1. A

    OBS causing performance issue

    Hello! So... When im not streaming I'v got 260 fps avg (usually I play at 144 fps caped stable 1%low avg 100 fps and smooth performance). As soon as I open OBS my fps going down to 150, and 1% low 60-70fps. And I can feel that game is not smooth. I got disent pc so I don't know whats the issue...
  2. M

    Is it possible to place, frame and make ready newly imported video sources in Preview?

    Hello world, Is there a way to setup a Scene in the preview panel? I ask because if I'm running a Live Stream and I'm given a video to play out when I bring in the video as a new Source the only way I can currently see how to frame it/centre whatever is by hitting Transition and then I have to...
  3. T

    I am trying to record GMod in OBS but it comes up as a black screen

    No matter what I do its a black screen
  4. K

    OBS 30.0.2 Crashing without any logs

    Hi everyone, Sorry for my potential bad english, i'm encountering issues with OBS since 4 days ! During my stream, OBS crashing, but impossible to detect it, each time, my chat indicate that the stream end. The only thing that I can see, it's my preview which stop working, Everything else still...
  5. T

    Failed to connect to server (High detailed post)

    When going live I get an error message saying: Failed to connect to server. The connection timed out. Make sure you've configured a valid streaming service and no firewall is blocking the connection. Tried solutions: Run OBS as admin Restarted OBS Rebooted computer Reconnect Twitch to OBS Edit...
  6. D

    Yet another thread asking about fixing Desktop Audio Delay

    I apologize for the repeat questions if any. My consistent issue is that i come to notice that audio when doing anything on my desktop while streaming or recording with OBS gains gradual audio delay that becomes very annoying when i notice it and when i review a VoD, i realize there's an absurd...
  7. King_TreyOhOne

    OBS ASIO Output issue

    Hello all, I’m new to OBS and I want to start recording Pro Tools Tutorials. I downloaded the newest version of the OBS software along with the ASIO plug in. When setting up my scene, I was able to add my interface and add my mic, but when I attempted to add another ASIO device to route the...
  8. J

    VTube Studio & OBS Studio Slow Down/Lag when playing Apex Legends!

    Hello There! I'm a VTuber/Creator/Streamer on Twitch and I noticed that everytime I play and stream Apex Legends and usually some other high demanding games that it makes my OBS Studio Program slow down like a lot and makes my VTube Model in VTuber Studio slow/laggy sometimes! For viewers they...
  9. marty61playz

    Youtube stream crashes randomly when playing State of Decay 2

    Youtube stream just randomly goes offline. OBS stream stopped. Only happens when playing State of Decay 2. First happened March 5th; has happened every time since. Is there a tool I can use to try and track this event or are there other people having the same or similar issue and know of a...
  10. S

    Capure card keeps freezing in OBS (sometimes not even recognised)

    when using OBS and streaming to Twitch, my Elgato capture card has started to randomly freeze and then i have ot deactivtae/activate mulitple times or sometimes have ti manually unplug and plug the card back in in order ot get it to appear again. This happens whne streaming and alos when im not...
  11. XiDiA

    OBS Studio + Cubase 13 + Bad Laptop

    My brain doesn't work as it should, so I need all the help I can get to be able to do what I love. I have been sick for 2 years now, without any kind of income and this means that I cannot buy new things, but have to use what I have. My biggest hobbies are Music production, Playing games (PS4)...
  12. S

    Fallos de audio en stream!

    Buenas, llevo haciendo streams mas de 2 años y hace no mucho de diciembre a la fecha he tenido problemas de audio en la transmision, lo que sucede es lo siguiente: Los audios llamese juegos, discord, musica, etc, agenos a mi microfono despues de un tiempo de stream petardean o suenan con...
  13. LiveSpirits

    Semi-free LiveSpirits an animated pixel art streaming companion 2024-03-26

    LiveSpirits takes Twitch overlays and alerts to the next level with its innovative approach to customization and interactivity. From followers to subscriptions, and your chat, these hand crafted animated characters are loaded with different abilities and idle animations to bring life to your...
  14. N


    hi since the new update i've been having a weird clicking noise when using the audio application feature. I'm not very tech savvy but have included the video below to capture the audio issue. I have completely uninstalled obs and reinstalled it and i'm still having this issue.
  15. B

    Scene switching and muting

    How do I get a scene to mute so it doesn't bleed into another when I switch to another scene like for example scene 1 has no audio but scene 2 does and you can hear it from other scenes
  16. K

    Only BF2042 experiences severe lag

    Hello, I'm Karon, and I'm broadcasting on OBS. Simply put, other games are fine, but only BF2042 is having a serious frame drop. I'll tell you the specifications of the PC first a gaming computer RTX3080 Ryzen 5800X RAM 32G a streaming computer GTX1030 5600X RAM 32G If you look at the WIPH...
  17. Scaramouche

    Video has blackbars

    So hi i have the problem than when i record the preview of obs is evyeerthing fine but when its finished i dont have fullscreen i have blackbars and i wanna record with streched the game is´RUST´ so now what
  18. B

    Suddenly MASSIVE Stream Issues on OBS

    I've streamed for years and over the last 7/8 months I've used the same OBS settings and it's worked a treat Suddenly I was getting really bad dropped frames outof no where, I tested my internet and it was completely fine as usual, I looked at the settings and dropped the bitrate from the usual...
  19. E

    OBS Crashes everytime after update 30.1.0

    Hey, I just updated OBS to 30.1.0 and now it crashes everytime, specially when trying to fix or adjust a source. Can someone help me? https://obsproject.com/logs/dlSFUqpEMXnXWWoG
  20. KrisEnigma

    Trouble Integrating BTTV Emotes in Custom Twitch Chat Widget

    So, I know how to set up BTTV in the regular Twitch chat widget, but now, I'm trying to get it working in a custom dock I made for Twitch chat, and it's giving me a bit of trouble. When I go into Settings and pick Twitch as my Stream Service, there's an option to enable BTTV emotes in chat. But...