lag issues

  1. K

    [Help - 11/09/2023] OBS Drop frames at 30% CPU USAGE

    Hi friends, I am facing drop drops next to CPU USAGE with Software encoding x264,. but when I use Nvidia Encoder I face frame drop and Encoder Overloaded issue if doesn't matter if I reduce Base/Output resolution to lower then 720P and make it 30FPS, when running Sekiro or Gylt CPU USAGE goes...
  2. T

    Just got an high end MSI Laptop and recording is very laggy

    Hey! I just purchased a High end Laptop and the recording is very laggy. This is strange because recording with my previous mid range $850 laptop was just fine. I've tried numerous recording softwares in the past few days but everything turns out horrible. Now I've settled on OBS since it...
  3. H

    frames missed due to rendering lag no matter what i do?

    Hi guys, Im having frames missed due to rendering lag no matter what i do. The lag starts the same second i start OBS, my cam can be disconnected, the screen completely black and still this lag.... I installed an older version and noticed that even when im completely fresh in OBS with nothing...
  4. C

    Lag and low quality while recording game

    Hello.İdk why tf but when i record something like game mostly its low quality and this occured while i was recording a game for a strategy and this happened.i looked up alot tutorials that failed me mostly and some even asked me i had like dual monitors.BRO İM AT PHAKİNG A LAPTOP İM...
  5. S

    Horrible PC slow down, And laggy recordings

    As of last month i started having issues with OBS i never had, it slows down my pc tremendously, to the point that i have to shutdown OBS to do anything, doesn't seem to affect the game fps tho for whatever reason, but recordings stutter and lag a lot So far i tried to reinstall OBS multiple...
  6. B

    Tiny shuttering on video

    I have tiny shuttering on my video. I already try Simple Mode, changing to VBR, and even lowering the resolution, bitrate, and other settings. But the shutter still occur. I don't know what to do now. Here's the video...
  7. R

    Help Reducing Lag with OBS / NDI / TV setup

    We're a church that's streaming and displaying live in sanctuary at the same time. We're having a problem with lag in the live setup, with up to 500ms delay between live and display on the screen. Attached is our setup, but a verbal walkthrough. 1) We have multiple cameras (2 NDI, one basic...
  8. d0wsha

    Ping spikes while gaming and streaming

    Ping spikes while streaming CS:GO Hi, I have ping spike ingame while streaming in OBS. Whenever i start the stream it goes like from 40ms to 60 and sometimes it goes 200 and back to 40. Almost every 5 - 10 seconds lagging and when switching weapons i can see clearly i have some kind of lagg...
  9. J

    Lag con el micro en OBS.

    Buenas, me gustaría saber que hacer con el lag que tiene el micro con respecto a los canales como youtube... He configurado de todas maneras el micro y el canal de audio de youtube pero siempre va con lag, con retraso, por ejemplo para que se entienda, si pongo en youtube una canción, no puedes...
  10. P

    OBS stream lagging/dropping frames but game is not

    Hey! I have been having an issue for a while with my streams that has affected what I am able to play and I am really upset with it constantly happening and I have not been able to find a good solution for it. Basically I have this issue where whenever I am streaming a slightly intensive game...
  11. ramoses

    Lagged Virtual Camera Google Meet

    My OBS is lagging the Virtual Camera whenever I change the focus window and after some time it stops the lagging. I've researched solutions here but couldn't find anything that applies to my case. I'm using 2 cameras, my Canon Rebel T7 and Logitech C920. Here are some screenshots:
  12. S

    Constant stream lag on ubuntu 22.04

    Hi there, I have searched the forums but not found exactly what I need and was wondering if I can get help please? When I stream on twitch, its via a wired connection. Download speed 60 Mbps upload often getting over 25 Mbps. I've tried setting from 1080 p at 60, 50 and 30 fps, as well as 720...
  13. R

    laggy footage with capture card

    I'm streaming on my Laptop, 3060 NVIDIA, 1tb SSD, 16 GB Ram, i7 and i'm capturing my gameplay with a capture card. My Gameplay is fine, except when i am turning my camera, it just skipps a frame or more. I tried other encoders, i tried the lowest settings, i tried only having OBS and the camera...
  14. S


    when i record valorant the footage is really laggy my settings are in attached files - footage how to fix that?
  15. C

    Lagging during stream

    Hi all, I am trying to stream from 6 websites via OBS, the stream keeps lagging and it says on the websites that the bitrate is 2500 and that the "Bitrate is lower than recommend 5000 KBPS, for this resolution at a high frame rate you may need to switch to a standard frame rate" OBS analyzer...
  16. Keppedk

    Lag when i record

    Hello, now I'm streaming everything runs as it should without any lag really smooth stream, but now I record gameplay the video lags and stutters like crazy Logfil is attached Ram 16gb Geforce 3070 ti i 7 11 genth Plz help
  17. Rizzio

    Chat box docks lag?

    Hi! First i need to say i have two monitors, (main monitor 144hz second 60hz) i use my obs in my second monitor, for there all good, when I play League, Forwarned my game goes normal, caps 144fps and goes pretty well. But the problem goes when i try to play Terraria or Genshin impact, Just...
  18. F

    FPS loss when I change the "suggested streaming settings"

    Hello, I recently built my new pc, to be precise 3 days ago. Yesterday i tried to stream with my old settings that I used with my old pc (nvenc, 6k bitrate, 1080 60 fps), my internet is pretty good (i will attach a screenshot of a speed test) and I haven't had any problems with my old pc, but...
  19. Y

    OBS recording lags no matter what I do.

    All I want to do is record Cult of the lamb and thats pretty much it. It runs fine on Max settings but the OBS recording of it is just laggy and I cant seem to fix anything about it. I had a look through this thread...
  20. S


    Hi, I'm new in the streaming scene and I have a lot of issues. First of all, I just can't get games to run smoothly, whether their from emulators or consoles the games always lag and some times even doing simple stuff like doing some tier lists although is not as bad as when I try to...