1. Speeter

    Best settings on lo end PC

    Hi, my friend has a low end PC (notebook) and wants to stream. Whitch settings shold he use? PC: AMD RYZEN 5U 8GB RAM SSD Thanks
  2. P

    Video Lag

    Hi hi! Whenever I record a video, the visuals will lag severely. Strangely, the audio is just fine. The encoding lag is insanely high, and the rendering lag isn't great either. I've turned up the downscaling (I think, I set it to bilinear, but I'm new and could easily have gotten this...
  3. X

    Ryzen 5900X - RTX 3070 - OBS LAGGING my PC (recording & streaming)

    Hi! I recently build a decent gaming PC and now I'm running into issues when it comes to streaming & recording. I have a great network connection, that's not the problem at all (600 mb/s upload - 940 download), PC is solid (5900X, RTX 3070, 32GB 3200mhz CL16 RAM, M.2 SSD - Kingston A2000 1TB)...
  4. J

    OBS Studio Lag; Please Help

    I use OBS Studio to record on my switch, and games from my laptop. When I record on my switch with a capture card its lags a lot. I thought there was a problem with my capture card and was ready to by a new one but then I started screen recording on my laptop and its the same thing. It would...
  5. C

    stream laggy and pixelated **HELP**

    alright hello my pc specs r good so wont get into them . tested my bandwidth . best was germany , frankfurt (5) with 2500 kbps my upload speed is 16mbitps but bandwidth is 2500 BUT the problem is that i cant do more than 1200 kbps cuz if i do obs is not gonna do that . and i said ok i have bad...
  6. SonEfAdam

    Video stuttering even tho the game was fine

    I even set the obs priority to High. It still stutters. Thank you for your help! Log: Video: Google drive shows the video 30 fps and kind of low quality but it's...
  7. C

    OBS Lags Terribly in Preview

    Hello all. My OBS can't even keep up with YouTube or simple videos. I'm not even streaming. The preview lags very badly and is essentially a slideshow that updates every 5 seconds or so. I have used this exact setup previously in 1080p@60fps with flawless results. I'll breakdown my setup...
  8. Jam Swoosh

    OBS video recording stuttering and freezing

    Hello! Please could somebody help me with this issue. Basically I've been trying to record games recently at 1080p 60fps, however, I notice when I go back in the recording that the video seems to stutter (basically it looks like the frame rate decreases for a couple of seconds) and at some point...
  9. R

    Lag issues in streaming/recording

    Forgive me in advance, I am no tech wizard. I've been having problems with both streaming and recording lately. My recordings come out as laggy/choppy and I can't seem to stream anymore. It was decent before, no lag and such. Can anyone give me suggestions? Tips? Thank you...
  10. L

    Massive Lag while Streaming and Recording.

    I have tried quite possible everything, OBS doesn't seem to think there is too much of an issue, but it's pretty darn noticeable imo. Specs: i7-10700k OC to 5.0 GHz RTX 3080 32GB RAM ~400 MBps Uplaod speed OBS Specs: Canvas: 2560x1440 Output: 1920x1080 (Would like to be able to stream in...
  11. A

    Constant Lag issues (Frame drops)

    For the past 5-6 months I've been getting a lot of frame drops, most of the time where it drops to 0 bitrate and the stream buffers for about 5-10 seconds every 20ish mins. I'm pretty sure it's an internet issue, but thought I would come here to see if a few things could be wrong. I have almost...
  12. S

    My screen source shuttering every 12 minutes

    CPU : i9 10900 (10C/20T) GPU : Nvidia 3090 (so it's on a PCIe gen3) Hello everyone and thank you for participating and helping people! My issue is not related to the encoding, recording or streaming by itself. That's why I don't include log files. It is my source (desktop) who is slowing down...
  13. joskontjes

    Stream starts dropping in Quality after a while.

    So I started streaming a couple weeks ago but I can't seem to get rid of the errors/problems I am having with OBS currently. In the beginning of the stream everything seems to be fine, but as time goes on it looks like the quality and "lag" starts to appear. I think this is because my internet...
  14. F

    Stutter that appears ~45 minutes into a stream.

    I have fixed the spiking render time issue, but the main issue remains: My stream develops stutter about 45 minute to an hour in. It starts with the OBS preview dropping down to what looks like 30fps, a vsync test shows its not running at 60fps and its the ENTIRE preview window, not a source...
  15. J

    Recording's video is choppy, gameplay and audio perfectly smooth

    I just moved to OBS from SLOBS to try and resolve recording issues - however, I've got some strange problems that I can't figure out how to fix. I'm using OBS to record a windowed game (can't use fullscreen because my laptop is 16:10), and am scaling it to 1920x1080 from 3072x1920 at 60 FPS...
  16. S

    Videos recorded with obs are very laggy and blocky and not smooth

    Hi I want to record Minecraft gameplay on my gaming laptop, however when I record anything the outputted video is of very bad quality (The video being very slow and blocky and very clunky). I do not know how to fix this. Is there anything I can do to improve the recorded video. I want to record...

    Freezing FB stream

    I’ve been having an issue with my Facebook stream freezing when I’m live. I’m running obs studios and my Bitrate is 6000 and I’m running at 30fps. I’ve also tried to run the recommended setting that obs tells me to and I run into the same issue with freezing. I’m hardwired and my upload speed is...
  18. T

    Stream seems to be fine for a brief moment then starts looking very choppy

    Hi guys, I'm quite new into the streaming industry and still yet to learn many things. I have recently started to test out OBS + Youtube streaming to see how capable the hardware of my PC is but frankly I have no clue about the settings. While doing this testing, I have opened the Dota 2 game...
  19. B

    Game is laggy when in fullscreen with obs open

    Hi guys, ive scrolled through every thread on the internet but nobody had the right answer :/. However, im looking forward to testing out you guys' suggestions on how to fix this. When i get the application to windowed mode it stops laggging, also yes, ive tried downscaling my settings.
  20. A

    Encoding and Rendering lag?

    Hello, I tried many ways to solve my problem: Updating, Reinstalling, Run as Administrator My problem is that I cannot record or stream... After click I get a message "An encoding error occured while recording" After I view stats and have nothing running, I can see the right collumn in red...