1. S

    Improve VLC Video Source

    Hi, I use the VLC Video Source to play my YouTube content videos on my stream, one thing I think would be good is the ability to be able to see which VOD is playing, this could be somewhere on the OBS UI, on the main window or in the properties of the VLC Source on OBS, additionally some...
  2. M

    Question / Help Help obs Settings !

    Hello who can help me with OBS settings? I'm glad someone is helping me I'm busy and for 3 days I can't set OBS I want to do Live / Rec in 1080p 60fps or 720p 60fps Sorry for my English my pc: Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6 MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS DDR4 2666 Mhz 16 GB My Speed
  3. N

    Question / Help How can i port forward remotedebugging for access from external adress

    Thats it, i get in to remotedebbuging using: localhost:PORT but i need to access from external, what i need to do?
  4. R

    Question / Help Can I stream on Twitch with my hardware?

    Ive always wanted to stream on twitch but my PC could never handle it. With Google Stadia launching soon the idea has sparked in my mind again now that my pc wont be bearing the game's load anymore. I live in a low income home so upgrading isn't an option. These are my spec: Processor: AMD...
  5. phishin

    Question / Help Strange Audio Repeating on Live Stream only

    So I ran into an issue after 3 years of streaming almost regularly. The audio during my live stream starts to repeat itself for both my microphone and my Elgato HD60 source. This only happens on the live stream and during the VOD playback, you do not hear it. It's very very strange and I can't...
  6. Z

    Question / Help Youtube Weird Blurry Stream [Need Fix Urgent ]

    Hello I have I9 9900k + B360M HD3 1070Ti I have A Wired Blurrness on my stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fva9dSY6cw&feature=youtu.be check when i jump from to top to bottom whole screen gets blurry! Log : https://obsproject.com/logs/5qR9fk1YhrlnEnFw
  7. E

    Question / Help "No properties available" problem.

    Hello all! I used OBS for a long time and never came across this problem, whenever I try to make a new Display Capture, on the pop-out, it says "no properties available." It would be awesome if you could help me. Thanks
  8. rinkul123

    Bug Report obs quit unexpectedly mac os Catalina 10.15.1

    I don't know every time i try selecting any video capture device it just crash when "Use Preset" is ticked. If i untick it then it doesn't crash there but later when i select frame rate to any value like 60 then it crashes there as well. Tried reinstalling multiple time but failed. Please...

    Question / Help IshowU audio capture/OBS/fortnite/iMAC/

    http://obsproject.com/downloads/obs-24.0.3-installer-catalina-fix-02.dmg @dodgepong This new OBS installer is fine but there's still some issues with the desktop audio, It stays disabled, I tried downloading the IshowU capture app and it worked perfectly, it red my desktop audio, my mic was...
  10. W

    Question / Help Projector not showing on secondary monitor

    I'm still pretty new to OBS so bare with me. I have a second monitor that I had the program screen showing on. It filled the second monitor completely. When I was done I shut everything down. Now, a few days later, when I right click on the program screen and choose the second monitor it shows...
  11. C

    Question / Help OBS Stutters/Lags after a while if I don’t move the mouse

    I’m streaming from my PS4 Pro through an Elgato HD60 S capture card into OBS on my Windows 10 MSi GE63 laptop. Everything works perfectly, but OBS stutters/lags if I don’t move the mouse for a while. As soon as I move the mouse, everything runs perfectly again. This actually happens whether I’m...
  12. WeatherNow

    OBS Timeline Plugin Request

    I had this idea where you could add scenes in the order that you want them in, and assign stingers to each one. You could then press a hotkey to transition forward or backward between the scenes, and every time you transition, it plays the assigned stinger for the scene being transitioned to. It...
  13. Wizu

    Question / Help Since new Mac update, screen capture is no longer working!

    As the title already says, my obs doesn't work anymore since I installed the new Mac update: Catalina. This also affects other programs and games. I tried a lot of tutorials on youtube but it is still not working. I am out of solutions and thats why I am posting this. I hope someone can help...
  14. F

    Question / Help I would like to record Minecraft on very low end PC

    Hi! I would like to record minecraft on my very low end PC. Minecraft is fast (I have 120 fps, sometimes fps drop to 40 fps), but video from OBS is lagging... I don't want to buy new PC, because I don't have any money. :D What would you advise me to record my beloved Minecraft without lags...
  15. G

    Question / Help Is there any way to reconnect to an RTMP if the connection is lost

    I am currently streaming from the street, with a gopro7 and I issue an RTMP that I created on my computer, in some moments the connection is lost. Is there any way to make my OBS reconnect the RTMP when it is active again? I currently have it added as a VLC Source.
  16. X

    Question / Help My long stream(1 hour) crashed into short parts(2-3 minutes).

    My long stream(1 hour) in Twitch or Mixer save crashed into short parts(2-3 minutes). Between these shorts parts of the stream we have large gaps in the stream. What it is? My configuration : Ryzen 5 2600, AMD RX 580 8 gb, ram 8gb. https://obsproject.com/logs/-355k6mI4VrqrIP9
  17. C

    Bug Report My Stream is lagging/delaying 31 seconds everytime

    HI, i am having a problem with OBS. My Stream is lagging/delaying 31 seconds everytime stream via : Twitch Resoulation: 1360 by 768 bitrate: 1500
  18. Impairation

    Question / Help OBS AMF Out of Memory need help

    I have a big problem since i bought the GPU: RX 580. To the problem: Everytime when i want stream it runs everything smooth but i get for a few seconds a strange lag like he try's to buffering the system and the complete System sound/Gamesound is away. Things that i already try'd: - Completly...
  19. A

    Question / Help Trouble with Camera

    Hi guys. Having a few issues with streaming. I'm using OBS to stream to Twitch and I'm having no problems with it. However I'm just hooked up my phone as a Camera to browser and it's picking up video but when I starting streaming, all I'm getting is a black screen from my Twitch. Not even from...
  20. Doqui1Doc

    Bug Report I can't record with my graphics card

    Hello, I have a problem with StreamLabs or OBS, as soon as I launch it I have to launch it with my processor, if I launch it with my OBS/SLObs graphics card I record a black screen. If anyone has an idea, thank you. - Doc#5472 - He was already doing it on my old computer.