1. E

    It looks like I Found a Fix to Custom Browser Docks Resizing Since Update 29 came out!

    this is my post on the OBS subreddit enjoy! I am also uploading a youtube video explaining it will link here when it finishes uploading.
  2. E

    Media Source Triggered When Raided on Twitch (W/O 3rd Parties)?

    Hi im new to all this, ive googled but gotten no answer. Ive seen streamers, that when raided, have their full screen become an video with sounds specific to raids. (Not the typical Twitch alerts). Is there a way to have a Raid trigger an OBS Media source without needing to download another...
  3. V

    [DROPPING FRAMES] My stream is dopping frames

    For some reason my stream has been dropping frames like crazy lately, and I don't have a clue why, I've lowered my bitrate, changed servers and my internet is also completely fine but my OBS is still dropping frames. If someone could check my logs and help me find what's the cause of this, if...
  4. A

    Forced overlay? (VHS capture newbie)

    To those wiser than I (especially in digitizing VHS tapes): Newbie to OBS here. In the middle of trying different digitizing methods for hundreds of VHS tapes. Now trying OBS with my Elgato HD 60X and i've noticed the first few seconds features an overlay showing "AV/NTSC" in the upper right...
  5. G

    OBS + Droidcam Virtual output and Whatsapp Desktop on Windows 10

    So i tried to make a video call on whatsapp desktop, using droidcam and OBS, since whatsapp doesnt see the OBS Virtual Camera, and it works like a charm, the problem is i need it to be 9:16 instead of 16:9, on telegram it works without the Droidcam, since it detects the OBS Virtual Camera, but...
  6. M

    Feedback Loop When Streaming

    Hi OBS, I have a predicament which I can't seem to figure out. During my live streams, using OBS, I'm getting feedback loop on twitch live video. I have my friend with whom I'm using 'stream together' function on twitch. I say 'hi' and then my friend hears is a bit later. I'm aware some delay...
  7. W

    Looking For Something Else Here.

    I have gone through this forum and its related to OBS, linux etc. Which is great for technical users like me. I can contribute in this forum as well which is great and I am so excited about it. But I thought there should be forum board for entertainment purpose as well where people can come and...
  8. M

    No sound over controller Xbox

    Hi guys A have a little problem with the sound. I installed OBS on my notebook, connected it with AverMedia. Xbox » AverMedia » Notebook » Tv. Everything is working but when i plug in my headphones to the controller over the cabel,. at that moment the OBS app sound stop working. Where si the...
  9. C

    Not your normal disconnect/reconnect issue

    Greetings OBS family, This is my first time actually posting on a forum anywhere for help. I usually am able to find out on my own through the many resources people post online but this one is got me stumped. Story: About a couple of months ago I noticed OBS disconnecting and reconnecting and...
  10. E

    Transmissão pelo OBS com JVC HM250U

    PORTUGUÊS Pessoal, eu gostaria de enviar imagem da JVC HM250U pela rede wifi para o OBS. E o OBS transmitir para onde eu quiser (Facebook, Youtube, Twitch...). Eu consigo encontrar a JVC em minha rede e acessar ela pelo navegador, mas nao encontro uma forma de adicionar ela no obs. Busquei...
  11. Anguxilion

    Need help, Framerate issues with 75hz screen and 60fps stream

    My issue is pretty simple, I have a 75hz screen, and when I'm playing Valorant, it runs at 75fps, the default stream output is 60fps, and here starts the trouble. it looks stuttery on Twitch, I can choose to stream at 75fps on OBS, and it looks good on my 75hz screen, but if I see the gameplay...
  12. S

    OBS immediately disconnecting and reconnecting upon clicking "Start Stream"

    Hi all, So i set up my OBS to stream on Kick. Ran through a view Youtube videos on how to set everything up. When i went to test everything to make sure the stream looked okay i kept running into an issue. As soon as i click "Start Streaming" i get a series of messages on the bottom left...
  13. A

    OBS Recordings not Playing Properly

    Hello! First time posting, be gentle. I record music recitals at a university and use OBS to combine the video and audio along with titles and lower thirds in one go so we don't need post-production before archiving the recordings. Just recently, I've been having an issue with recordings from...
  14. L

    Random Crashes while recording, testing stuff or even changing scenes.

    So I'm really REALLY new to streaming. I was using streamelabs but i got recommended to use obs since it links better with streamelements. So I did a few tries and got a lot of crashes in random moments while recording. I downloaded 2 plugins win capture audio to make a scene to use as mixer and...
  15. Woxen

    OBS breaks sizes of panels

    OBS UI needs a rework for a many of reasons but this one is really annoying. As I showed in the video, the problem is happening only with YouTube service selected and an account connected, if you don't connect your account - the controls panel (where you can start streaming/recording) will stay...
  16. A

    OBS causing performance issue

    Hello! So... When im not streaming I'v got 260 fps avg (usually I play at 144 fps caped stable 1%low avg 100 fps and smooth performance). As soon as I open OBS my fps going down to 150, and 1% low 60-70fps. And I can feel that game is not smooth. I got disent pc so I don't know whats the issue...
  17. M

    Is it possible to place, frame and make ready newly imported video sources in Preview?

    Hello world, Is there a way to setup a Scene in the preview panel? I ask because if I'm running a Live Stream and I'm given a video to play out when I bring in the video as a new Source the only way I can currently see how to frame it/centre whatever is by hitting Transition and then I have to...
  18. T

    I am trying to record GMod in OBS but it comes up as a black screen

    No matter what I do its a black screen
  19. K

    OBS 30.0.2 Crashing without any logs

    Hi everyone, Sorry for my potential bad english, i'm encountering issues with OBS since 4 days ! During my stream, OBS crashing, but impossible to detect it, each time, my chat indicate that the stream end. The only thing that I can see, it's my preview which stop working, Everything else still...
  20. T

    Failed to connect to server (High detailed post)

    When going live I get an error message saying: Failed to connect to server. The connection timed out. Make sure you've configured a valid streaming service and no firewall is blocking the connection. Tried solutions: Run OBS as admin Restarted OBS Rebooted computer Reconnect Twitch to OBS Edit...