1. Pijaaman

    Controlling video playlists : having a mascot/digital Pet

    Hello, This is my first time posting here, and I hope I'm in the right section. Moreover, I tried to look online for a solution, but I'm not sure what keywords to use in order to fin the solution. I am an occasional french (micro)streamer, and I'm thinking of streaming more often, so I'm...
  2. M


    So about 7-8 min into my stream (usually COD Warzone) I get an encoding error " NVENC Error : get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLoclBitstre am(s, &lock)failed: 4 (NV_ENC_INVALID_DEVICE) " or just a basic " An encoding error occurred while srteaming" I monitored my CPU and GPU while doing test streams...
  3. J

    Bad YouTube Streaming quality despite high Bitrate at 1080p....

    Hi, I've been trying to test out my Streams on YT and I can't find a solution to my problem. When nothing is moving the Picture is crisp and fine, but as soon as something is slightly moving it gets all blurry and pixalated, U can even see the after image in the picture slideshows... But it...
  4. 1

    Issues with OBS Recording Clarity

    Help! I'm attempting to use OBS Studio to record my new podcast. For some reason, the video quality I see while recording, does not come out the same once the recording is done. It basically loses some quality. my setup is as such: MacBook Pro Laptop, Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.7 LogiTech C922 Web Cam...
  5. BallStream

    Snooker & Billiards Scoreboard Overlay

    Use the Browser plugin in OBS Studio to overlay scores provided from a BallStream scoring account. Send scores to the server for pickup by OBS by using the online BallStream control panel or from the MatchPlay Scoreboard software. MatchPlay will also display a scoreboard on your computer...
  6. S

    Video Freezing in the Middle of a LiveStream

    Hello, So we have a church stream that we use OBS to stream every Sunday. We've had a problem every now and then where the video will randomly freeze and the only way to restart it is to close OBS and then open it again. So far we've been lucky in that until last Sunday whenever that happened...
  7. B

    Skype Video (guest) lagging

    Hey there, would love any ideas/suggestions for help... I use OBS to bring in guests for interviews via Skype. Over the past few weeks, every guest I've had has experienced glitchy video feeds within OBS. Their video will stall for 3-6 seconds (audio remains unaffected), and then eventually...
  8. Ravenx8

    OBS Python OBS Recording Demuxer 1.0.1

    I was tired of having to extract my audio tracks from the recording so I can separate them out when video editing. I couldn't find anything that would do what I needed it to do so I decided to make this script. Requires obs-websocket (To get the recording file name) Requires ffmpeg to be...
  9. TARLoki

    Kein Ton bei Videos in Powerpoint

    Hi Zusammen, Ich habe eine Powerpoint Präsentation gebastelt, in der mehrere Videos eingebettet sind. Wenn ich nun während eines Stream die Videos starte, bleiben diese ohne Ton. Gibt es hier eine Einstellung, die ich machen kann, um das Problem zu beheben. Schöne Grüße, Loki
  10. H

    .avi audio doesn't play

    I created a video with audio that plays correctly in The Windows 10 Movies & TV app but when I add it to OBS the audio doesn't play. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  11. K

    My Recording Video Stuttered. (Need help ASAP)

    So I used the color format of i444 because of i420 and nv12 colors are bad especially when it comes to RED color it's kinda blurry. But somehow it's stuttering, I need help on fixing the problem since I spent a lot on upgrading my PC to record beautifully on 1440p with the sharpest quality The...
  12. M

    OBS stops recording at random

    HI all maybe someone has had a similar experience or has an idea what might be causing OBS to stop recording at random times and no error... I've tried recording for various lengths of time and found that OBS stopped without warning and no error messages at all. I have attached some file logs...
  13. R

    can't open any recorded video

    So I'm trying to record for the first time in OBS on Linux. But every time I'm trying to open recorded file it says: " Your input can't be opened" Trying to open it with VLC, and tried with every type of video format.
  14. C


    I have been trying to use OBS for game capture with retro consoles, specifically gamecube and ps2. I am able to get audio through OBS just fine, but there's no video, just a blank screen. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I have tried two different capture cards and both had the same...
  15. T

    Non-Free Video File Scheduler 1

    Very simply video file scheduler. Work with Browser source. Now access to system is free, but in the future, I will introduce fees of 1-2 Euro per month. Tested in 27.1.3 with runing params: obs64.exe --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required --allow-file-access-from-files...
  16. sonicgalaxy27

    Video file lagging issues

    Well, I may have solve the out of sync problem in OBS software 2 months ago, but now, I'm having some serious trouble with the lags now in my video file. Every time I record my new game Pokémon Legends and save my recording, the video file that I save just started lagging for no reason. Yes this...
  17. G

    webcam delayed with second monitor plugged

    when i use a second monitor and i use other programmes like safari my webcam signal seems to be delayed with my movements, i cannot fix this delaying my mic because this lag changes trough time. this is very bad for my streams because at first you hear my voice and then you see my lips moving...
  18. Impafara09

    OBS Glitches out Lunar Client

    Whenever I try to use lunar client (for 1.8) and OBS together, the game gets really laggy. On top of that, pieces of the game start glitching out and acting weird. I don't know why its happening but it makes the game unplayable. this happens with Stream labs as well. This didn't happen on my 8...
  19. V

    video tag in browser source not working! i use correct url.

    I'm creating a project that shows image/video in OBS Studio. I use Browser source to show my stuff. Everything is working on normal browsers, but only video does not showing in OBS and it's not even show me a preview. <video src="" autoplay></video> <video...
  20. N

    Video delay on one of two video inputs

    I am planning on using a sony A7S3 and GP Hero 8 to record and stream. The a7 is what is delaying. Pre recording and recording I have the same delay time of around 1-2 seconds. I have at points on restarting and fiddling with settings, I have managed 30 seconds max non delayed video. I Have not...