1. T

    Nintendo Switch not showing thru El Gato / NDI Source

    Hello! I recently moved to M2 Mac and been having issues with showing my NSwitch Screen to my OBS I already downloaded NDI Source plugin AND NDI 5 Runtime but still having issues and NDI doesnt seem to be connected to OBS I then found this thread on Github...
  2. T

    Is there a way to remove certain sources from Twitch VODs?

    I am well aware of the feature to make your audio not play on VODs when it's played on a certain track, mainly used to play copyrighted music on stream without DCMA. What I'm wondering is more on the visual sources end of things. For my case particularly, I would like to have a visual indicator...
  3. S

    Obs and Discord Problem

    Hi everyone, i have this issue with OBS and discord. So, whenever i am recording using OBS with a plug-in called "Source Record", i keep cutting off with my friends on discord for a few seconds. (seconds vary from 5 seconds to 15 seconds sometimes). i cant hear my friends and neither they can...
  4. G

    Starting automatically virtual cam by modifying the obs64.exe file in the source folder

    Hello everyone, I'm starting OBS automatically by using the software System Scheduler; this software requires as input the obs64.exe file in the source folder, not a shortcut of OBS. I know that, by typing --startvirtualcam after the last double quotes in the target box inside the properties of...
  5. tony4twenty

    Filters Dock

    A dock that shows all filters in a list similar to source and scenes. I want to be able to go to the dock, click on the source, see all its filters and then edit them without opening any new windows.
  6. ShadowOkami


    ShadowOkami submitted a new resource: OBScord - Obs x Discord Webhooks Read more about this resource...
  7. S

    OBS at idle loads the video card

    As it was written above, in this case OBS in idle ( JUST OPEN, WITHOUT RECORDING, STREAMS, VISUAL, etc.) loads the video card at 30-40% and when recording the load rises to 70%, before this was not so I decided to look for an answer, In all this as an encoder for recording used codec H264 on the...
  8. K

    [Help - 11/09/2023] OBS Drop frames at 30% CPU USAGE

    Hi friends, I am facing drop drops next to CPU USAGE with Software encoding x264,. but when I use Nvidia Encoder I face frame drop and Encoder Overloaded issue if doesn't matter if I reduce Base/Output resolution to lower then 720P and make it 30FPS, when running Sekiro or Gylt CPU USAGE goes...
  9. MMLTech

    Free Streaming random Quotes carousel 2023-09-11

    RANDOM QUOTE FOR STREAMING >> Configure your own Random Quote Widget << With OBS Countdown - Random Quote, you can effortlessly uplift your audience with words of wisdom, positivity, and inspiration. Whether you're a streamer, presenter, educator, or simply want to engage your audience in a...
  10. MMLTech

    Free Live Polls, let your audience participate in your decisions 2023-09-11

    INTEGRATE YOUR POLL WITH OBS STUDIO >> Configure your own streaming poll << Seamlessly create, customize, and distribute polls and surveys to gather valuable insights from your audience. Unlock deeper understanding, drive engagement, and make informed choices based on real-time data. With...
  11. H

    Media Source vs Browser Source for .webm?

    Wich one of these two will have the least impact on my fps as while streaming? This is only regarding my "chat scene, starting/ending/pausing scene and a little came frame"? Is it smarter to upload the video on streamelements and use browser image, or just the media source?
  12. dtc-united

    Using OBS as a virtual display in Teams

    Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to get a "Virtual Desktop" as a selectable option in Teams (or Zoom, Webex, Lync, etc.), where you can use the output of OBS in it. I have already found a thread from 2020 // https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/create-a-virtual-desktop-in-obs.135571/...
  13. P

    How to remove copyrighted content (image, logo, etc.) during livestreaming?

    Hey All, I'm looking for some way to remove or blur copyrighted content, like images and/or company logos, in real time during my live streams. I was looking for a plugin which can do that, but I couldn't find any. Please, advise. Regards
  14. X

    Green OBS v0.1

    Green OBS Gives your OBS a green soft and nice look. how to install green obs .Enter the folder where OBS studio is installed and open the location in parentheses (...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes) .Put the file named grey in the Green OBS file you downloaded to the path in parentheses...
  15. Aswang_Bakla

    Newly Acquired Ripsaw HD

    Hello Everyone i am sorry if thats a very dumb question but im very beginner in terms of streaming and i acquired a ripsaw hd everything is working fine except the audio i connected the audio input capture and the videp capture devices and in the audio bar the green line of both devices moves...
  16. A

    Using OBS Websocket with Psychopy (python)

    Hi there, I'm trying to set up code components in my psychopy script that connects to OBS websocket and starts and stops recording for different routines.I've successfully ran this python code in VS code but I'm running into errors when I try and incorporate it into python. Here is my code in...
  17. Stryhn

    Will OBS be downgraded if I cap my FPS to 30 for background apps in the Nvidia Control Panel?

    Just a little question for the quick ones! I was wondering if OBS would be deprioritized if I changed background apps to only run 30 fps in the Nvidia Control Panel? Wondering if the cap of 30 FPS would improve my streaming experience through the lowered GPU and CPU consumption? Thanks for...
  18. X

    Help! Obs crash when I call ResetVideo()

    I want to update the video resolution(from 1280x720 to 720x1280) in the middle of streaming, so I call: obs_output_stop() ObsBase->ResetVideo() obs_output_start() But it crashes.
  19. I

    OBS does not authenticate Twitch?

    Hello, I am posting this because I am having issues with my OBS out of the blue while trying to link my twitch account. My OBS will fail to authenticate twitch and I can not seem to fix it. I can still stream but I can not edit my twitch stream information (the dock won't appear). I tried...
  20. E

    Free ChatBuzz

    Displays repeated messages (NOT Combos). There exists a widespread OBS Plugin concept of the "Combo". However, this is different from a "Repeat", in that it checks when consecutive messages are identical, whereas, for a Repeat, I used a time duration which ignores whether or not a message is...