lag issues

  1. A

    In-game and stream lagging

    hello. please assist me as i’m experiencing major lag on stream and in game. I have a 2070 for GPU, i7-9700 for CPU Upload speed is around 26mbps i’m using the NVENC encoder with CBR at a 2500 bitrate. Video settings: output resolution is 1280x720 and FPS value is 30. Example of what im...
  2. C

    Lag in the recording video not the gameplay.

    My problem is a bit strange in my opinion, there are days that I record gameplay without problem while there are others that all leave me with certain seconds of lag between them. A good example would be the last recording of that log file. I have tried all kinds of configurations but none of...
  3. B

    OBS lagging

    I have put my fps tp 60 but it is still laggy or choppy, my computer should be able to handle it but something is wrong maybe I have some settings wierd or something but I dont know which. When I tried streaming it worked fine without any lag but my recordings have always been laggy. I am not...
  4. Tampa91

    Extremely choppy

    I've watched over 20 videos, read all the posts yet no matter what settings I configure, my videos will not come out the way they should. I just bought a brand new 2060 super 8gb so I could record and stream but no matter what I do the stuttering and choppiness won't go away. I have disables all...
  5. D

    lag preview window

    Hi, after I started streaming, I noticed that the games I'm streaming can be seen in the preview window as lag, but everything is fine on the stream. And then I think that when I see in the preview window how it lags, I think that it lags on the stream and then I'm worried. Can I ask for advice...
  6. T

    MacBook / Avermedia / Xbox Help

    I’m helping my friend set up her stream to stream Call of Duty. I haven’t streamed on a Mac in over 5 years so I’m having a hard time figuring out a few problems. using the external Avermedia live capture and everything is connecting properly, even audio but the game in OBS and ReCentral are so...
  7. AutComm

    keeps lagging

    Hello everyone I tried some stuff to fix lag and stuttering and frame drops but it only reduces it by a bit. The game is Minecraft if that's important. Are there some suggestions/ways to fix this? Thanks in advance for the help Here's the log
  8. J

    what should i upgrade first >??

    I was recently given an old PC .. and have been interested in going into streaming... I have tested it on Facebook live.. game streaming from an Ipad with a wired HD capture card .. needless to say the stream was lagging/stuttering a lot... i tried using lower setting but no luck ... so I am...
  9. M

    Unusual problem with laggy video.

    Hi, i just downloaded OBS and i have got a problem. On my video cursor is recorded properly (isn't lagging) but windows (programs) are refreshed every few seconds (on video you can see smoothly working cursor and usually cutted windows (only few parts of them are recorded) wich are refreshed...
  10. M

    Best OBS Settings for my PC?

    I have a pretty slow PC, and I want to get a new one soon, but i do still want to record my roblox videos on this one with OBS. I've tried many settings but most of the time it still lags. I want to maintain solid FPS and with good quality, too. Im recording mainly Roblox and not much else. My...
  11. K

    Lag in OBS to Zoom - Audio/Video not syncing to Zoom - Please help :)

    Hi, Please can anyone help? I have a Logitech PTZ2 Pro camera as an input source and a microphone as an input source. The microphone input is off sync - and I have managed to fix it perfectly with altering the "sync" settings in the advanced settings for the microphone. However, this only...
  12. L

    OBS stays on Red Status but my PC & Settings are correct .

    I've been using OBS for about 2 years and I have a beefy PC that I use to stream and make Video's on and for some reason just recently like 2 or 3 days ago I've been having problems with Streaming it stays on red and I stream with 6000 bitrate and it goes up and down to 1k to 4.5k bitrate and...
  13. S

    Laggy recording

    First time obs user here. When I record CoD:Warzone games I get laggy or choppy recording, either for the first 3 minutes or during action packed times. But when I record Valorant everything seems fine. Would appreciate the help thanks. The current settings is user are: 1920x1080 60fps QuickSync...
  14. M

    Videos turn out real laggy with my RTX 2070 Super

    I've been trying to use OBS for a couple of months now and I just can't get it to work. Even on simple games like terraira, after about 20 minutes I get the overload message and the video turns out really laggy. Ive tried to many different things and i just cant get it to work at 1080p 60fps...
  15. N

    OBS video is laggy

    Hello, Yesterday I was searching for a solution to fix game capture black screen and I followed this guy steps. video: I deleted OBS then I installed the old OBS version. After following all the steps he gave, the black screen is still showing...
  16. LosxThaGod

    Laggy Recording/Video Rendering on OBS

    Hello fellow OBSers. I'm new to the forums, so I'm not sure if we all have a nickname so im dubbing us as the OBSers lol. Trying to keep this a bit short, yet thorough. So I recently purchased a new gaming monitor from Asus, the VG278QR, which is a 165 hz (it's running at 144 hz right now)...
  17. H


    Hey guys!! So i want to record my gameplay while playing league of legends but whenever i try to record with obs while playing the game there seems to be a lot of stuttering and fps drops.. I tried to watch youtube guides and what not but i cant seem to get it set up. My laptop is MSI gv62 8rd...
  18. B

    Facebook Live is lagging but OBS is not lagging. What do I do?

    The audio for Facebook live is okay but the video isn't. OBS is okay with video and audio. What do I do? Please help. Thanks
  19. A

    Question / Help No puedo stremear valorant con el vsync off

    No sé que sucede, ya que el juego me anda perfecto, de 10, tengo una buena PC, pero desactivo el vsync y el directo me va a 2 fps, 1 fps, sinceramente, no encuentro solución, cambie todas las configs y no encuentro nada, ni en Google, necesito ayuda, alguna solución? Sin vsync juego desastroso...
  20. DrVintage

    Question / Help Help! Recording lags a lot. I dont know how to fix it

    Hello, I am having problems getting the right quality for my recordings so I can upload them to youtube. Well I have noticed every time I record I get a stutter or fps lag. Or I even get both at times. I want to be able to record smoothly at 1080p and 60fps. I have tried low-quality games such...