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Hey there everyone!
got a bit of a problem here and currently I am unable to figure out what is wrong!
I have two PC connected to an Ethernet switch with cat 8 cables and then a cat 6 cable going all the way to my router. Also to mention I live in Canada and currently have internet with a company called Bell. I have fibre internet, 500/500. So pretty much, more than enough to game and stream at the same time!
My Ethernet switch is the TP Link TL-SG108.
Anyways, here is my issue:
Whenever I game and don’t have NDI Running, I have literally 0% packet loss, but as soon as I send the signal over NDI to the second PC I start getting packet loss. It usually hangs at around 1 to 3 percents and occasionally jumps at 5 to 25 percent. And that’s with me not even streaming. When I start streaming it kinda gets a bit worse, the numbers stay the same but the game just feels… off.
I tried to just run both PC directly to the computer but then I get something even weirder… I get no packet loss or occasional jumps of packet loss but my ping is at a constant 200 to 300…
I just can’t figure out why and how?
Could my Ethernet switch be at fault here? Or could it be something else? Anyways, thanks in advance for the help I appreciate it!!


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Personally, my history with TP-link was terrible quality and support. I haven't heard hey have gotten any better, though certainly have grown in volume over the years... so probably not as bad as I think they are... maybe

There are 2 flavors of NDI, the HX more compressed version (which takes CPU to decompress) which uses less bandwidth and the non HX (or straight NDI) which uses less compression and more bandwidth

And there are any possible settings on your switch which may be impacting throughput
And then are possible security software settings on your PCs, and/or the PC NICs themselves (unlikely) but maybe if you've tweaked some NIC settings??

As for ping time, if PC#2 is connected directly (cross-over cable) to PC#1, and you set up a way for PC#1 to route PC#2's traffic, then higher ping latency on PC#2 to Internet is to be expected. IF you mean cross-over cable and ping between PCs is that high, then NIC or NIC settings would be where I'd start