1. L

    YouTube Stream Skips

    When I stream on YouTube, it often skips. I can see OBS temporarily disconnects about every 10 to 15 seconds, for about 5 seconds each. In my YouTube control panel, it often complains about no data being received, or not enough video data even though video is being consistently shown. Output...
  2. D

    My 3 Hour Long Video Only Has 58 Minutes Of Footage Saved, How Can I get It Back?

    Hello, exactly as the tittle says, I was recording a TTRPG session with one of my friends, in order to post it on yotube, however out of our nearly 3 hour long video, only 1 hour of it got recorded. Is it passible to recover the last 2 hours? And how do I stop this problem from happening again...
  3. zhHighwayRacer03

    OBS Green Screen (video must go with green screen)

    So the green screen works, I need a solution so that the video stays on the TV and doesn't move. The video is just a test video. Video
  4. S

    Semi-free SiiliCam-Obs 1.0.9

    Experience lossless video integration like never before with SiiliCam-OBS. This specialized OBS Studio plugin taps into the power of NDI technology to offer seamless and lossless integration with SiiliCam—a mobile application for turning your phone into a high-quality camera. Control real-time...
  5. A

    2 audio sources to virtual camera

    I know this question has been asked 100 different ways on 50 different websites, and there are all kinds of detailed answers. I haven't been able to find where someone has actually answered the question. They answer SIMILAR questions, but never the simple question asked. How do I take 2 audio...
  6. D

    Everything set up correctly butt still blury youtube live video

    Hello everyone I have a strange problem, as far as I know I have everything set up correctly, hope someone can help me. My Setup is: Camera 1 Sony FDR-AX700 4K Camcorder HDMI output seetings 1080p/480i 60p Camera 2 Sony FDR-AX53 4K Camcorder HDMI output seetings 1080p Laptop OS = Windows 11...
  7. W

    Cut to Preview Scene after Video is finished

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking guidance on how to configure OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to automatically switch to a preview scene when a video has finished playing during a live session. Could someone please provide step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this? I want OBS to seamlessly...
  8. W

    Cut to Preview Scene afte Video is finished

    Hello everyone, I'm seeking guidance on how to configure OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to automatically switch to a preview scene when a video has finished playing during a live session. Could someone please provide step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this? I want OBS to seamlessly...
  9. P

    Capturing obs virtual camera via graphedit

    I'm trying to capture built-in obs virtual camera via graphedit tool. You can find it in something like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.22000.0\x64\graphedit.exe". I have started virtual camera here Then I added virtual camera source to graphedit Afther this I'm...
  10. S

    very laggy/choppy video when finished

    the video preview shown in obs is smooth so is the gameplay and everything else yet when i hit finish recording and watch that recording stuttering everywhere and is just unwatchable in general
  11. C

    Window capture not appearing in list of sources

    Trying screen record, but I can't find Window capture in list of sources. My log file Screenshot:
  12. P

    OBS outputting grainy videos

    Hey all, I need your help. I've spent literal hours trying to figure out why OBS consistently outputs grainy videos from my 1080p Logitech webcam when I record These are the two settings I've tried to run: Here is the video settings: This is what I see when looking at the webcam...
  13. M

    Anyone knows how to fix microphone audio not be heard in a long recording?

    I have had this issue for a while now. And every time I record a long video, say 20 minutes, it does not have any recording, but if I record 30 seconds or 1 minute, it still has microphone audio. This did not happen before as I was using this and the video was a long video like 1-hour recording...
  14. W

    How to Fix Max Audio/Video Buffering & Cutting Out!

    Log file here: I was playing a game, and the video quality was good, but it occasionally buffered. Log says .2% GPU overload and rendering lag, which is likely the cause. My audio also occasionally buffered, likely due to max audio buffering. I do...
  15. Vari_Jaantje

    Obs crash after playing Webm. file

    Hey guys, I wanted to 'upgrade' my opening scene so I made a short film (no audio) with clips from me and friends having fun in stream. Sort of a trailer what people are getting in to. I made it into a Webm. file. It is 5 min long. I made it loop (just in case) But after playing it for a minute...
  16. 238samixd

    Browser source cannot display videos/gifs/canvas on localhost

    Hello, I am creating a layout for stream with some animations. I tested it all on my firefox browser and it all was fine but when I try to use browser in the OBS, it displays all html besides video, canvas, image with a gif source (other work fine). Then I realised it could be a chromium error...
  17. E

    Automatic synchronization of audio (-> Virtual microphone) and video (virtual camera)

    Using meeting software is more and more common. But there is a delay between Video and Audio using OBS Studio for meetings. Especially when using a green screen, the audio is up to 500ms earlier than the video because f.e Zoom is using the direct audio device but the virtual camera. It would be...
  18. szatanica

    Video lagging while recording from browser (audio is fine)

    I'm not sure what happened, but sometime ago something has changed in OBS (or maybe it was a MacOS update, who knows) and now when I record from a source (Browser tab like Google Meets or a YT video) my video is lagging horribly. When I record whole desktop, it's totally fine. Audio on both is...
  19. glwx

    Sending Video Stream from Cell Phone Over Cellular Data to OBS Video Source/Browser Source

    Hello everyone, I have sought help on this issue before, but I am a storm chaser attempting to broadcast a quality video stream from my cell phone over a cellular network to an OBS Video/Browser source. By doing this, I can have an overlay during live-streaming that will keep people engaged...
  20. A

    OBS Studio video having unstable frame rate on video playback

    I was wondering if there's a reason why the frame rate is unstable, even when OBS Studio states that it hasn't dropped frames, encountered high encoding issues, capped at 30fps as I always have it in 60fps, or any other issues that affect frame rate or performance. I did set up everything with...