1. F

    AMD Encoder VERY bad/pixelated

    So I just switched from an old GTX 1060 to an RX 6600XT and the performance is exceptional. Trying to stream games with the AMD encoder on the other hand looks disgustingly bad. Now I know that ''apparently'' the AMD encoder is suppose to be worse then NVIDIAs but check the video I posted below...
  2. A

    Audio Filters opening when starting OBS

    Hi, When I’m starting OBS program, all my mic filters are opening themselves in new windows and it’s really annoying. And yes, I’ve the lastest version of OBS and the filters on my pc. How can I stop them to doing this? Thanks and best, Adam
  3. N

    OBS keeps reconnecting every 10 minutes (only on twitch)

    Hello, I have a small problem with OBS and Streamlabs. When I try to stream it breaks every 10 minutes and reconnects. I checked if it's the network's fault, but it turns out this only happens on twitch. I'm attaching the OBS logs below. Thanks for your help
  4. W

    Yet another "Encoding overloaded" with a 3090 Ti

    I have a 4k monitor and it's currently set to 144Hz. I tried recording my desktop, nothing else and I get "Encoding overloaded" even though there is no movement. I'm running a 3090 Ti and a Ryzen 7 3700x and I didn't even have this issue with my 2080 Ti before restoring my PC. The card runs...
  5. kattiebugg95

    OBS keeps disconnecting

    https://obsproject.com/logs/9rGwkV32DiDHHmXY ever since I updated to the newest version of OBS it'll disconnect for up to 15 seconds and the reconnect. I've lowered my bitrate which hasn't seemed to help, my connection is strong. That's the newest log so hopefully it'll show what's happening on...
  6. V

    Obs Freeze while streaming and i have to force close it and reopoen it

    Obs Freeze while streaming and i have to force close it and reopoen it can anybody help with my Log file to identify the problem?
  7. J

    OBS Crashing on Launch since updating to 28.x version

    Hello I usually ignore the prompt to update OBS to the newest version hence why I've found this issue so late after the release of 28.0. I updated OBS roughly 10 days ago having had no crashes leading up to that point since installing a few months back. However in the last 7 days or so my OBS...
  8. K

    My OBS Crashes Whenever I Try To Record.

    My OBS Crashes Whenever I Try To Record And It Says: Woops! OBS has crashed! Would you like to copy the crash log to the clipboard? The crash log will be saved to: C:/Users/lenovo/AppData/Roaming/obs-studio/crashes/Crash-2022-10-01 17-07-01.txt Here's the log file: Please help me. Sincerely
  9. A

    help to improve streaming quality / ayuda para mejorar la calidad en stream

    I've been trying to achieve a good transmission quality for a long time but currently with a "decent" PC I don't get a good image. With Overwatch for example I notice many pixels in quick moments, I understand that it is normal in a game of that style but I wanted to know if there is any other...
  10. C

    Chrome loses window capture. Turns black when not in focus.

    Using 'window capture' with Chrome browser in OBS loses feed and turns black when Chrome is not 'on top' (the focused application). Capture feed returns when Chrome is brought back into focus. Research within this forum and around the web has offered solutions but most are outdated and none...
  11. K

    How to properly configure OBS and remove the problems mentioned below?

    Hello, I have a very powerful computer (for reference), the OBS settings are as follows: https://imgur.com/a/mX1XcUZ . Why is the picture pixelated when moving in the game? In the state of a static image, this defect is absent. The bitrate is 7k, I do streams on twitch, I run from the admin, the...
  12. R

    OBS Studio 28 Plugin Compatibility, amend page to include "Lower Thirds" plugin

    Can somebody please notify whoever can amend the page "OBS Studio 28 Plugin Compatibility", located here: https://obsproject.com/kb/obs-studio-28-plugin-compatibility to include the plugin: "Animated Lower Thirds with Dockable Control Panel "...
  13. A

    OBS crashes on Start Up and Now Won't Open

    M1 MacBook MacOs Version: 12.6 OBS (Apple Silicon) Version: 28.0.2 My OBS was running fine then would crash on start up with the following crash report. What I have tried: Deleting all plugins from library/applicationsupport/obs-studio Restarting and reinstalling several times. Lastly I...
  14. minamo

    Me ajuda ai.

    Eu uso a internet da Net. Eu faço lives na twitch e já faz uma semana que toda vez que abro a live pelo obs a internet só do computador cai. O obs fica reconectando,o jogo cai também e as vezes até a internet do próprio computador cai. E meu computador é ligado no modem,eu já tentei mudar todas...
  15. franklinitiel

    Sonido desde reaper a OBS suena horribe

    hola amigos, tengo un problema, estoy tratando de grabar unos tutoriales, tengo mi interfaz, micro, uso mi cel como camara con droidcam, y tengo a reaper como mi herramienta de fondo para realizar mis tutoriales, utilizo Rea Route ASIO como herramienta para conectar de Reaper a OBS, y presento...
  16. S


    Juego sin perdida de fps o tirones, el juego va perfecto pero cuando termino el estream y voy a twitch esta lageado o con tirones bueno con tirones el lo mas adecuado, en el panel de estadisticas me muestra el bitrate estable y me pone que hay muy pocos fotogramas perdidos como mucho he llegado...
  17. T

    very low bandwidth

    Hello guys! I have a problem with the stream bandwidth. Usually i've streaming with like 6000 bitrate, but now, when i'm starting stream, bitrate drops on 700-1500. How do i can fix it? Someone faced that problem? Attached my logs.
  18. D

    Stream Key not working for FB or twitch on OBS.

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I wanted to first say that I am needing help in resolving this issue that I am currently experiencing with OBS not reading my stream key. I have tried multiple things which are listed below. 1. Updated my GT 1030 Nvidia Graphics driver. 2. Updated OBS to the...
  19. Q

    Constant Crashing Since New Update

    My OBS app is pretty much guaranteed to crash every time I've used it since the update. I've attached some of the most recent crash files for reference, starting on September 7th and going up to today (it crashed about 7-8 times today). Looking for help to eliminate the problem, thanks in advance
  20. S

    Stream Reconnecting after 10-30 minutes(sometimes every 5 minutes)

    Hello, i have a problem and i need your help Before, and even now, sometimes I stream to YouTube in maximum quality and with a bitrate of 15 thousand and stream working, but I decided to switch to twitch and there was a problem there, the stream itself reboots, I tried to lower the settings...