1. D

    SRT with 3x android sources - sync and master audio Questions

    Hi there. I am using a LARIX SRT output from each of 3 android phones which is input into OBS running on a win10 laptop with a wifi hotspot connecting all 3 phones. OBS input source is in the format "srt://192.168.nnn.NNN:PPPP?mode=listener" . The PPPP is the port number, and is different for...
  2. D

    SRT input stream has trouble reconnecting

    I posted the issue on Mac support thread but I found the same issue from another member posted on Windows Support. Hope it can help to solve. -------------------- Hello, I am experiencing the following issue when an SRT stream is used as an input source: when an SRT input stream is...
  3. D

    SRT input stream has trouble reconnecting

    Hello, I am experiencing the following issue when an SRT stream is used as an input source: when an SRT input stream is interrupted the OBS displayed image freezes and it reconnects automatically after certain number of seconds. Here my config: OBS Studio 27.1.3 (64 bit) running on macos...
  4. csirolli

    "os_process_pipe_write for info structure failed" When Streaming via SRT

    I tried to stream to from OBS Studio using SRT, which supports (although in beta). I set the url as a custom service, put in the url and clear the stream key. I start streaming, but doesn't receive anything. I check the logs in OBS Studio and I see this: 11:53:09...
  5. F

    Stream Multiple Audio Tracks (Languages) with SRT Protocol

    Hi community, I already did some research on this topic but did not find a solution. I would like to achieve to stream Multiple Languages with the same Video content via SRT to my Nimble Streamer which I want to aggregate to one HLS Manifest Playlist. I could already successfully stream via...
  6. Filip S

    Using curlftpfs to publish HLS stream on a remote host

    I did find something about using HLS steaming on OBS using the record option and ffmpeg. But I only ftp/ftps acces on web hotel provider. It looks like the FFMPEG can do ftp also but did not like to...
  7. Filip S

    Howto compile a ffmpeg with OBS for Debian Ubuntu Mint Rasbian with SRT also included script ?

    SRT is not working on my OBS 26.1.1 on Ubuntu because the ffmpeg does not include the SRT from and thats the only probblem with my Ubuntu 20.04 hardware envidia GPU support is available but libsrt is missing. On Rasbian "debian buster" the libsrt is also missing...
  8. fred_mackay

    SRT/RTMP to OBS Source from Larix Broadcaster

    Hey there! So I've read about 20 forum posts dating from 2015 to now which all have people asking the question "How do I use RTMP as a source for OBS" and most of them are looking to either: 1) Collect one or more RTMP sources on their local network and use them as a source on OBS or 2) Set up...
  9. StashCat

    5 minute low-latency stream setup to another computer via SRT

    Want to stream something to another computer without fiddling with servers and with down to sub-second latency? This guide is here to help! To begin, you need to get your local IP address. Step 1. Windows: open command prompt (cmd.exe) and enter ipconfig. The line you are looking for is IPv4...
  10. R

    Can't play SRT stream through media source on OBS Linux. Works on Windows and through ffplay in Linux.

    OS: Ubuntu Server 20.04 SLS version: 1.4.6 SRT version: 1.4.1 OBS Linux version: 25.0.8 Not sure what I am doing wrong here! The SRT server is running smoothly ( I can even add the server as media source in OBS on Windows, and it plays really nicely...
  11. D

    Question / Help SRT Ingest via Media Source Issues

    I have been trying to get OBS to ingest an SRT stream for the last two days and have had zero luck. I followed the instructions from the SRT wiki but no matter what I do I do not get a video feed to stream. I have triple checked IP syntax and port numbers. I cannot get a stream from another PC...
  12. M

    Question / Help srt live stream wont start

    I have been unable to start an srt live stream on obs. It worked earlier today and i changed nothing but it suddenly stopped working. I would appreciate some help resolving this problem :). Logs below
  13. H

    Question / Help SRT stream high latency

    Hi everyone, I‘m trying to get the latency of my stream down as much as possible. (at least to around 2sec) My stream looks like this OBS(playback of 720p25 h264 file)->SRT->NimbleServer->SLDP player It works great so far but my latency is around 4-5seconds. (Buffering in sldp player set to...
  14. M

    Question / Help Streaming to localhost via SRT protocol is delayed

    Hello, I am following the guide posted at: On that page, it explains that the delay for SRT should be <1 second, but streaming from OBS to VLC on the same computer experiences a delay around 3 seconds. I am using the method where OBS acts...
  15. Fraise

    [Feature Request] Add SRT Streaming protocol support

    Hello, Are there any plans in implementing SRT streaming for custom services such as WOWZA and Nimble Streamer. More info on this protocol: It will automatically determine bandwidth and will be low latency (sub 1s)