1. A

    OBS error please help

    i have installed OBS on my RDP and it is giving error " the procedure entry point is Wow64process2 could not be located in the dynamic library... Please someone help me with this issue thanks.
  2. P

    Voicemeeter - OBS - ASIO

    Hey there! So I've been having some trouble with OBS + Voicemeeter potato. My current setup is a Tascam 16x08 with 5 inputs(mics) and 5 outputs (headsets) which then leads into the Tascam 16x08 software and then routes to Voicemeeter, which is recognizing the separate inputs through the Tascam...
  3. G

    Multiple crashes going slowly worse (and slowly insane)

    Hi, I'm sorry, English is not my main language. I wanted to know if anyone could help me figure out what is wrong with my obs. I've been using this software for the past few weeks, and since a few days, a stinger transition that worked perfectly disappeared. Furthermore, each time I try to put...
  4. G

    Issue with Purplish Logo with VFX Lettering When Recording with OBS

    I saw a strange purplish logo consisting of 2 diamonds (1 purple and 1 grey) with VFX written on it while I was recording with obs. It appeared for like 3 seconds. What is it? What does it mean? I have some plugin installed: move transition, spectralizer and streamelements.
  5. khipus

    OBS keep crashing on Startup: Unhandled exception: c0000005 - Please HELP!

    Hi all - I am hoping the community can help me with my issue. This is odd since I am only experiencing this recently [yesterday]
  6. E

    Obs 30 crashes every time you start it for no apparent reason.

    Hello friends of the OBS forum. How are u? My problem: Every time I start OBS in its newest version (and it happened in the previous one too) it simply hangs/crashes and closes. After restarting it, the sound from the Avermedia card disappears, making it necessary to restart it a few times...
  7. G

    My live is lagging / Mi directo se laguea

    Ultimamente cuando hago streams, desde que cambie de grafica empeze a experimentar que mis directos se laguean viendose en Twitch a 30 o 15 fps, cuando lo tengo configurado a 60 fps 900p, Pero de todos modos en mi stream se laguea y mi internet si da suficiente para hacer el stream, Creen que...
  8. C

    OBS Crashing on Close

    For the past few days, OBS is crashing upon closing the app. I don't seem to have any other performance issues, and I cannot determine a cause or reason for the crash. I ran a log, and the only critical I got back was "Max Audio Buffering" on my Main Camera source - which is odd, because that's...
  9. vnva

    BSoD after closing OBS like 95% of the time

    Here's the log. Someone tell me what's wrong here
  10. LordGrym

    OBS (idle + NOT streaming) causing Network to drop

    Hello. I'm running OBS 29.1.3 and for some reason when I have the program open, just idle, no browser sources or anything, my network just shits itself. No webpage loads. As soon as I close OBS my network immediately comes good and things load quick. Just not sure what's going on here. Has been...
  11. T

    Update Crashed Stream & Game

  12. P

    OBS Crashing Things

    So whenever I open OBS on my PC, over a few seconds it will like knock out my internet browser that is playing youtube. it will also crash my some of the games which I would like to stream. I am unsure why this keeps happening. Ive redownloaded OBS, Ive updated drivers. I read somewhere that a...
  13. KingKong77

    FX Magician: Lower Thirds, Virtual Deck, Bot, WebSocket...

    KingKong77 submitted a new resource: FX Magician for OBS - Astounding Effects in OBS with no install, just click & go Read more about this resource...
  14. KingKong77

    FX Magician: Lower Thirds, Virtual Deck, Bot, WebSocket... 0.11

    FX Magician is really magic. It is a Click & Go app, no installation required, it uses the incredible OBS WebSocket technology. http://fxmagician.live FX Magician let you to customize some incredible effects. FX Magician also integrates a very powerful BOT engine. How to connect If you are...
  15. A

    OBS Toggle Messages Plz Read

    I am a new streamer, I design my own overlays and alerts, to finish my overlay, I am looking to create custom toggle message in obs like overlay expert. For example: OBS have hotkeys for their toggle messages, which only allow for one key to be a toggle message unless you do a combination with...
  16. N

    QUESTION on How to have audio come through OBS when using Video Capture Device.

    Hello, so my capture card is from Amazon and my capture card is the: Papeaso Video Capture Card Here is the link...
  17. E

    OBS and Oculus Mirror

    Hi! A month ago I was stream VR games from Oculus Mirror, but today Im back and OBS captures just a pic from Oculus Mirror, looks like freeze although can see mouse cursor when I move above Oculus Mirror window, what is happening? On Oculus Mirror window can see the game propertly
  18. J

    How to Fix Washed out Colors on Mac?

    Hello, I realize this question has been asked before but can't find a clear answer anywhere. I recently switched to OBS on a Mac and my exported recordings look washed out and too white. The files play normally in players like VLC but look washed out in Quicktime and internet browsers on my...
  19. F

    Droid Cam not working

    Hello I am using two phones as a webcam using droid cam One phone is working fine. On connecting the second phone, the camera is showing on the droidcam app display but not in OBS Both the phones are connected using USB I would be much obliged if anyone can kindly guide me Regards.
  20. J

    I need help with what OBS Settings to use.

    I have an overkill PC with the following specs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1exCzD5hNX_CDJlF7xpy2U0OJmDr6SBhodLlL8cVm6l4/edit and I still cannot get good OBS video quality. I want to record at 1440p with 100fps (my monitor is 1440p 300hz). What output settings should I use?