Game lagging a lot when with dual pc setup


My Gaming setup:

- Ryzen 5 5600X
- RTX 3060 TI
- 24GB RAM ( 1x 16gb + 1x 8gb) both at 3000Mhz
- OBS Studio installed on SSD
- Win 10 up to date
- Drivers up to date

Streaming setup:
- GTX 960
- 16gb RAM
- Ryzen 7 1700

How I get the image from Gaming PC to Streaming PC:
- I use an USB video capture to get my video from gaming PC to Streaming PC.

1- Gaming PC: 1 DisplayPort cable connected to my main monitor
2- Gaming PC: 1 HDMI cable connected to my usb video capture.
3- USB Video Capture is connected (via usb) into my streaming pc.
4- I open OBS STUDIO on gaming pc -> Right Click preview screen -> FULL SCREEN PROJECTOR INTO THE USB VIDEO CAPTURE
5- Streaming PC: With the video capture connected on USB, I create an VIDEO CAPTURE on my scene and capture the usb device video (which is my gaming pc obs studio).

It is working great, I can capture both VIDEO and AUDIO. The problem is:

Whenever I try to stream Elden Ring I get A LOT of lag on my game.

Already checked for CPU/GPU hitting close to 100% usage, Obs Status docker and nothing...
But yet, in game experience is horrible. Always dropping to 30~40 and thje gameplay is terrible.
If I close obs studio, I get 0 drop frames.
Is it possible that even with 2 computers, just the "preview to projector" is causing this problem?

What could I do to try to fix it?

Attached an image to illustrate my setup.


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