Sending Video Stream from Cell Phone Over Cellular Data to OBS Video Source/Browser Source


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Hello everyone,

I have sought help on this issue before, but I am a storm chaser attempting to broadcast a quality video stream from my cell phone over a cellular network to an OBS Video/Browser source. By doing this, I can have an overlay during live-streaming that will keep people engaged even when my cell connection fails.

What I have tried:
RTMP/SRT via Larix Broadcaster- this is something I have attempted but have not been able to complete due to complicated setup. I have spent several hours of messing with IPs and server ports to no avail. Very useful tool but the issue with it is that if I ever change towers or networks the stream dies and does not come back.

Are there any simple solutions to where I can broadcast video from my cell phone to OBS as a video source, without needing be concerned if it will not connect afterwards? I've spent a couple months asking around and haven't really made too much progress.

Key thing is, I need the video source to be able to reconnect to OBS automatically if I lose connection and reconnect. So far, that's been the toughest mountain to climb.

All help is appreciated! Thank you