1. S

    GERMAN: Mit OBS und Yellow Duck auf Instagram streamen

    Hallo. Ich streame meine Musik über die oben genannten Software. Mein Problem ist nur das das Bild auf Instagram ständig hakt... oder stehen bleibt. Sound läuft rund.. welche Einstellungen müsste ich am besten haben für die Übertragung? Mein CPU ist schon recht hoch in Betrieb leider... aber...
  2. P

    Strange problem when recording Unity build

    Hi! I have a really weird problem with recording Unity build in OBS. The game runs in 16:9 aspect ratio and everything looks great during the gameplay. But on the recorded movie game's User Interface looks broken, buttons are in different positions etc. In the video it looks like the game was...
  3. P

    Mouse cursor is not capturing in window capture

    I was trying to record Blender software using window capture. But the mouse is not showing in the window, but the mouse can be seen in all other capturing method. I like to use the window capturing method, so that the other screens won't be recorded if I switch the window. I tried tweaking the...
  4. A

    Video Glitching Problem - Cannot find problem

    Hi everyone, We're running into problems where everything is working well, but the video glitches from time to time. We've tried restarting, restarting camera, changing USB port of camera, changing resolution of video recording and changing video codec without success. Can someone have a look...
  5. IckytheEskimo

    Configure Properties on Video Capture Device Doesn't Work

    I'm trying to edit the video properties for my video capture device (Brightness, contrast, hue, exposure, etc.) I select my video capture device under sources, press properties, and configure video. A properties window with two tabs pops up. For some reason, most of the sliders are grayed out, I...
  6. G

    Multiple video capture cards

    Hi! Like for the thread below I'm searching for a capture card with a driver that can allow me to use multi instances of OBS to record and execute a massive ingest of vhs through s-video connector and PAL standards. My attempts are vain with OBS on Windows to capture multiple sources with...
  7. R

    Key-ing a background?

    Hello guys, I have a question in regards to whether it's possible to key a picture instead of an entire color, but I should first explain what I am trying to do - maybe you will suggest better option. I am running Easy Worship 2009. For anyone, who doesn't know - it is program that projects...
  8. D

    OBS blocks all videos from playing

    Hi there, just downloaded the latest version of OBS. Once OBS is opened I can't play any video (tried VLC, Videos in Firefox, Chrome, Zoom ...). Not even when I just start the video without directly working with OBS. OBS only has to be opened and no video would play. The video seems to try to...
  9. S

    Iphone 11 EpocCam Resolution and Sizing Issue

    Hi all, I was trying to stream using OBS for my second time and I ran into issues with my video quality. I use my iPhone 11 and Epoccam which the first time I streamed worked perfectly. This time however, when I connected my phone the size was a small rectangle with those black bars and the...
  10. W

    Recordings lagging

    Hi so I'm new to OBS and I've noticed my recordings have become really laggy when I watch them back to the point where I am completely unable to use the footage :/ this really sucks and wastes time so if anyone could help I would be so appreciative, I'm mainly recording the sims 4 which I know...
  11. Bagny89

    Audio (of a video) shown in OBS is not heard correctly

    Hi everyone. My problem is as follows: After adding a media source (in my case a video), the audio of this video is not playing. I need this because using the OBS Virtual Camera in Google Meet, sometimes I have to show videos through OBS, but I have the problem that the audio of these videos...
  12. Eddie Edwards

    Media Source Question

    I am using a Cannon HD recorder with an AverMedia CO38 USB capture card on windows 10. I am unable to view the video camera's content on the computer as only a blue screen visible. Is anyone else having a similar issue? If so how can it be corrected?
  13. C

    Better Quality for OBS

    Heyo! Watching a lot of YouTubers and there recording software with OBS, a lot of their quality is immaculate and I'm trying to get that for myself. I've used a lot of tutorials on youtube and such but none were of help to me, are there any settings on OBS that I can change to get the outcome I...
  14. T

    No video recorded

    I am trying to record 8mm videos from a Sony Video 8 Handy Cam (8mm camcorder from the 1990s). There are 2 output jacks for the comcorder 1 for audio and 1 for video. I am using the IUO32A Video Capture device and have connected the audio cable to the white audio input and the video cable to...
  15. Kazzookay

    Audio & Video Sync

    Hey! I'm using OBS Studio since many years, and yesterday I installed OBS Studio v26.1.0. But I have a several syncronization problem with my audio capture. When I'm stopping the recorder and watch the output file, this one have recorded the sound of many seconds before. - Paul. NOTE >...
  16. Z

    Video looks laggy / not 60fps

    log file; so im playing with over 100fps but the video i got after recording doesnt look that smooth at all the cq level is 15 and the keyframe interval is 2 btw idk why but it keeps changing to my language number thing. my spec is rtx2060 ryzen 5...
  17. F

    Video playback not working

    So I just downloaded the software and set everything up according to the prompts and guides and I have tried to do several display captures with no luck so far. When I go to playback the video I keep getting an error message that reads "Can't play; We can't find an audio device. Make sure...
  18. A

    video segmentation

    hi , i am new here and new user , i searched the forum for days with no results on this issue i want to make the OBS records for say 5 min , then save on file then complete recording for another 5 min and so on , automatically without hotkeys or user input , is that possible or i am expecting...
  19. N

    How to loop a video with Streamlabs OBS ?

    Hello everyone, Here's my problem : when i add a video source in streamlabs, i only can select the "loop" option without any more option. I would like to loop my video this way : "Start - End - End - Start - Start..." to get a smooth loop. Is that possible with Stramlabs or do i have to edit...
  20. SG_Jogik

    Nur Bilder im Video

    Problem Beschreibung: Im Video sind nur Bilder und es wird nicht richtig aufgenommen. Bei dem Attach Ding ist noch ein Bild von meinen Aufnahme Settings. Log: