dual monitors

  1. S

    OBS won't capture main monitor

    Hi! I've an issue where OBS won't capture my main monitor. I'm on Windows 11 and using dual monitor setup with Nvidia RTX 3060 TI. Whenever I try to capture the "main" monitor, OBS wont do that, it only captures the second monitor in every case. Things I've tried so far: Updating display card...
  2. Joselito

    Game lagging a lot when with dual pc setup

    My Gaming setup: - Ryzen 5 5600X - RTX 3060 TI - 24GB RAM ( 1x 16gb + 1x 8gb) both at 3000Mhz - OBS Studio installed on SSD - Win 10 up to date - Drivers up to date Streaming setup: - GTX 960 - 16gb RAM - Ryzen 7 1700 How I get the image from Gaming PC to Streaming PC: - I use an USB video...
  3. W

    Black screen on display capture

    Whenever i try to record the second monitor the display just shows black screen on the game stream
  4. RetroOgre

    Question / Help Fractional FPS Value - What does it do?

    Let's start from the beginning... I broadcast at 900p60fps from a single PC, Dual monitor setup. Both monitors can go up to 144hz, however I have them locked at 120hz. Games play great, and OBS never shows any render, nor encoding lag. However, when using Common or Integer FPS, locked at 60FPS I...
  5. James Sheets

    Question / Help Windows 10 - OBS & Powerpoint Issue

    Hi, I am new to OBS and I am loving it! I have used several other (paid) streaming software packages before but none were as versatile as OBS! But having said that...I have one issue. I am wanting to run a Powerpoint slideshow. I have dual monitors. I have set up the scenes and the sources in...