OBS on macOS cant reconnect a SRT stream to a windows OBS


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Hey there,

i have a SRT caller on my OBS on my macbook, and a SRT Listener on my Windows PC back at home.
The general idea is that i can stream whatever on the go over cellular connection over SRT and H265 and then to have the PC at home to stream it to YouTube.
When the connection is lost for a short time on my macbook, the youtube Stream is switching to a predefined Scene.
Everything worked with a Windows Laptop to Windows PC connection, I now have a macbook and i thought it works the same way..however, when i get a disconnect or when i just restart the stream on my macbook, OBS isnt able to reconnect.
The cause of this problem is that the stream to YouTube on my Windows OBS is still running.. as it should.
Only if i stop streaming to YouTube on the Windows OBS, then i can reconnect on my macbook OBS.

Error message on my macbooks OBS:
"Could not access the specified channel or stream key"

Does anyone ever had this problem? I cant be the only one to ever tried this..