1. K

    AForge C# WPF

    When using AForge to get images from OBS virtual camera nothing append. The new frame methode is not even call. Is it even possible to use AForge with OBS virtual camera ?
  2. F

    game capture and window capture not working in obs

    it wont capture gundam evolution and i have the anti cheat compatibility off and i ran it a admin ive tried window capture and it either cuts off half the game or it freezes help me please
  3. M

    OBS crashes, reasons unknown

    I suspect the 'source capture' plug-in is causing the crashes in OBS, although I rely on it. Despite the crashes occurring frequently when switching scene collections or modifying scene filters, I can still utilize OBS. Is there any solution to address this issue specifically related to the...
  4. ATron

    Bitrate Problems, any suggestions or help.

    Hello everyone, I am new to streaming, and I am having some problems with bitrate. I just recently moved to another country and am a bit confused about the bitrate. I used to have great internet with, 10000+ Kbps. Now at my new place, using the Twitch Bandwidth Test tool, the best Kbps I am...
  5. A

    Game running smoothly but obs video lagging.

    so i wanna be able to record my gameplays in 1080 60fps 12mbps. i can do it at 30fps just fine but i want 60, problem is: with demanding games like ''nier:automata'', the video gets laggy, probably because of high gpu usage, this'd be fine if it wasn't for the fact that the game is running...
  6. P

    Elgato sound not working in OBS

    Hi, So I'm using an Elgato HD60 with a Chat Link to capture my PS4. Everything worked perfectly fine for a few years. I hear the sound through my headset connected to the Chat Link and the controller. But the sound is not picked up by OBS and the bar isn't moving in the mixer. I'm thinking it...
  7. Meza

    OBS 29.1 UI/System Hang

    I don't know how to describe this one without people misunderstanding the issue. Ever since OBS 29.1, whenever I'm streaming, my system's window manager seems to take a severe beating. The CPU usage is at 1.7%, the GPU usage is normal, the memory is normal. The log file analyzer finds no issues...
  8. SpiritKnight

    best setting for my obs for streaming and recording Minecraft and other game

    hello guys i have a pc consisting of components such as I5 - 10400f 16 gb ram 3200 MHz 500gb SSD 2 TB HDD GeForce RTX 3060 (8 GB varient) thats all and my network is preety bad right now but i am getting a upgrade soon (so please suggest for both if possible)(i attached a file as a image) can...
  9. D

    Virtual camera and VLC video source

    On VLC video source I have folder of music playing fine in stream but nothing on Virtual camera. Only sound on Virtual camera is from microphone. Any ideas how to fix this? Ty
  10. D

    OBS Bugging with shaders

    Hello I have a problem with obs I wanted to know if someone can help me the problem is when i start a transmission or a minecraft recording with shaders the transmitted or the recording hangs when i move the mouse like some glites, how can i solve it i've tried to update the driver, I removed...
  11. K


    Hello, this is a problem that is leaving me without energy. It hurts my soul to fail my followers and I don't know what to do. I've been having this problem for 3 days, since the end of this Monday's stream, the obs doesn't stop turning red within seconds of starting, sometimes I want to...
  12. E

    OBS Donma Sorunu

    Videoyu sorunsuz bir şekilde donmadan kayıt altına alıyorum fakat videoyu izlediğimde aşırı takıldığını görüyorum yardım eder misiniz ?
  13. Mcwalters

    Screenshot of the ps5

    Hello, I bought a usb key with an HDMI plug to capture the screen of my ps5 but the problem is when I try to play so from my pc to the ps5 so the input lag is really visible and it's unplayable so do you have any tips to remove the input lag?
  14. 8pr

    OBS recording freezes on a single frame for most of session, but only for certain games

    Howdy! We've suddenly developed a puzzling issue with OBS recordings. What happens is this: for the first couple seconds, the game is a single frozen frame, but our mouse movements can be seen. After that, the recording will remain frozen on that single frame for almost the entirety of the...
  15. M

    Problem z nagrywaniem i streamowaniem

    Witam. Od dłuższego czasu borykam się ze zła jakością streamu w ciemnych miejscach nawet na pulpicie. Po zostawieniu na chwilę wszystkiego w miejscu obraz się wyostrza. Na mniejszym ekranie nie jest to bardzo zauważalne (telefon) lecz po włączeniu na monitorze jest to bardzo widoczne...
  16. A

    Obs recording sometimes laggy after a while (skipped frames, encoding lag)

    Recently I tried recording in two different games and sometimes, after a while (20-40 minutes) the recorded material would go from smooth to slide show. Here's the uploaded log file. https://obsproject.com/logs/Tt4sFfMYxbBA88u0 I think the issue appeared at 17:13:18.019, where an encoding lag...
  17. Vari_Jaantje

    Obs crash after playing Webm. file

    Hey guys, I wanted to 'upgrade' my opening scene so I made a short film (no audio) with clips from me and friends having fun in stream. Sort of a trailer what people are getting in to. I made it into a Webm. file. It is 5 min long. I made it loop (just in case) But after playing it for a minute...
  18. T

    Audio Input Capture stopped

    Hello! I had an interesting encounter today: My livestream was working, everything was in order, but suddenly, the audio input capture in OBS wasn’t receiving signal anymore. However, Logic Pro AND ATEM Mini software controller were receiving signal on the same Mac mini, just OBS wasn’t anymore...
  19. O

    My OBS Video output is laggy !!

    Hey everyone, I really need your help quickly with my OBS Settings, as the Video output is always laggy. What would be the best Video Output Settings for my Laptop. Here are the specs: Looking forward for your help.
  20. T

    OBS not using Nvidia Effects from Elgato Camera Hub

    So yesterday I enabled the nvidia blur background effect within the elgato camera hub app, opened OBS and it was working fine, now I try again today and the effect isn't there despite not having changed anything. I've restarted OBS and the elgato camera hub, as well as disabled and reenabled the...