1. propz

    OBS Regularly crashes - whats wrong with my setup?

    Hi guys, I'm not sure why my OBS crashes from time to time. Sometimes I can stream for like 3 hours and everyhting works fine... sometimes I just start OBS and it crashes. And is it normal, that OBS keeps streaming after a crash? It's kinda nice but weird ^^...
  2. Joshua Moochooram

    OpenSong Controller 1.1

    This is a custom plugin that I made for OBS Studio to integrate OpenSong directly into OBS Studio. It is inspired from OpenSong Controller by goorkamateusz which unfortunately did not meet my requirements, so I decided to create my own plugin to better suit my needs. Notice: This is still a...
  3. F

    OBS + iPad problem.

    Hello, I'm bought reflector 4 to connect with an ipad and it works perfectly normal without problems. Then I successfully also add the iPad screen mirroring into OBS. It all works perfectly fine and smoothly in OBS, until I start the test stream, then it freezes and crashes after few seconds of...
  4. R

    OBS, separate audio track but mic is still capturing desktop noise

    I record on MKV and remux it to MP4. I've also split the tracks(2 tracks). When I go into Movie Studios Platinum 17. The 1st audio track has my mic and desktop audio while the 2nd track has just the desktop audio. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here. Is it because my mic is close to my...
  5. M

    OBS trouble

    Hello I have a Allen and heath QU-32 connected to my focusrite converter connected to my Mac and I can hear the main mic and ear piece mic for the pastor but I can't hear the piano, piano mic and the singers which is 3-4 mics being used. My obs isnt picking it up so we can't Livestream out song...
  6. K

    OBS Shutdown

    So i was recording a video and after a while i needed to go away and turned my pc off without stoping to record. Now it says my video is broken. can someone help?
  7. S


    When I launch OBS (just launch, without streaming or recording) all games start to stutter and fps drops. It starts to happen after some nvidia driver updates. With older drivers I have no problem. Windows 11
  8. K

    OBS game capture wont capture league of legends ingame

    Hi Had a long pause from the game, used to work fine. Now when i try to game capture ingame picture, it only shows the first frame of the game and the picture freezes. Switching scenes picture goes black. Ive ran OBS as an admin, tried having league open (client and ingame) then starting obs...
  9. S

    Very laggy while leaving the window.

    Hello, why when i leave obs window and record, the fps lowers so much? I play Roblox and it runs perfectly fine at 60 fps. My System: Intel Core i3 Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 DDR4 6 GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Can somebody please tell me what is wrong and how to fix it?
  10. S

    OBS Crash

    Hi, I have a problem when I try to open OBS. Seems it happened after installing Voxengo Stereo Touch, I uninstalled it but it didn't help. I tried almost everything I watched on YT, but I couldn't solve it. Could someone help me with something different than reinstall? Please help. Thank you...
  11. D

    Sound problem with my file video

    Hi When I make a live streaming on Teams via OBS, I have a sound problem. in OBS source I read/I broadcast a video of 20min in format H264 MP4 48HZ 24 bits stereo. Some parts of the video are heard correctly by the participants, including the part of the video where the presenter’s voice is...
  12. Mr. Math

    OBS doesn't record video for first 10-ish seconds of game capture

    Log file - https://obsproject.com/logs/VtGBnMRRNCSrW0LQ This is, obviously, a minor issue, but it's been annoying me for a while. When I open a PC game to record a video, OBS simply shows a black screen for about 10 seconds before finally showing the picture. The sound comes through just fine...
  13. J


    Buenos días gente. Hago transmisiones en vivo de Obs hacia Facebook, y utilizo el Obs Ninja para ingresar diferentes invitados a la transmisión, pero ellos no pueden escuchar los audios que yo emito desde controles. Quisiera saber que puedo hacer para que ellos puedan escuchar lo que yo mando...
  14. nokaraoke

    Guide to creating a Traktor “now playing” overlay for OBS

    Hey everyone, I’ve written up a guide to creating your own “Now Playing” overlay for OBS and Traktor 3 on Mac. Hope you find it useful! here’s the link: https://medium.com/@chris.russell/adding-traktor-now-playing-overlay-to-obs-and-other-services-macos-monterey-f66cfe702ed3
  15. Jshmittyz

    A Breakpoint has been Reached?

    I Have been getting some really weird crashes in OBS/ Destiny 2 starting today I have my dump logs, and crash reports attached I can not find the issue if someone can help me that would be great. I also have the DMP dumps for obs but it is too big to post. It started today with discord crashing...
  16. S

    Encoder Error while streaming

    Hi there I've been streaming on this exact pc for a long while now with no issues until about a month ago. Sometimes when I play games it will crash my stream with the error "Encoder Error" after playing the game for about 5 or less minutes but then some games will not crash at all but about a...
  17. T

    HELP | Does My Laptop Matter For OBS If I'm Using My PS4/Monitor?

    Hi everyone! I'm in the process of kickstarting my YouTube channel and I'm trying to get the appropriate equipment without doing too much. I plan to record my gameplay on OBS, using a capture card that is connected to a monitor and my PS4. I tried to run OBS and record on my MacBook Air, but...
  18. A

    Noticeable lag and cursor skipping when trying to record osu!

    It's not unbearable but it's definitely not playable... Here are some things I tried to fix the problem: 1) Enabling Compatibility mode in-game 2) Changing FPS limitations 3) Disabling/enabling fullscreen optimizations for both osu! and OBS, and disabling/enabling run as administrator option...
  19. K

    Best OBS Settings for streaming high quality CS GO?

    my internet speed: MY PC: Display: 1920x1080 but I play 1440x1080 CPU: I7 3770 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 8gb DDR3 1600Mhz Please recommend me the best obs settings for twitch and youtube.
  20. R

    4k60 Pro Mk2 dual PC fps drop issue

    Recently had an issue where my OBS preview on my stream PC will show like 2 seconds of hard fps loss then back to normal, I haven't changed anything about my setup and it was working fine a couple days ago. It doesn't seem to be happening in the 4k capture utility so i'm guessing it has to be...