1. 2

    I'm curious how to get it as an image source to OBS with RTMP transmission from action cam

    I want to get the video straight to the OBS source via RTMP transmission on the action cam 1. How should I type into RTMP address in action cam? 2. How do I set it up on OBS? They say you can use VLC, but I even added a VLC video source from OBS, but I don't know how to enter the RTMP...
  2. C

    Make Alerts trigger a second browser sources

    As example, I need that when someone becomes a new follower, together with the normal browser source from stream labs, also the appearance of a second browser source is triggered (even just to refresh the second browser source would be sufficient). Is it possible?
  3. zhHighwayRacer03

    Restart video recording device

    How can I have my video capture device, such as my Elgato, turn off after a timer of time and then turn back on? (A reboot) Timer or plugin
  4. K

    Time and date source

    This plugin adds a source that displays current date and time. You can configure the time format, text font, background and text colors and outline in source properties.
  5. F

    Force source transation

    Hi, I'm searching for force a transition of one source between scene, can i do this in my obs ? or do i need a script ? I have already the plugin move transition but i dont found on this plug in. Thanks for your help <3 Bye.
  6. royshilkrot

    URL/API Source: Live Data and AI on OBS Made Simple v0.2.4

    The URL/API Source plugin adds a video source that fetches data from a URL / API endpoint or a local file and displays it as customizable text (using CSS). You can build dynamic requests, parse output as JSON, XML and also plain text response body with a Regex to get just the information you...
  7. R

    OBS Crashing and Deleting Sources

    In recent days, my OBS has been crashing randomly. In doing so, it cause various sources to be completely deleted, where I need to then take the time to reset/recreate them. I'm unsure what is needed to fix this. The crash log is below:
  8. M

    How to make the source turn on and off automatically (by time)

    Hello! Please help me find a solution to the problem. I need that in a certain scene, the sources appear and disappear alternately in time. For example, the scene turns on and after 10 seconds the video source turns on, after another 10 seconds the text source turns on, after 10 seconds the text...
  9. Kibok

    Exclude source from the projector

    Hello ! I'm in charge of a small studio made for student broadcast. I would like to show to the people in the studio the overlays (like countdowns, pictures, videos, scores) but I don't want them to see the cameras. My workflow would be to send the program preview to the TV in the studio with...
  10. 238samixd

    Browser source cannot display videos/gifs/canvas on localhost

    Hello, I am creating a layout for stream with some animations. I tested it all on my firefox browser and it all was fine but when I try to use browser in the OBS, it displays all html besides video, canvas, image with a gif source (other work fine). Then I realised it could be a chromium error...
  11. 3090317

    Source SRT Input and how to pass the Encryption Password

    Using a SRT stream as a source and not having any luck finding information on how to pass the "encryption password" to OBS. If I disable encryption and use srt://ip:port it works as it should, but I would like to use encryption. When I enable an encryption password upstream I am unable to figure...
  12. FlyingFathead

    OBS Lua WebcamReload: Fix webcam or other USB video device freezes

    -- WebcamReload v1.1 -- A simple Lua script to reload your OBS Studio video source (webcam, other UVC sources...) every x minutes. -- From FlyingFathead ( -- For years, OBS has had a problem where UVC video sources (such as USB webcams) are freezing up...
  13. glwx

    Sending Video Stream from Cell Phone Over Cellular Data to OBS Video Source/Browser Source

    Hello everyone, I have sought help on this issue before, but I am a storm chaser attempting to broadcast a quality video stream from my cell phone over a cellular network to an OBS Video/Browser source. By doing this, I can have an overlay during live-streaming that will keep people engaged...
  14. leonard787

    Studio Mode - Text source updates on both preview and output

    I'm using OBS 29.0.2 to stream church services with studio mode. I have a Text GDI source for a sermon title and date. If I type text into the box, whether it's from the properties window, or in the text box above sources when I've selected my text source, it will update the text on screen, both...
  15. T

    Change Game Capture Source when a different Scene is active?

    Is there a way to change the Game Capture Source in one Scene, while a different Scene is active? That way I can show one scene to people, and be able to set up a game in a different Scene.
  16. S

    OBS freezing when recording emulation gameplay, with Windows capture

    Hello everyone, i have been experiancing issues with running OBS when i am capturing gameplay with Windows capture. i was streaming deadspace 2 the other day and while streaming everything was runing good, but i got a point during my stream where OBS kept freezing on me and pushing me offline...
  17. K

    Applying a filter to a selected fragment of a video source.

    Is it possible to make a chroma key filter or a color key filter only on a selected part of the video source (Blackmagic)? I would like to remove the color from a small part of the source. Any idea, trick? Regards.
  18. P

    How do I display the source at the specified time?

    Hello everyone, does anyone know how to make the source display strictly at the specified time?
  19. S

    Deleting a Source from one Scene, deletes it from ALL Scenes. Is that normal?

    Well, as the title says, for some reason, hitting remove on a source on one scene, will remove it from all scenes. Exemple. I have a scene called Base_Game Potionomics. I want to have another scene called Base_Game Dwarf Fortress. So i right click and Duplicate the scene, go to the new scene...
  20. F

    Possible to choose default window source with launch parameters?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to automate some things and was already very pleased to learn that the --startstreaming and --minimize-to-tray flags exist. Though when launching my Flatpack OBS Studio with these parameters that has a scene with a window capture, I always get the question which window...