1. M

    Cannot play videos in PowerPoint when recording using OBS

    I am trying to record a presentation with me speaking over the top. So far this has been fine, I can see myself and my slides, and they move on the recording when I click through the slides by having the PowerPoint in 'browsed by an individual' slideshow mode. However, my presentation has...
  2. D

    Non-OBS Script PowerPoint macro for controlling OBS

    I wrote a quick VBA macro that will send keystrokes to OBS tot ell it to change scenes. This way your OBS scenes can change when you move through PowerPoint slides. Means I never have to touch OBS when I’m presenting PowerPoint. Saves me a tonne of work and is kind of simple and awesome. This...
  3. J

    Question / Help Power Point slideshow pausing media when switching windows to OBS

    Does anyone have a solution for Power Point pausing media playback during the slideshow when changing active windows? I have the screen OR window capture in OBS set to grab the Power Point Slide Show that is displayed on a second screen. I have OBS and the Power Point Presenter windows open on...
  4. J

    OBS Python Powerpoint slide window navigation using OBS hotkey 1.0

    I was using OBS for live broadcast for Church Service. I have been using Powerpoint to show the slides even before OBS and using one computer, navigating Powerpoint and OBS at the same time was a challenge. So, I searched solutions to do that. One of the candidate was AutoHotKey, but OBS didn't...
  5. L

    Question / Help Window Capture not finding Powerpoint?

    Hello All I hope your all well and good. Im trying to setup live lessons for children on youtube. I've watched a tone of Youtube vids on how to setup a powerpoint on my obs youtube live stream. Unfortunately when i try to window capture my powerpoint presentation doesn't appear as a option...
  6. ElChele

    Question / Help Sound output to Zoom from PowerPoint presentation

    I have a PowerPoint presentation with several videos including sound. The video broadcasts fine...the sound (Desktop Audio) is fine on my speakers. However, the sound is not broadcast to Zoom. Live mic works fine. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks for your help.
  7. R

    Question / Help I need help to add VLC media player and NDI to my Scene Collection

    Hi, I want to be able to have guests and also be able to have animated PowerPoint slides on my Livestream . Any help, please?
  8. James Sheets

    Question / Help Windows 10 - OBS & Powerpoint Issue

    Hi, I am new to OBS and I am loving it! I have used several other (paid) streaming software packages before but none were as versatile as OBS! But having said that...I have one issue. I am wanting to run a Powerpoint slideshow. I have dual monitors. I have set up the scenes and the sources in...
  9. J

    Question / Help Powerpoint on screen

    Hi - I am new here but have tried and tried to figure out out to have a powerpoint presentation running on screen. I can put powerpoint 'on top' of OBS but that doesn't seem right - it is no 'In' there, if that makes sense. Obviously I am not technically minded. But my goal is to run a...
  10. V

    Question / Help Stream powepoint and a video from Camera

    Hello All , I have below requirement , and i couldn`t find option to stream from OBS . If you can share an idea on how i can do , I would really appreciate it. Offline Setup (no streaming ) which i am doing today : 1. I give presentation from a stage 2. I have a Microsoft power point...