Kein Ton bei Videos in Powerpoint


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Hi Zusammen,

Ich habe eine Powerpoint Präsentation gebastelt, in der mehrere Videos eingebettet sind.
Wenn ich nun während eines Stream die Videos starte, bleiben diese ohne Ton.

Gibt es hier eine Einstellung, die ich machen kann, um das Problem zu beheben.

Schöne Grüße,


Do you see some bar moving in the Audio Mixer? Then what might be happening:

In OBS Studio, in Settings, Audio, Global Audio Devices you might be capturing the Desktop Audio. That is the "audio out" sound from your computer, the sound that normally goes to your computer's speakers or headphones.

By default sounds that are in OBS's stream or recording are not monitored. At the Audio Mixer click at the Settings icon (cog wheel), Advanced Audio Properties and check the Audio Monitoring setting. Here "monitoring" means the sound that is not intended for the audience but for the presenter, technician, etc. If you set it from Monitor Off to Monitor and Output, you'd hear that sound.

If this is not what's happening in your situation, please provide a log file. This is how...


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Hello and thanks for your reply.
I just looked today the training video again and did some changes.
I changed the audio settings to my headset so that everything what I can hear, also will be heard by people at the stream.
I know, that this is not the best solution, but it works for the first.

To reconstruct the problem with the included video in Powerpoint, I will try create the logfile in the next days and reply to this post again.

Kind regards,