. Open up...
  9. C

    Dropped Frames While Recording GTA

    I have been having a bit more trouble lately recording GTA V on PC than i used to. I noticed this when i was recording one of my last videos on it, the first couple of videos i recorded the dropped frames weren't that bad, but my final one the dropped frames was around 40%. So today right as i...
  10. C

    Encoder overload, can't seem to fix it.

    I'm encoding my recordings with my 5700xt on the h265 encoder. 1440p 60. I've turned the cqp down to 20, and yet i keep running into this issue. I'm recording at 1440 so that youtube gives me their better compression. Any ideas on how to fix this? I don't think it's the game as it's dark souls...
  11. J

    weird ping issues

    hey there! i am having a very annoying problem whilst trying to stream. basically, i have a 30-40mb download and a 10mb upload and im streaming at 3200 bitrate at 720p. the stream looks fine, i'm getting 20-30 ping MOST of the time but heres my problem. It will be at 20-30 ping most of the time...
  12. A

    Can't seem to fix streaming and recording lag issues, any advice?

    I'm new to the forum, I just created my account, please let me know if this isn't the right place to ask for help. I've been trying to stream some Warzone gameplay to Facebook and it hasn't gone well. For a few seconds the gameplay is smooth, and then it lags a little, then it goes back, and so...
  13. Epic Gamer Time

    My minecraft game play lags hard with obs.

    Please help, when I record my minecraft game play it lags hard with obs. Can you tell me good settings for obs so it wont lag and I can record and stream. (Btw I have windows 8.1) Here is my recent log file:
  14. S

    Webcam becomes laggy/choppy when a game is launched

    Hi, Recently (I would say after the last Nvidia driver update) whenever a game displays 3d/graphically intensive is launched, my webcam (a Kinect v2) is REALLY choppy/laggy (odd thing is that old games like Tomb Raider 2013 gives me the same issue, but not minecraft even with heavy shaders, same...
  15. AERQN

    Laggy stream and recording while playing The Witcher 3 (in-game FPS are OK)

    I'm streaming The Witcher series and I'm having problems with every title: The Witcher: had lags in-game and on stream + "encoding overloaded" -> started to run OBS as admin + disabled Game Mode -> problem gone The Witcher 2: had lags in-game and on stream + "encoding overloaded" -> couldn't...
  16. fac3thew1nd

    I stream perfectly fine on Streamlabs OBS. I use OBS Studio to record videos without streaming, w/ laggy playback, stutter, with seemingly no cause.

    As the title suggests, I stream perfectly fine on Streamlabs OBS. I am attempting to use OBS studio to record videos with the NVENC encoder, however no matter what I try on video settings, rescaling (or lack thereof), CQP, VBR, CBR, Lossless doesn't even let me watch the final product; I cannot...
  17. V

    Low usage/temperature of CPU and still slowing down the OS

    Hello, just like what written in the title. I was recording with obs since I had my i7 6700k/Gtx 1070 with my Asus 1080p 144Hz monitor and I had no problems at all. I don't stream, only recording. I upgraded my specs to: - Asus 1440p 165Hz monitor - RTX 2070 super - i7 10700K So basically I'm...
  18. A

    Lag/Rendering Stalls on High End Computer

    Hello! I have a (on the higher side) powerful computer. But I am experiencing rendering stalls/lags on both NVENC & x264. My specs, posted below. As well as a log file. The lag usually occurs when only the game is visible, (windowed full screen & full screen), and I have been testing on...
  19. B

    HELP! My OBS won't record without stuttering no matter what i record.

    I have tried amd radeon relive and it works fine, but its ass so i want to try and fix this problem while i can. I dont really understand what is going on so if an admin or mod could help me it would be much appreciated. log file:
  20. S

    Nvenc Recording Lag. Gpu at 40% usage

    My gpu usage is shown to be 40% while recording yet I still have freezes and lag. Gameplay is smooth for around 6 seconds then freezes and returns to being smooth again for another 5 seconds. Stats show no encoding or render lag at all