1. T

    How to prioritize game data rather than stream Data

    Hello, i have about 24mb upload I stream at 6000kbps and this isn't usually a problem as I usually will just play games that are single player, but I want to play multiplayer games and when I do i get crazy ping times like 150 minimum to upwards of 700 sometimes. Im wondering if there is anyway...
  2. L

    OBS Studio NVENC going to 0 bitrate when playing games that uses GPU Scaling.

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems with OBS studio when live streaming with NVENC and play games that uses 4:3 resolution. On NVIDIA Control Panel, I use the GPU scaling so my 4:3 games apear as 4:3 to me (not stretched to the 16:9 resolution of the monitor). But recently, when open or close...
  3. K

    Panasonic AW-UE4 ???

    Hallo zusammen, ich verwende die Panasonic AW-UE 4 PTZ Kamera für Livestreams in unserem Kegelclub. Allerdings laufen die Streams bisher nicht über OBS. Nur über die integrierte Panasonic Software. Ich habe im Internet nach allen möglichen rtsp, rtmp und rtmps Signalen gesucht, um diese in OBS...
  4. M

    [GER] OBS Studio verliert oft die Verbindung zum Stream

    Moin, ich habe seit ein paar Tagen immer wieder Probleme mit meinem OBS. Wenn ich streame, springt es unregelmäßig ganz zufällig schlagartig auf 0kbps und das bleibt dann für ca. 30-60 Sekunden dann auch erstmal so bis dann irgendwann wieder in OBS angezeigt wird das wieder eine Verbindung...
  5. G

    Las voces salen por el audio del escritorio y por el micrófono

    Hace un par de días que tengo este problema, al reproducir un video o al estar en discord con mis amigos en llamada las voces salen por mi micrófono y por el audio normal, esto hace que se escuche doble y tenga una especie de eco. Ya he intentado varios métodos pero ninguno me sirve. Si podrían...
  6. dankoooo:)


    I'm trying to stream via xbox and capture card. But when I move, I have pixels. I have 400/400 internet. So a bitrate of 6k is fine. I have an encoder on gpu and everything I found should be ok. But it's not, my capture card can do 1080p up to 240 fps. I really don't know what to try and I...
  7. I

    OBS/Twitch ending stream on it's own

    Hello everyone, I am a streamer in need of help. Recently I've been streaming and occurred an issue that my stream went offline which I saw on my chatterino, but then as I opened obs studio it hasn't ended the stream. I look up into my twitch channel and my stream indeed ended. I don't know...
  8. R

    PC freezes while streaming/LOL/discord

    Hey Guys, I recently started having trouble while i'm streaming. As soon as my LOL is done my whole pc will freeze. It only happens when i stream so it must be OBS and Discord related. My entire PC will freeze and I can only use it again if i shut it down completely.
  9. P

    Record obs with obs

    Hello there, I have been using obs to record my screen for screencasting and tutorials. Now I want to record OBS itself. How do I go about doing this? Is there a second instance I need to open or do I need to install a portable version? Kindly do guide me with this. Thanks
  10. J

    obs virtual cam with zoom meeting problem

    Hello, first a greeting and apologize if I'm not writing in the right place. Until recently I have used obs without problem to give online piano lessons through zoom meeting. The configuration of my pc is ryzen 5 3600 and Msi rx5500xt with 16gb of ram and a 1080p 75hz monitor. It transmitted...
  11. S


    I have been using OBS NDI for like 4 months and we have never had any issues until now. I do a duo stream, which means another PC is the one streaming it. Since Monday this week, It started making my game freak out like 400 pings. I uninstall and it was fine for one game then it went back to...
  12. QmiiProductions

    Shaderfilter 1.21 for Mac OSX 0.6.0

    WARNING: this is NOT Shaderfilter-plus! Surn's legendary Shaderfilter plugin, recompiled and reworked to be used on Mac OSX devices! This has been a joint effort between Exeldro and I. He built the initial version of the mac compatible plugin, and we worked together to recode the shaders to be...
  13. N

    obs crackling and popping when recording,only when speaking.

    so ive been having pops and cracks when im tryng to record music tutorials in obs free, i have a apollow twin mkii solo audio interface into my computer pc windows 10 pro, evrythung is pretty up too date and i have tried so many YouTube video suggestions but no avail, it seems to be a Apollo...
  14. Y

    Having Issues with buffering

    Okay, I did read and go through the pinned posts in the forums but I am still not getting anywhere. I am streaming explicitly on Youtube and am having dropped frames, lag and buffering issues. I am using a one PC set up to stream and play games. This is my laptop...
  15. F

    Dark/washed colors elgato camlink 4k OBS

    Good day. I am not an English speaker. This message has been generated using Google Translate. I have a problem. I use Elgato cam link 4k and the image that comes to OBS is darker than what the camera shows. It's like washed colors or something. Of course I can use a filter in OBS and...
  16. A

    Buzzing sound when I go live!

    OBS seems to be outputting me entire audio feed as a buzzing sound. Sometimes it works fine at the first 2 minutes of going live, but then it starts with the buzzing sound. Why is this happening and is there anyway to prevent this from happening?
  17. A

    My PC Completely Freezes When Streaming With OBS Studio (Running on Windows 11)

    I've been streaming with OBS Studio for many years and ever since I got my gaming PC back in 2018, it's been smooth! Then until around Fall 2021, my PC has been receiving issues where my entire PC freezes via a black screen and blue screen error, and it's been happening many times. So I bought a...
  18. jalenp69

    OBS recording crashes PC

    Hi I'm new here so sorry in advance if I'm not posting correctly or anything. So I actively record gaming videos and have been doing so for months with obs. I just updated to the newest version either March 31 or April 1 and since then when I record while gaming, my pc crashes. Black screen, gpu...
  19. T

    OBS Lags Seemingly No Matter What

    I apologize if this may be a silly issue, and I don't have a log file available, but I will share what information I can. Seemingly no matter what settings I try, I ALWAYS get some spots of lag during my OBS recordings and it's really frustrating. I am recording a Nintendo Switch at 1080p30...
  20. K

    Best OBS Setting For Mac - Screen Recording (Not Streaming)

    Hi, I just need to record myself which I do via Camo Studio in OBS using my phone (let me know if there are better solutions using a wired connection) And I need to have the video of me (Video Capture) as a thumbnail on top of my Window Capture. I tried setting the video to 1920x1080 but the...