Ping spikes while gaming and streaming


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Ping spikes while streaming CS:GO


I have ping spike ingame while streaming in OBS. Whenever i start the stream it goes like from 40ms to 60 and sometimes it goes 200 and back to 40. Almost every 5 - 10 seconds lagging and when switching weapons i can see clearly i have some kind of lagg.

Here is some info:

FPS is good its like 300 constantly (limited to 300 via console) , no drops, no var problems in net\_graph.

My teammates see me lagging like im teleporting or something like that, but for me its not visible, just sometimes when ping goes 200 then i feel it :D

Graphic settings tried full low, same problem.

Checked task manager to see my GPU resources and its like normal, not even kicking my GPU.

Processor is also normal, i have AIO and its normal. Both GPU and CPU temps are 60 not above.

2 monitor (144 hdmi and 170hz DP)

Turning off preview mode won’t help at all.

I have one splitter and its a 2way splitter, one for my internet and one for the TV. Already tried to disconnect TV and the splitter and go for direct connection, the same happens.

Upload is \~30mbps +- 2

Download is \~300mpbs +- 3

I already contacted my ISP ([]( and they said everythings fine on their side, also i tried to downgrade OBS to version 28, 27 and see, but the same happens.

I use ISLC 0.5 - 1ms settings and added exclusion (obs.exe, steam.exe, csgo.exe)
Turned this off, the same happens.

OBS is on NVME ssd and the game too.

Reinstalled windows and still the same problem.

Link to log-file:



( just turned off gpu hardware acceleration and game mode and I’m gonna test the stream this evening, can you just check the overall log for any problems what is not related to gpu acceleration and game mode?) I have some sort of ping spikes while playing CSGO. I made only one scene and deleted the theme source and still having lags. On the performance monitor I see encoder lag but it’s minor and happens only when I open opera or just alt-tabbing from the game. No dropped frames at all. I was able to stream with 5k bitrate and probably this problem happening a while ago (1 month or 2).
Binded to IP and reverted to default still same problem.

I didn’t checked my connection to twitch server with the measuring program, I will this evening with this fresh installed windows to see which server is good and which makes problem, maybe it makes me lag but I’m not sure. Just please someone check the log, interesting that I had no problems before a month or two. 6000kpbs and 3000kbps makes the same lag for me..
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I’m gonna update you guys this evening without gpu acceleration and game mode.

[fixed] I see the log link won’t work.. I’m gonna check this problem later…