1. R

    Question / Help OBS lagging with i7 6700k and gtx 1060 6gb

    Hi, so I'm a Fortnite youtuber. I record in 240fos (usually) and render in 60 to give it a nice smooth effect. Everything used to be smooth and fine, but now, it's always laggy, even when I record in 30 or 60 fps. I do get 240fps in Fortnite, so I don't know the problem. I7 6700k, a GTX 1060...
  2. Y

    Question / Help OBS Video wont load farther than 1 second

    Hi, so I tried to record with OBS recently and whenever I recorded the gameplay, the actual video wouldn't go farther than 1 second. You could still hear all the audio and stuff. Since the file is too large I will sort of describe it; during the first second you can see the background animations...
  3. T

    Question / Help OBS not recording slideshows in windows 10.

    I recently bought Lenovo ideapad 520 with Windows 10, 8gb ram and NVIDIA grforce. I was earlier using HP window 7 with AMD radeon graphic card and was having no problem while streaming slideshows live on YouTube, but now OBS is not working properly on Windows 10. I am attaching two screen shots...
  4. A

    Question / Help recommended secondary hard drive speed?

    So I record and do youtube all from my laptop which isn't too strong but it's not weak. Its the $600 acer aspire e15. Well I heard that recording to a secondary hard drive is better than recording to the same drive as C:\ since the drive then has to read and write the program your running as...
  5. J

    Question / Help Get video source from UDP stream vlc to OBS

    Hi there, I wanted to get my camera source to OBS, I am using wifi udp stream available in my camera Sony pxw-70. I am able to watch the UDP stream in vlc but i am not able to get that source in obs. I have tried to capture window but there's a flickering glitch in window capture. Didn't work I...
  6. C

    Question / Help Everything works perfectly in my stream, but theres no game sound.

    So as I said in the title, my stream is pretty flawless and this was working a few days ago. Yesterday when I tried streaming, apparently my game sound wasnt going through for whatever reason and I dont know why.
  7. C

    Question / Help Using OBS and NDI, You Tube says "camera can't be accessed because it's being used by another app"

    Hey, I am using OBS on a network to take an NDI signal from a Tricaster 410. The image and sound is shown in the OBS "red frame" ok. But when I go to You Tube or FaceBook it returns and error. On You Tube it says "camera can't be accessed because it's being used by another app". Any...
  8. T

    Question / Help Stream failing when switching to live NDI camera

    Hi guys, We are having a problem when using OBS with an NDI camera source and streaming to Youtube. We have got a couple of placeholder cards for when we start our stream, i.e. "stream starting soon" "our organisation name - livestream" etc. When we flick through the placeholders the stream...
  9. S

    YouNow (April 2019 Update) Not Listed as a Streaming Service Option

    YouNow states to select their company from the list of streaming service providers in OBS, and list an image on their site. But OBS doesn't list them in the latest version of OBS. This is from their site: This is from OBS Studio v23.1.0 (64 bit)
  10. Carto

    OBS NVENC (Turing) vs X264 Medium Side by Side Comparison Using the FF XIV Benchmark

    I know there are quite a few of these out there, but the more info the merrier. I'll be doing more with additional benchmarks as well as various bitrates spanning from 3500 to 8000 for reference. Let me know if there's anything you guys would like to see, I've got the hardware and I'm always...
  11. B

    Question / Help OBS Xcomposite source does not follow changes

    Hi All! I have a problem with Xcomposite source. The Xcomposite source does not follow in OBS, what happen in source window, unless If I move the source wndow, OBS will start the following. I made a Youtube video about it, becouse It is hard for me to describe this...
  12. StreamPanel

    Free StreamPanel App for every device

    StreamPanel App: Control your OBS and Twitch from one place (works wirelessly on most devices) Hey guys, I have a new web app that allows you to control and monitor your OBS and Twitch stream. To setup and get started, go down to the “Setup / Instructions” section of this post. Here is the...
  13. Tuna

    obs-nvfbc 0.0.2

    obs-nvfbc OBS Studio source plugin using NVIDIA's FBC API for Linux. Requirements NVIDIA Linux drivers 410.66 or newer IMPORTANT: This plugin will NOT work with your regular NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards! The following NVIDIA GPUs are supported. This won't change unless NVIDIA releases an...
  14. 123123123

    Question / Help I need a Capture Card capable to actually preview 1280x720@60fps

    Hello! I hope you can help me with this simple question/issue. What I Have: OBS, with a Chat Overlay custom CSS (and I want to preserve it) I also have a Live Gamer HD C985 capture card, but it isn't useful to me (following the reason) Laptop The issue: The mentioned Capture Card only shows...
  15. X

    Question / Help Gv Usb2 showing blue screen on OBS/No Signal maybe?

    I need help. The title is as it says, I think that there might not be any signal. I am using a PS3 as my console and using composite cables in the TV's AV ports. Any suggestions?
  16. S

    Question / Help Really blurry stream

    Hello, so I recently started streaming and I followed a lot of tutorials on "Best settings" but my streams are really blurry and especially when I move in game. And I tried I would say almost everything, read many forum treads and watched a lot of videos to try and figure out what the problem...
  17. H

    Question / Help Bitrate always drops when streaming but upload speed is stable

    Hey, i'm having a weird issue here and i really hope you guys can help me solve it. I live in Tunisia (north africa) and i stream on twitch (Europe: France, Paris), the problem is whenever i stream, the bitrate just drops out of nowhere, i've only streamed around 10 times so far and i've had low...
  18. M

    Question / Help Bad Quality Using Canon T6 Rebel + Elgato HD60S

    Faço vidas para um campeonato de vôlei, uso uma câmera Canon T6 Rebel e uma placa de captura Elgato HD60S, não gostei muito das fotos, não tenho certeza se é uma configuração errada ou se a câmera não é adequada para isso médio. Se esta não é uma boa câmera para a vida, o que você recomenda no...
  19. Lokidum

    Question / Help Why Does My Stream Lag And YouTube Say Low Output?

    Hows it going, recently I tried to stream from my computer while playing games on the same device and the stream lagged and YouTube said it was a low output. I've streamed using OBS with consoles before with the same settings and never had any problems. I tried doing an unlisted stream to see...
  20. M

    Question / Help Streaming

    Hi, Guys, I could use some help, please. I am using an Elgato HD 60 S, and I have The Ultimate Elite Pro Headset Bundle from Turtle beach that has a tac. I am using the Elgato chat link but need some help on making sure that i have everything configured correctly to where OBS can capture the...