1. shkeffy

    Very high ping when streaming

    So, I’m a Fortnite streamer. I mainly get around 10 ping when in creative, playing normally. As soon as I start streaming, my ping spikes to about 40-80. My download speed is 12MBPS, my upload speed is 460MBPS, and I’m streaming on Kick, Twitch, and Youtube Shorts. My PC specs are Ryzen 5 3600...
  2. d0wsha

    Ping spikes while gaming and streaming

    Ping spikes while streaming CS:GO Hi, I have ping spike ingame while streaming in OBS. Whenever i start the stream it goes like from 40ms to 60 and sometimes it goes 200 and back to 40. Almost every 5 - 10 seconds lagging and when switching weapons i can see clearly i have some kind of lagg...
  3. M

    When streaming ping spikes every 2 seconds appear

    without streaming no ping spikes, when streaming weird ping spikes (looks like game and stream compete against each other with the bitrate) any fix? pls help :( (ignore the frametime its just bc of tabbing out when taking screenshots :D)
  4. V

    Bizarre issue referring to ping

    Hello. I know issues like this are brought up all the time, but I can't find answers for my specific issue. Basically my download drops from 550mbps down to 50mbps as well as my ping jumping from 19 to 300+. The thing is this is simply when OBS is open as I don't stream on the same pc I play...
  5. T

    How to prioritize game data rather than stream Data

    Hello, i have about 24mb upload I stream at 6000kbps and this isn't usually a problem as I usually will just play games that are single player, but I want to play multiplayer games and when I do i get crazy ping times like 150 minimum to upwards of 700 sometimes. Im wondering if there is anyway...
  6. S

    High ping in-game when streaming at high bitrate

    Hi. I'm trying to solve this ping issue. As you can see, my internet is not bad and I want to stream at 7k-8k bitrate 1080p. But whenever I try 7k or 8k bitrate, my in-game ping will increase to 200-300 ping (50-70 ping when streaming at 6k bitrate). Will enable TCP pacing help? I have seen a...
  7. P

    OBS+ NDI adds ping ms to my game

    Hello Everyone First of all sorry for my English .I am using NDI on my obs to do live dual pc . Recently i have faced some problem. When i open my obs my game ping rate increase. when i quite my obs again my ping are stable uninstall ndi and obs and re install but problem still happened . i...
  8. U

    NDI Packet Loss / 300 ping

    Hey there everyone! got a bit of a problem here and currently I am unable to figure out what is wrong! I have two PC connected to an Ethernet switch with cat 8 cables and then a cat 6 cable going all the way to my router. Also to mention I live in Canada and currently have internet with a...
  9. PellxTV

    Ping Lag In Game Whilst Streaming

    Hi Everyone, I have recently started streaming to twitch using OBS. Whilst for the most part all has been going well, I have been struggling with unusually high ping in game. Strangely whilst I am experiencing this in game lag, the chat on my stream tell me it looks fine and there is no sign of...
  10. CBonez

    Extremely bad ping while streaming LoL

    I've been wanting to stream mostly League of Legends for a while now but I have super bad internet (while not streaming I have 50 ping, while streaming it goes from 70-150), while most of the people in tutorials have worse internet than me and can stream games with good ping (I have 2/mbs upload...
  11. D

    Very high ping when streaming with OBS

    So I want to get into twitch, I have a mid-range pc with a RADEON RX 590 gpu and a Ryzen 5 3600. I'm trying to stream Insurgency Sandstorm but whenever I try to stream my ping goes through the roof (last night it went as high as 1028), I tried different settings from youtube tutorials like a...
  12. J

    weird ping issues

    hey there! i am having a very annoying problem whilst trying to stream. basically, i have a 30-40mb download and a 10mb upload and im streaming at 3200 bitrate at 720p. the stream looks fine, i'm getting 20-30 ping MOST of the time but heres my problem. It will be at 20-30 ping most of the time...
  13. H

    FPS drops and ping increases in two pc stream

    Hey guys i am using two pc stream setup when i start streaming or recording my ping goes to 400+ and ultimately loss my fps which is really a frustrating moment. Anyone knows about the solution to this problem.. I have searched through google but did not find anything helpful. My internet is...
  14. GoRnoStay

    Question / Help OBS Bitrate with high speed internet

    I have a problem. I'm trying to stream on twitch and I really want to stream with high quality and bitrate. But I can't set more than 5000 Kbps. I heard that some stremers streaming with 8000 Kbps or more. I think I can't use more than 5000 Kbps becouse I live so far from the servers but may be...
  15. M

    Question / Help Ping spikes when streaming even though I have available bandwidth

    Upload speed: 4.8 mbps Bitrate: tried various from 2000-3000 same exact problem I get 0 dropped frames and the upload speed seems stable Usually playing with 60-70 ping and it constantly jumps at 80-95 Also I didn't have this issue before (like a month or so)
  16. O

    Question / Help Ping raising High while streaming

    Hi I've been trying to stream pubg in 720p , 2500-4000 bitrate but some weird reason my ping pops really high when starting stream ( 200-300) and makes playing bad. Rig: cpu ryzen 7 2700x, gpu 1070ti, 16 gb ram Netspeed: 45 down and 15 up I think that I should be able to stream with that...
  17. G

    Question / Help High ping in-game while streaming

    So I have been streaming for a bit now and when I first started streaming about 3 months ago I had the issue of getting massive dropped frames and high ping in game while I was streaming. In addition to all that my quality was not the best either. From what I have researched my internet speed...
  18. Y

    Question / Help HIGH PING STREAMING

    Hello, I have a high ping problem when streaming with obs. My internet connection is 150mbps down and 15mbps up. I have 2 monitors. I am streaming one entire monitor which has 7 windows on it that I show in my stream, and also 1 game window on a different monitor (game is assassin's creed...
  19. beo21

    Question / Help Obs (w or w/o NDI) BF V high ping

    Hi all, I got a a new VDSL internet last week and wanted to raise my Bitrate to 6000 for 720p 60 over OBS now. Former was 25mbit with 4,5mbit and now 45-48 and 9,7mbit. I was playing battlefield V today and got ping jumps from 20 (without OBS on) to 39 45 61 21 and so on. Game mode win 10...
  20. S

    Question / Help High ping when I start streaming Overwatch

    Hello, I have been having some problems with OBS recently. I can record and play Overwatch at high quality with absolutely no ping lag, but when I try to stream, my ping goes from around 24 to 220. This is starting to get really annoying and I can't do anything about it, because I don't know...