lag issues

  1. S


    Hi, I'm new in the streaming scene and I have a lot of issues. First of all, I just can't get games to run smoothly, whether their from emulators or consoles the games always lag and some times even doing simple stuff like doing some tier lists although is not as bad as when I try to...
  2. A

    Game feels slow / Stream OK

    Hi there... Im trying to play and stream eFootball 2023 in 720p 60FPS bitrate 3500... When I go live, everything looks fine (Connection fine and no frames drops), but the game feels laggy/slower, like the players move slower than normal. I tried playing without streaming right after closing the...
  3. B

    When i am recording my screen displays low fps while the game is running on 80-120fps.

    It only happens when i am recording when its just open in the background its not a problem cuz it normal then. But when i start recording the screen displays only 30 fps instead of the games real fps. But the fps in the game dont decrease. Please help ty
  4. Z

    Laggy screen recording file

    Hellooo! I have a laggy screen recording file and hope someone knows how to fix it. It's a 4-hour screen recording and here are the output settings I used. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! The recording started at 17:10:25.863 in the log
  5. F

    Football Manager 23 recording

    Hello, i m trying to record while playing a FM but i have lag every time even when i reduce the graphics in the game. All the settings in OBS are normal. Thanks
  6. EpicGamerTime

    My videos are laggy and I want them to be good

    I would like to get my videos to a good 1080p 60fps but good not any laggy things Specs- CPU= Ryzen 3, GPU= Radeon RX 570, RAM= 16GB My recording settings Video Settings
  7. J

    Obs Lags/Bogs entire pc when just opening the software

    Basically what the title says. I recently ran into an issue after using obs for over a year. Every time i open up the software it lags/bogs down my entire pc to the point of where i cant do anything. As soon as i minimize the app or exit out of it my pc returns to a working normal state. I've...
  8. T

    OBS UI lag/blue screen problem

    Hello! Lately I have noticed that when I'm streaming on Twitch, my computer will occasionally blue screen after about 45-60 minutes of streaming. Also, before I even start streaming, my OBS UI is super laggy (like the audio mixer bars and stuff like that, even my mouse movement slows down a...
  9. head of salmon

    obs is lagging, could use some help

    my machine: macbook air retina 2018 13 inch processor: 1,6 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 memory: 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 617 1536 MB my obs settings: every time I try to record Minecraft with my friends, the game drops to 20fps; any way to fix that with obs? I'm already...
  10. Joselito

    Game lagging a lot when with dual pc setup

    My Gaming setup: - Ryzen 5 5600X - RTX 3060 TI - 24GB RAM ( 1x 16gb + 1x 8gb) both at 3000Mhz - OBS Studio installed on SSD - Win 10 up to date - Drivers up to date Streaming setup: - GTX 960 - 16gb RAM - Ryzen 7 1700 How I get the image from Gaming PC to Streaming PC: - I use an USB video...
  11. W

    OBS lagging and stuttering for seemingly no reason

    I've used OBS for many years now without issue, though today I tried recording and suddenly the output is incredibly laggy. I'm using the same settings, the same hardware and nothing else has changed. The preview window for the recording shows it's recording perfectly, the application says 60...
  12. T

    How to fix lag/stuttering on Mac for streaming games

    Not sure if this works for all macs but this solution worked for me (2021 M1 Pro MacBook). Last week I tried streaming a game (Stardew Valley), and while the game ran perfectly fine for me on my screen, the output from OBS was dropping tons of frames and lagging half a second behind. To fix...
  13. S


    I have been using OBS NDI for like 4 months and we have never had any issues until now. I do a duo stream, which means another PC is the one streaming it. Since Monday this week, It started making my game freak out like 400 pings. I uninstall and it was fine for one game then it went back to...
  14. M

    How can I prevent the preview window from lagging my videos?

    I was using OBS for a while and everything was fine until one day it wasn't. It was lagging like crazy and I didn't know why. I did everything like changing settings, disabling game mode and more, but it didn't fix it. For some reason, removing the preview window removed all sort of lag on my...
  15. P

    OBS makes my game laggy

    I play Roblox and want to stream it to twitch, and the game itself it perfectly smooth, but for some reason when I put it into OBS it makes it much laggier then it actually is. I’ve tried adjusting the settings but nothing seems to work and I honestly don’t know what else to do. PLEASE HELP!
  16. TimothyTV

    Other apps (including OBS) lagging when playing games.

    Hi everyone, I tried to fix this problem for days and went for several possible solutions but nothing really helped. Here's my exact problem: I built a new PC a few weeks ago (specs at the end of the post). Everything works just fine but while playing some games the performance of all other...
  17. H

    Choppy Video Recording when switched to 165Hz monitor

    Hi, so recently i bought new 165Hz monitor. I found out that after upgrading my monitor my recordings got really choppy. Sometimes more, sometimes less, it pretty much depends on the time of the day. I tried switching basically every option and I tried every scenario in OBS (recording in CBR...
  18. P

    Video Lag

    Hi hi! Whenever I record a video, the visuals will lag severely. Strangely, the audio is just fine. The encoding lag is insanely high, and the rendering lag isn't great either. I've turned up the downscaling (I think, I set it to bilinear, but I'm new and could easily have gotten this...
  19. I

    Stream lag on high-end pc

    Hi! I created an account for this reason only, I started streaming on twitch about a month ago. I started streaming IDV but when I try to stream other games the stream lags and ends. I followed a few guides on how to fix it, now I can start the games but it lags a lot. My game doesn't lag at...
  20. Lim Sastrya

    OBS Lagging When Recording GTA 5 Windows 10

    Hello, I am new user here yesterday, i am recording a GTA 5 i want to preview a mods In the game, just fine 40-72 fps, thats good but later, i check my video it's just give me maybe 1-15 FPS The sounds it's fine but video it's so lagging so... how to fix that? here the...