1. K

    Look-Ahead not working...

    When I bought my new graphics card (GTX 750 ti) the ''Look-Ahead'' option worked perfectly and greatly improved the quality of my streams and recordings (with bfs set to 4) over time I noticed that the quality of my streams and recordings went down too low without having moved anything in the...
  2. X

    OBS won't launch.

    Hi, good afternoon. I am having trouble launching OBS, i recieve an error message and OBS won't launch. ¿What can i do to solve this issue?
  3. I

    OBS dropping frames every 10-20 seconds on an EXTREMELY high-end PC

    Greetings, As mentioned in the title I built a very strong PC to be able to handle 2k recordings while also gaming (on max settings) My current specs are: - Ryzen 9 5950x - 64 Gigs of 3000 mhz RAM - RTX 3090 - Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB (1 to run windows, 1 to run the games) - 4TB HDD for...
  4. M

    I can't directly connect obs to twitch

    There is no pop up to sign in to twitch when I click "connect account", It does nothing at all. I'm running on Ubuntu currently, could I have installed it wrong? Please help
  5. P

    OBS 28.0.0 & 28.0.1 AMD AMF problem (AMD Ryzen 7 5700G iGPU)

    Hi all, With old obs, I was using the iGPU in my AMD 5700G to handle recording in h265 while playing on my geforce rtx 3060 ti. I updated to 28.0.1 and found my AMD AMF encoder completely missing. I have updated to 28.0.1. And the AMD AMF encoder is still missing. Here is an extract from my...
  6. WaSaAa87

    OBS high VRAM usage

    Hi, OBS is using more than 6GB of VRAM: It is normal? If not, do you have a solution? I use an RTX 3060 12GB, attached log: https://obsproject.com/logs/ZpS-r8eMwt-mDnoq https://obsproject.com/tools/analyzer?log_url=https%3A%2F%2Fobsproject.com%2Flogs%2FZpS-r8eMwt-mDnoq Thank you!
  7. vince_obskid

    cant resize broadcast setup windoew (mac) :/

    i cant see the buttons on the braodcast setup (and cant resize) but i removed the menubar and it worked (but i like the menu bar open) can someone help me? pls <-------
  8. T

    OBS Crashing on Startup

    I have been scouring the internet for a solution, but to no avail. I don't know how to look at the crash logs, but i can only see that it crash at d3dcompiler Here's the latest crash log. I have tried Updating Drivers, Updating windows, uninstalling gpu drivers using ddu, and reinstalling...
  9. ThirtyIR

    What Settings to Tone-Map HDR to SDR for Livestreaming?

    I want to play games in HDR but stream in SDR so that my viewers (YouTube) can see the proper colors etc. and the game is not over-exposed (viewing HDR through SDR). What settings do I need to use to do this properly? Under the "Advanced" tab in Settings, do I still use the P010 Color Format...
  10. ThirtyIR

    Bitrate Jumping All Over the Place + Dropped Frames During Stream

    Just updated to OBS 28.0 today. Was streaming to YouTube using RTMPS in 4K 60fps @ 20Mbps and was working great (99% of the time). After the update, switched to YouTube HLS 4K 60fps @ 20Mbps with HDR (Color Format P010 instead of NV12 and Color Space Rec. 2100 (PQ) instead of Rec. 709) and now...
  11. V

    OBS & NDI / Own3D incompatible?

    Just tried to open my 2 pc set up to stream with NDI & it's not working. What's the deal? Also my alerts & things are no longer registering? Anyone else having these issues? I mean the new esthetic looks nice but what's with the update...
  12. I

    Mic Audio Freezes/Cuts Randomly When Pausing/Unpausing OBS

    Hello! I was wondering if someone had the same issue. When I record videos and pause/Unpause OBS during the recording, the audio gets messed up. It never used to happen before until a few months ago after reinstalling OBS. I don't have any filters, I've uninstalled and reinstalled OBS. Any...
  13. btt1

    does not recognize the camera when turning on the computer (after deleting the obs)

    I downloaded the obs because I wasn't able to zoom in on my webcam. I watched tutorials because I wanted to make video calls and downloaded a virtual cam. After installing, I saw that it did not solve my problem and I uninstalled the obs. Every time I entered a video call platform (meet) an obs...
  14. D

    OBS Studio - Macbook Pro m1 - Swissonic webcam 2 fhd only one is showing the screen -> the second black screen

    Hello, i got a problem - i connected two webcams via HUB but only one camera is showing - the another one is active but i got a black screen. Do i make a mistake? need some help!!! THNK
  15. B

    AUDIO OBS: música distorsionada

    ¡Hola a todos! espero que me puedan ayudar ya que esto no me deja avanzar :( Básicamente lo que quiero hacer es poder transmitir y que tanto yo como los usuarios puedan escuchar la música que reproduzco desde youtube/spotify. La cosa es que al abrir OBS, el sonido empieza a salir distorsionado...
  16. S

    Retard et beug d'alertes sur OBS

    Bonjour, J'utilise la plateforme Twitch pour faire des lives via OBS et j'utilise les alertes de followers, abonnement, raid, dons etc... grâce à Streamlabs. Tout au début tout fonctionnait correctement. Quelque temps quand je reçois des followers, les alertes depuis ne s'affichent pas de suite...
  17. A

    PC Continues to Freeze for the 100th+ Time This Year While Only Using OBS Studio

    I've asked for help by searching up solutions and fixes related to my PC freezing while using OBS Studio. I've asked on the OBS Discord, watched some YouTube videos, executed System File Checker on the Command Prompt, bought a new PC with Windows 11 since my previous desktop also has that issue...
  18. P

    OBS shows black screen when trying to capture Minecraft

    So I tried capturing Minecraft in obs and I keep getting a black screen. I tried the following: - Select high performance for both obs, java and javaw in graphics setting - Set power plan to high performance in the control panel - Set power management mode to high performance in the nvidia...
  19. C

    I will literally pay whoever can help me solve this OBS issue

    No, that is not a joke. I will cash app the person who is able to help me solve this problem $50 or more depending on how much trouble it is to figure out. I have spent far too long trying to resolve this. Here's the overview; every game I try to record in OBS has extremely bothersome...
  20. M

    script to start stop live schedule time, change title random list, change midia, loop automatic

    my lives 24/7, but youtube max 8hs record, need stop live after 7hs, change title and midia and start live, loop automatic, script its possible? exist? thanks very match