Question / Help Windows 10 - OBS & Powerpoint Issue

James Sheets

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I am new to OBS and I am loving it! I have used several other (paid) streaming software packages before but none were as versatile as OBS!

But having said that...I have one issue. I am wanting to run a Powerpoint slideshow. I have dual monitors. I have set up the scenes and the sources in OBS. I have OBS on my secondary screen (which is smaller) and everything else on the larger monitor (which is the primary monitor). I have added speaker notes to the Powerpoint presentation. On my Primary monitor, it shows the main slide on the left, the "next" slide on the upper right, and the speaker notes on the lower right. ANd when I start the slideshow it throws the main slide to the secondary monitor (as it usually does). But since I am running OBS on the secondary moniitor, when Powerpoint throws the main slide it covers up OBS. Therefore I can't control OBS while the slideshow is up. Does anyone have a solution or a work around for this?




I'm a newbie here but when I had a similar problem using OBS with 4 monitors for my stock trading software, I couldn't control OBS either.
The support here said to run OBS as an administrator. Even though when I installed OBS I did so as an administrator, they said I had to run it as administrator each time I load it up. That worked.
There's also the option of keeping OBS on top of all screens/programs: click on File > Always on Top.


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Un new Windows version (11) there is a feature called "focus" that put your desired window "always on top".
I f someone is using just one monitor, it is a new feature in last versions of OBS that allow to record the screen without recording OBS. So OBS become transparent and you can record the window(s) below.

These two features could be combined when necessary.


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Size of monitor not as important as resolution of the monitors
Ideally you are doing a Screen capture at same resolution you have set as base canvas so no re-scaling required

I have a dual monitor setup, but what I do is use PPT Slide in Windowed, not full screen, mode on a 1440p monitor, with the PPT slide show window set at 1080p framing
In original posters case, another option and probably easiest is to move OBS to Primary screen. Do NOT run PPT full screen, that way both PPT presenter view and OBS both visible.
Another option would be to use a Window capture vs Display capture
- Capture the PPT slide view window (vs Display), then bring OBS on top of that.


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Un new Windows version (11) there is a feature called "focus" that put your desired window "always on top".
Interesting and good to know
I've written before, upgrade to WIn11 if you really need a certain feature, but beware Microsoft's every other OS release for over 2 decades (a complete mess). Win11 is effectively still a work-in-progress/BETA
I'm planning to wait until I get a new PC that effectively requires Win11 (Alder Lake) before upgrading.