1. L

    2023 obs laggind preview

    https://obsproject.com/logs/oYnSVKug3yCnqCQ6 Can someone help me? after a few minutes of recording, in the game (any rgame) it is normal but in the preview of the obs it starts to lagging and this comes out in the recording, with streamlabs it also happens [ffmpeg muxer: 'simple_file_output']...
  2. L

    2023 obs laggind preview

    https://obsproject.com/logs/oYnSVKug3yCnqCQ6 Can someone help me? after a few minutes of recording, in the game (any rgame) it is normal but in the preview of the obs it starts to lagging and this comes out in the recording, with streamlabs it also happens [ffmpeg muxer: 'simple_file_output']...
  3. D

    El obs me va lento y a tirones

    Buenas, os explico, yo hago streams en 1080p 60fps, y me va bien, cuando enciendo el league of legends y entro en partida, al principio me va bien a mis 200 fps normales pero conforme avanza el tiempo y la partida, van bajando escalonadamente hasta 80 fps y lo peor es que el juego va como lengo...
  4. D

    Help, please! I can't edit my recording from OBS.

    Every time I save my recording, I can't edit my recording using Windows photos app. I keep getting this error message: "It looks like you don't have permission to save changes to this file." I have attached my setting to this post. I am able to edit videos from my nvidia geforce so windows...
  5. P

    Stream İnterrupted

    In the broadcasts I have opened in the last few days, the scene in obs screen capture is white and the flow is cut off, I have to close the obs in the task manager and open the broadcast from the beginning, please help
  6. L

    Frame drop 2023

    https://obsproject.com/logs/NsOI0v6m2YeubAFB Helppppp?
  7. Q

    how to save google chrome source, without creating a new one

    I'm having a little problem with obs on screen capturing my Google Chrome. before I can just open obs and open google chrome click on the plus sign and it capture my Google Chrome. but the new update of obs doesn't do that and and I always have to make a new source to capture my google chrome...
  8. TeleScore

    Free TeleScore - Fully Customizable Open Source Scoreboard Software v1.0.2 Beta

    TeleScore Made by the creators of Scoreboard+ and GameMaster TeleScore is an open-source customizable live stream/in-person scoring utility. Designed to be flexible to accommodate scoring and timing different sports, both TeleScore's controls and outputs can be modified to best fit your needs...
  9. A

    OBS - Catalina 10.15.1 Audio not working during streaming with Restream

    Hello everyone. I have a problem with OBS and audio. I've installed soundflower and set the output source to both the OS and OBS Audio settings as Mic/Auxiliary. When I stream through Restream the microphone audio cuts out after 5-10 minutes. What am I doing wrong? Thank you
  10. xrodgttv

    OBS Studio Crash when the game is minimized/maximized

    Hello there, I've been struggling with some of the errors (not the OBS in particular) when streaming with OBS Studio. I upgraded my PC recently with a new GPU and CPU. Recently I've been experiencing OBS and Game crashing with some Directx11 error, I wasn't able to capture something like...
  11. M

    Obs wont record mic. Please Help!

    I've been trying to figure out for the past day why obs wont record my mic when I try to record videos.. obs clearly is picking up my mics audio. When I record a 30sec clip, it records my mic and I can hear it after I remux the mkv file, but when I record long videos like 10 to 15 minutes, it...
  12. G

    Trying to record a virtual machine on VMware.

    Hello, today i'm trying to record a virtual machine, but when i try it, the virtual machine loks weird. Someone can help?
  13. L

    OBS don't start on Mac M1 error message

    Hi guys, obi don't starts on my Mini Mac M1 (attached the screenshot of the error message) how can fix this error? thx so much
  14. I

    Teammates mic audio not being captured in obs clips

    im not sure if im on the right thread but here goes. I run a dual pc setup and have a goXlr mini where my headphones are plugged into and my microphone. the clips from obs capture everything just fine but they never capture my teammates audio.
  15. A

    UAC recording stopped working after today's update.

    It used to work for me 100%, until today. Everyone writes that it's impossible to capture the UAC window, but it used to work for me, I host a YouTube channel, and it definitely worked. Everything is broken in version 29.0.0 I didn't make any more updates or changes. Is there a solution?
  16. E

    Videoaufnahme rückt automatisch in den Hintergrund

    Hallo, habe gestern Obs installiert und versucht auf Twitsch zu streamen. Ich habe mein Spiel ( League of Legends) über Fensteraufnahme gestreamt. Dann wollte ich meine Webcam über Videoaufnahme zeitgleich streamen. Aber die Videoaufnahme rückt automatisch in den Hintergrund und lässt sich nicht...
  17. A

    How to record multiple windows and switch automatically between them

    Hello everyone! Happy new year! I am very new to OBS. I would like to record at least two windows while switching between. For example, I would like to use Chrome, then switch to Visual Studio Code using the Windows Taskbar and OBS to detect that automatically. I've been able to create two...
  18. SprinkleMush

    OBS crashing streams mid stream

    So, I've been using OBS for sometime now, but recently it has been start to crash my streams while I stream. my obs freezes, I have to Alt + F4 to restart it or through task manager, it is quite annoying. I have been looking up tutorial, I have redownloaded it multiple times but nothing has...
  19. C

    HELP!! PLS OBS SETTINGS(configuración de obs para) FOR RTX 2060 12gb/ intel 11th gen/ 16gb ram. Ayuda por favor/ pls help

    Ayuda por favor// help me please
  20. S

    OBS ERROR NVIDIA (Please Help)

    Log File: https://obsproject.com/logs/69jA-wwBYXBpsJb8 Pretty much I use OBS to record videos with Facecam and I want to use my Nvidia graphics card but this error keeps popping up: Anyone can help me I'm not too smart in tech I know some but not a lot.