1. R

    Question / Help OBS Not running on Debian LXDE

    Hello OBS community! After following install instructions bellow on root (+installed FFMpeg) I succeed to have a shortcut on LXDE, but when i try to launch it on user nothing happen.. I'm lost .. can you help me please. http://debian-facile.org/doc:media:obs-studio...
  2. X

    Question / Help New to Streaming - Help please!

    Hi, so I'm new to streaming and would like some insight on an issue I'm having. First, I'll post the specs to my PC below: Specs: Rizen 1700x Processor 16 GB DDR4 2 Terabyte disc hard drive Asus 1060 6g graphics card Now, I'm running Streamlabs OBS because I like the simple user face. I build up...
  3. S

    Question / Help Shader Filter Effects not working

    I recently updated my obs to the 25.01 version and I had to Uninstall my old version and download a completely new version of obs. In doing so the shader filter and all of its effects has completely stopped working. All the settings are saved for most of em. But they just don't activate anymore...
  4. jornaune

    Question / Help Relaying Microsoft Teams meeting

    Hi. I am a journalist. Our official local authorities now hold their meetings in Microsoft Teams due to the corona-situation We take part in these meetings and can follow the discussions. We also want to stream some of these meetings to our readers. What is the best solution to resend the stream...
  5. h7opolo

    Question / Help Disable the red colored border of unlocked sources

    I would like to disable the red colored border that surrounds unlocked video sources in the OBS preview window. The reason being that I capture the OBS window itself for a feedback effect, and these red boxes ruin the effect if I want to change the position of a source in the OBS preview window...
  6. K

    Question / Help Help needed with Low End PC Settings for 64bitsOBS

    So i wanted to start streaming some MOBA games like SMITE and LOL, also wanted to stream CS:GO. My PC in my opinion is a low end PC since the NVIDIA Graphics Card is a outdated version. PC Specs: Intel Core i3; NVIDIA GeForce GT 720; 8GB RAM; The following images are my OBS settings, they...
  7. D

    Question / Help need help with stream

    Hi my bitrate is 2000 nvench ok my internet download is 200 and upload is 30. And when i stream my bitrate sometimes drops to like 800 and is sooo annoying. btw im using wired connection. log: https://obsproject.com/logs/4GPrl0M-7REH9wIj
  8. A

    Question / Help False Videobitrate

    German: YouTube empfängt nicht genügend Videodaten, um ein flüssiges Streaming ohne Zwischenspeicherung gewährleisten zu können. English: YouTube does not receive enough video data to ensure smooth streaming without caching. or "Videobitrate isn't good" I tryed like everything.
  9. A

    Question / Help CLR Browser with ADblocker

    I am running my Obs Stream on a VServer. That mean I cant capture my Music Playlist with an normal Window or Desktop Audio. The only way is to use an CLR OBS Browser. But I dont want to see/hear Ads anymore. Is there any way to install a AdBlocker or a Plugin, in one of these "half" chrome...
  10. M

    Question / Help skype NDI Source black screen during call

    I have updated windows , NDI source plugin 4,7.1 and obs itself. But even though skype does show up in the drop down list, none of them work. Just black screen. I have restarted skype, and obs as well. enabled NDI in skype as wel. my log file is attached
  11. T

    Question / Help The Black Screen is still a problem in 2020.

    How can this still be a problem? Like, seriously? All I want to do is record the screen. Nothing more, nothing less. But a black screen appears instead of the desktop. I have a Windows 10, 1909 version and I tried going into the display settings and set OBS to "Classic App" --> Power Saving...
  12. A

    Question / Help Strange blurriness in preview.

    For my set-up I have 2 pc. I use NDI and they are hard lined together. 150-200Mbs usually. I have streamed a few games now and they all like great. Crisp clear and what is to be expected for the settings I use. The issue comes with FFXIV where it looks like this. This is in the preview when...
  13. J

    Question / Help Stream laggs

    Week ago my streams for some reason start lagging as hell, in game everything is fine, stable FPS, in OBS everything is fine as well, 0 drops. But on twitch everything is lagging. I streaming almost 1 year and i never saw something like that on my streams. Here's the logfile from last stream...
  14. DavidMontesin

    Auxiliary "M/E" video output/Loopback

    Hi All, I've been wanting obs to have a feature that will allow multiple video mixes and the ability to output them to displays. For example, have a broadcast showing one scene and also output to a screen that shows a different scene. With the ability to independently switch them via separate...
  15. S

    Question / Help how does the browser source in my obs automatically refresh ?

    Hi! I need to refresh my browser source constantly to update the information correctly, do you know how to make it automatically refresh in obs? I need 1 refresh every 1 minute thank you very much
  16. C

    Question / Help NDI color shift on streaming laptop

    Here are the log files for the gaming pc: https://obsproject.com/logs/ksGk52betH9q0mr1 Here are the log files for the streaming pc (a laptop): https://obsproject.com/logs/jlGR81yJ-LjZIyy_ What's happening is that while the colors look fine in the preview on my gaming pc, all the colors are...
  17. X

    Question / Help How to seperate the game sound and other computer sound

    I wanna record videos with OBS, just recording a game, but I want to record while I am listening music. How can I do that without using Voicemeeter. Thanks for your help!
  18. X

    Question / Help Video pixelated, how to fix?

    I wanna record a video in minecraft, but I think the video is pixelated, how can I fix that??? My video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AQtIzJ-sdc ! My obs specs are: I could not translate obs to english: Thank´s for your help!!
  19. D

    Question / Help Need ALL audio from PS4 (gameplay, party chat, voice) sent to my OBS Twitch Stream

    I need help getting all my audio through to my Twitch Stream via OBS. I want all the audio that is in my headset to be a part of my stream for my viewers. I have tried with a USB headset (in PS4 usb port) and found that unsuccessful. Now, I have purchased a wired headset to try. Sending audio...
  20. J

    Question / Help Stream problem

    I need help. OBS was updated yesterday, and broadcasts began to lag. Everything is fine in the game, stable FPS, if you look in the OBS everything is fine too, no drops or lags, the CPU is loaded by about 10-12%. But if you look at the stream itself directly through Twitch, then you can see...