How to prioritize game data rather than stream Data


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Hello, i have about 24mb upload I stream at 6000kbps and this isn't usually a problem as I usually will just play games that are single player, but I want to play multiplayer games and when I do i get crazy ping times like 150 minimum to upwards of 700 sometimes. Im wondering if there is anyway to prioritizes game data or packets rather than the streaming data. Would love a software solution as money is tight for a college student but im willing to look at anything really i have heard of netduma routers and duma OS but for my current situation its a bit out of my price range so im really wondering what can be done if anything (but i will think about it). so here I am trying to solve this online so that I can play the game and steam.


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The ping increases drastically, if the upload bandwidth on your router is fully used (congested). Streaming with 6000 kbps is 6 mbit/s, which is way below 24 mbit/s, so your streaming isn't congesting the upload. Avoid other apps using upload bandwidth. If you have other people sharing your internet connection, make sure they aren't consuming too much upload bandwidth while you're streaming (they have 24-6=18 mbit for themselves).
To prioritize gaming data, you need to consult the manual of your internet router. Many routers support priority settings for transmitted data (called QoS - quality of service). If your router doesn't support this, you're out of luck.