1. J

    Can't use custom audio device on MacOS

    Hi guys I'm trying to use a custom audio device for a video capture device but I can't see the option in device's properties. I also have a windows PC and in windows I can see the option. How can I use this option in a MacOS? This is my MacOS device's properties window: This is my Windows PC...
  2. D

    Using voicemeeter (different audio tracks) has no effect on obs audio tracks

    Hello there, I recently installed voicemeeter potato with cable & cable A+B to split my audio tracks and control them seperatly (like Browser, Music, Desktop, VoIP, Microphone, etc.). Summing up the whole Voicemeeter setup. As in Voicemeeter I did the same thing with OBS, giving every Audio...
  3. 9

    Survey won't close.

    I haven't been using OBS for a while now. Came back to do something and now i cant close the player "Survey". I could close the StreamFX thingy but i can't close the survey, cant close/make OBS into fullscreen. Thank you if you help. Sincerely. - 9uv EDIT: I can't do anything in OBS too, not...
  4. Z

    Problem with Tuna Plugin

    I recently formated my pc and reinstalled tuna so people could see which song is playing, the thing is, rn when i write %t to show the song title, instead it just shows a giant %T and does not show the title properly. Image that shows the issue...
  5. P

    Elgato HD60 s+ Black screen

    Hallo, ich hab mir die Elgato HD60 s+ gekauft und eingerichtet. PS4 mit der Elgato verbunden und alles klappt Bild und so kommt in der 4k Utility Anwendung In OBS habe ich dann eine Videoaufnahmegerät Szene gemacht und meine Elgato Game Capture HD60 S+ ausgewählt. Anstatt dem PS4 Menü kommt...
  6. R

    Problem with registration audio

    Hi, I have problem with OBS, I can't undestand why. When I save the file I see that the audio is not ok, after 1 or 2 minuts the audio go in 2x. I try to attach the video but I can't because is "too large"...3.5MB file....too large....in .zip....ok?! My CPU when I save file go to max of 40% of...
  7. J

    OBS and NDI

    I have been trying to find this answer all over, but is there a way in OBS for MacOS to send and NDI camera feed out like you can do in Wirecast and if so how can I go about setting it up? Thanks so much for any help on this.
  8. Y

    OBS: Capture card says I can set it to 60fps but it doesn't look like 60fps

    I recently got this capture card (Mirabox 4K Passthrough) it says I can set the framerate to 60 FPS but when I look at the preview and then the recording, it shows it goes to 30. I have read some things on the forums saying something about my color range and gpu overloading and other display...
  9. S

    OBS crashes during Auto-Config

    Every time i run the auto-config it crashes. Have re-installed and restarted comp with no results. Posting the crash report as attachment. Also posting DxDiag as attached for additional info if needed. Thank you,
  10. J

    Is there a way to view the stream chat from OBS on a cellphone or another computer while livestreaming?

    This is a bit complicated but I'm using some site called melon to livestream on twitch & youtube at the same time. unfortantely melon does not have the ability to display chat from both sites while livestreaming with OBS and they told me i'd have to view the chat through OBS instead, BUT when...
  11. L

    My OBS crash help !

    Hello, My OBS crash every time i try to launch it Here is the crash report: Thanks for the help!
  12. Crimsonland1

    Stinger not working after intro

    Recently my stinger isn’t working after the intro of my streams. And my words are being cut also. Stinger and “hey welcome back to the channel my friends” all missing after the intro. Pro Mentality gaming YT my latest live stream you can see. But it’s happened 3 streams in a row now. I have...
  13. C

    Problema de desconexion y conexion al transmitir con OBS en Facebook y Twitter

    Hola, instale el plugin Multiple RTMP para transmitir en Facebook y Twitter, configuré el OBS pero al momento de transmitir me salta un error de desconexión e inmediatamente se vuelve a conectar, así todo el rato, en bucle, por lo que la transmisión no se ve fluida, no se escucha y se traba...
  14. Akahri

    OBS recorded file comes just with audio and no video

    after formatting my computer a few weeks ago I recorded video normally through obs with my default configuration of recording gameplays, but when reinstalling it I put the same settings as before and the file only comes with the audio of the game I'm recording and without no video, I'll leave my...
  15. grrbes

    OBS capturing himself when I select window capture and choose any window

    Hello, my OBS is capturing himself every time when I select some window to capture, but when I select screen capture he works normally. I'm using Windows 7 and before I use Windows 10 when I usually used OBS too and capture window without any bugs like that. If anyone can help me, I'd be so...
  16. D

    "Go Live" Plugin for OBS

    Hi There! Im in the process of making the move to OBS from Streamlabs, and I was just wondering if there was a plugin for OBS that had a similar or near identical function of Streamlabs' "go live" feature, where you can setup the stream title, description, and thumbnail in the actual app (I...
  17. S

    Crash While Adding Video Capture Device

    Hello all! Similar to this forum linked below, I am having an issue adding a Video Capture Device. I'm trying to modify my camera within OBS, but each time I pull up the properties menu, OBS freezes and I have to restart. I've also tried unplugging the camera from my computer and the properties...
  18. M

    OBS recording frame drops for all recording formats

    Hello, this is my first post, and I've been running into some OBS recording problems lately. I normally use OBS to record my Valorant gameplay, but recently I noticed that my OBS recordings would drop frames every so often. Thus, I discovered some settings on the forums and used the settings...
  19. L

    How to solve problem with vst plugins in streamlabs OBS?

    Vst plugins won't open in streamlabs. Through normal OBS, all plugins open well. Is there any workaround to solve this problem?
  20. J

    3 verschiedenen Streams gleichzeitig ins Internet?

    Hi, wir haben hier einen MacMini und dort läuft schon OBS einwandfrei und es wird 1 Stream erfolgreich ins Internet gestreamt nun wollen wir aber 3 verschiedenen Streams gleichzeit ins Internet stellen. Wird das funktionieren? Denn wir streamen einen Bildschirmaufnahme und das soll so weiter...