1. L

    Stingers makes CPU spikes on OBS

    Hello everyone! Since two weeks ago I'm having some problem with OBS. I have custom stingers for my streaming, I made them with AE as .webm Everything was fine I even add different variations of that stinger with different colours. Then, one day, during my streaming every time I went from...
  2. Zukan

    I want to record my professor's screen in college, only on my notebook, how can I do it?

    This is possible to do, if it is, what is the settings in the obs?
  3. B

    Help needed for a live stream with multiple microphones and zoom

    Hi, I'm planning a live stream on Youtube where our host and I will be sitting in a studio. We have a Sony camera with 2 microphones plugged in it. The camera is connected to the computer by HDMI cable and a USB dongle. So I have one camera and 2 audio going in OBS. What I would like is to call...
  4. L

    Extremely jittery video input when using OBS?

    Recently I've been trying to stream from my PC rather than from my Laptop. Whenever I do however the video is extremely jittery as can be seen here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/742754059 I've followed all of the advice in this video but unfortunately the problem still persists...
  5. 3

    Playing music in stream for viewers only(muted on desktop)

    So just as the title says. Quick simple tutorial on how to play music while streaming, so only your viewers can hear it. I've tested it with spotify, VLC, winamp and wmp on Windows 10 pro Click here for the Tutorial Video(youtube) -Easy to setup -No additional software needed -works with...
  6. T

    Dell Inspiron 15 5567 OBS Settings

    Hi Guys, These are my current specs: CPU - Intel i5-7200U @ 2,5Ghz GPU - AMD RADEON R7 M440 4GB - Dedicated GPU - Intel HD Graphics 620 - Integrated RAM - 16 GB @ 2400Mhz - Used to have only 8gb but I added another 8gb I use OBS to record reaction videos on my YouTube...
  7. S


    I Am Using OBS From The Last 5 Months And I Am Facing Problem With The Pale Colors.The Pale Color Turns Black Automatically.
  8. B

    PLEASE HELP!!! SERIOUS ISSUES!! Preview full screen issues

    PLEASE! someone help! i am having a huge proplem with obs! When i click on preview full screen it goes either to dark screen with wonky colors or it goes to grey! also the mouse cursor has some knarly trailing behind it. Sometimes i can even color in the whole screen with the trail os the...
  9. Nevinný WoltiX

    OBS "stopping recording" problem :(

    Hi, I would need help with OBS. When I start recording, everything is fine, but as soon as I'm about to stop recording, it bugs .. (it says "I'm stopping recording ...") Don't know how to fix it, please? https://obsproject.com/logs/c8HddEbdMwWMZZPS
  10. G

    Upgraded Processors, OBS recordings are very unusuable.

    So I bought a new processor, it's an i5-4690, and I installed it without any problems. I tested it with a bunch of my games and some editing software and made the performance better. My FPS in TF2 jumped up from 50-60 frames to 100-150 frames. My old processor was an i3-4th gen( I forgot the...
  11. A

    Bitrate drops and comes back up

    Hello! I had some issues over a couple of streams, notifed from chat, that my stream will sometimes go pixely. I noticed my bit rate was fluxing quite a bit. I was running a study 4000 kbs with no issues a while back. Im curious as to what is going on, what settings I should use/adjust, and how...
  12. T

    anyone know that software that lets you stream from a separate pc

    so i remember hearing about this software that lets one pc do the gaming and one pc do the streaming anyone know what that is called
  13. C

    YouTube Stream Key issue.

    Hello. I am running OBS on two different computers, both running Windows 10 64 bit, streaming to two different YouTube channels. For months, everything was great with not one problem. Then a week or so ago, YouTube indicates my stream hasn't started, but OBS indicates that it is streaming. I...
  14. S

    twitch stream has frame stutter

    hello everyone, so for the last few days I've been having an issue where after streaming for over an hour, my stream freezes up and stays on the same frame until I stop livestream. audio is perfectly fine and I thought the issue was my ps4 capture card however it also happened when streaming pc...
  15. D

    Avermedia C875 OBS Mac

    Hi, I have an Avermedia C875 that my Macbook Pro (High Sierra 10.13.6) recognizes in the application RecCentral. BUT OBS does not recognize the Avermedia. I mean when I want to had a video source, OBS only recognizes my webcam, but not the video coming from my Switch or any console. Please help!
  16. QdBmc

    NDI Mac to PC

    Here is the situation: I have a mbp and a pc ,both have the latest obs, NDI plugin, and NDI runtime installed, as well as the NDI 4 Tools. I was to use OBS on the mbp as an NDI source. NDI is configured on the tools menu of OBS on the mbp and sending correctly. Now comes the tricky part. On the...
  17. Hey_Mister_DJ

    Audio issues (Weird) in OBS streaming/recording

    When streaming or recording I'm getting a pitched down (Slow) fluctuating sound on my audio. Any help would be super appreciated as I'm suppose to DJ a virtual event this weekend! Log File is attached Example of issue here: https://youtu.be/M6TE51XQ2Bg (My voice is NOT that low! lol)...
  18. T

    Screen recording from another PC into my own OBS?

    Good afternoon! I create this thread here, because I didn't find anything about it in the internet. My question is quite simple: Is it possible to add a recording of my friend in OBS in the sources so that I can see his screen? I stream on twitch and I think it would be cool to see not only my...
  19. Jrawl90

    URGENT HELP REQUIRED: Sound Looping when using Skype NDI

    I'm using NDI to pull multiple Skype feeds into a stream. I am having issues with sound looping thru all the feeds. Is there a setting that I can change so each Input is isolated? My show is Friday 9/4/20.
  20. L

    720p Is So Low Quality when I Try Recording?

    Hello, when i record with 1920x1080, quality is fine but, my computer works so slow, and then it's hard to edit. 1920x1080 is my monitor. I want to try to record 1280x720, but then the quality is really so bad, I don't know what's the issue. I tried playing with CBR but it didn't help My...